3077.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM

Tobacco Control in Arizona: A Roundtable

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Presider(s):Julie Fishman
Table 1Arizona CHAMPS Peer Project for Tobacco Use Prevention Evaluation Results for 1999-2000
Howard J. Eng, DrPH, John Sciacca, PhD, Jim Mahrt, MA, Kathryn Dorsey, BS
Table 2Engaging Youth in Tobacco Control Activities
Lynne Smith
Table 3Evaluating tobacco cessation efforts in a large health organization
Michael Burgoon, PhD, Eusebio Alvaro, PhD, MPH, Rachel Smith, MA, Annette McCarthy, BA, Darcie Yakimura, BA, Vickie Denning, MA, Laura Roberts, MA, James Patrick Willey, Kathy Broneck, BA, Joseph Grandpre, PhD, MPH
Table 4Certification of training: Application of a community-based model for diffusion of tobacco cessation intervention skills
Myra L. Muramoto, MD, Tim Connolly, RN, MN, Louise Strayer, RN, MS, William Blatt, BS, CHES, James Ranger-Moore, PhD, Scott Leischow, PhD, Robert Leischow, MPH
Table 5An assessment of the Arizona anti-tobacco use media campaign
Claude Miller, PhD, Michael Burgoon, PhD, Vickie Denning, MA, Eusebio Alvaro, PhD, Joseph Grandpre, PhD, Patrick Willey
Table 6Current data on youth tobacco-use cessation
Gary Giovino, PhD, Dianne Barker, MSH
Table 7Evaluating statewide outreach to communities with tobacco cessation programs
Myra Muramoto, MD, James Ranger-Moore, PhD, Louise Warrick, PhD, Michael LeHew, MS, Robert Leischow, MPH, Scott Leischow, PhD
Table 8Evaluation and usage of the Arizona Smokers' Helpline Website
Pamela J. Powers, MPH, Susan Larsen, BA, Jamie Williams, Robert Leischow, MPH, James Ranger-Moore, PhD, Scott J. Leischow, PhD
Table 9One year later: Evaluation of Arizona's tobacco prevention and cessation media campaign
Michael Burgoon, PhD, Vickie Pauls Denning, MA, Eusebio Alvaro, PhD, Claude Miller, PhD, Joseph Grandpre, PhD, Patrick Willey
Table 10Tobacco policy making at the local level: how do policy makers make up their mind?
Merrill Eisenberg, PhD
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