3072.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM

A System for Successfully Surveying Health Care Providers

Objectives: The objective of this session is to share a methodology we have developed through experience and research that achieves high response rates for mailed surveys, interviews, and focus groups from practicing clinicians, particularly physicians. Background: Many studies of clinical care, medical screening and preventive services require recruiting and retaining busy practitioners to participate in mailed questionnaires, telephone interviews, or focus group discussions, and may include office chart reviews or surveys with their patients. Successful and valid research depends on high response rates. These are affected by the cooperation of clinicians and their staff and sometimes their enthusiasm in recruiting patients. Results: Methods research shows a number of factors affect response rates. We will review the methods research in regards to response rates, with particular emphasis on methods research conducted with clinicians. We will describe the factors that affect response rates and present a conceptual framework (system) for overcoming barriers to response. We will describe methods to design surveys to increase their relevance to practicing physicians. Additionally, we will present methods and descriptive studies we have conducted to test procedures to increase response. This work has led to the design of the system that we now apply to maximize responses from physicians and other clinicians. We will describe this methodology for enhancing clinician response rates, and present four specific examples of its application
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Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
Presider(s):William R. Phillips, MD, MPH
Panelist(s):Janet S. St. Lawrence
Organizer(s):Danuta Kasprzyk
12:30 PMSeven Secrets to Survey Success
William R. Phillips, MD, MPH, Daniel E. Montaņo, PhD, Danuta Kasprzyk, PhD, Keira Armstrong, BA
12:50 PMGetting Input: Conversations Among Physicians to Plan a Survey on Colorectal Cancer Screening
Danuta Kasprzyk, PhD, William R. Phillips, MD, MPH, Daniel E. Montaņo, PhD, Keira Armstrong, BA
1:10 PMApplying Methods: A National Mailed Survey of STD Control Practices Among 7300 Physicians
Keira Armstrong, BA, Danuta Kasprzyk, PhD, Daniel E. Montaņo, PhD, William R. Phillips, MD, MPH
1:30 PMMaximizing Response: Comprehensive Survey of Washington State Clinicians' Practices Regarding Assessing Risk for STDs or HIV
Daniel E. Montaņo, PhD, Danuta Kasprzyk, PhD, William R. Phillips, MD, MPH, Keira Armstrong, BA
1:50 PMDiscussant
Janet S St. Lawrence, PhD
Cosponsors:Community Health Planning and Policy Development; Epidemiology; Health Administration

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA