4306.0: Tuesday, November 14, 2000: 8:30 PM-10:00 PM

Youth Tobacco Issues: A Roundtable Discussion

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Presider(s):Nancy Rigotti, MD
Table 1Effects of exposing youth to anti- and pro-smoking advertising in convenience stores
Lisa Henriksen, PhD, Ellen Feighery, RN, June A. Flora, PhD, Stephen P. Fortmann, MD
Table 2Effects of MN state & local programs on youth tobacco use: The MACC study
Vincent Chen, MBA, Jean L. Forster, PhD, John Oswald, PhD
Table 3Engaging Youth in Tobacco Control
Nancy Golosman
Table 4Engaging Youth in Tobacco Control Activities
Claudia J. Egelhoff, MSPH
Table 5Evaluation of anti-tobacco education for grade school students in Florida: The Artful Truth Healthy Propaganda Arts Project
Violet S. Lagari, MPH, Edward Trapido, ScD, Richard Rodriguez, MA
Table 6Local level tobacco-free policies: An environmental approach to reducing the social availability of tobacco to youth
Therese M. Blaine, MA, Jean L. Forster, PhD, Jeanne Carls, BA, Cheryl L. Perry, PhD
Table 7Nontraditional advocacy methods: Empowering adolescents to influence cultural change
Melanie K. Corley, BS, CHES, Nicole A. Boyd, JD, Jamila Howard, BS
Table 8Predictors of enforcement of laws to reduce illegal sales of tobacco to youth in 200 cities and counties in California
Kim Ammann Howard, PhD, Kurt M Ribisl, PhD, Beth Howard-Pitney, PhD, Gregory J Norman, PhD
Table 9Sales practices of Internet cigarette vendors: Are they adequate to prevent minors from buying cigarettes online?
Annice E. Kim, MPH, Kurt M. Ribisl, PhD, Rebecca S. Hoffman, MHS
Table 10State efforts to reduce youth access to tobacco: Lessons from the field
Lee Wilson, MA, Biddy Bostic, Meridith H. Thanner, MA, Phillip M. Wilbur, MA
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