3033.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM

Injury surveillance and outcomes

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Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
Board 1Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED): Summary findings of its effectiveness in reducing robberies
Carri Casteel, MPH, Corinne Peek-Asa, PhD
Board 2Internet based capture-recapture surveillance for head and spinal cord injury among school age children; Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Yue-Fang Chang, PhD, Deborah J. Aaron, PhD, Thomas J. Songer, PhD, EunRyoung Sa, MS, Ronald E. LaPorte, PhD
Board 3Motor vehicle crashes during the 1997/98 El Nino phenomena in Los Angeles County
Jody Kristen Durden, Kimberley I. Shoaf, DrPH, Linda B. Bourque, PhD
Board 4Outcomes of minor pediatric trauma requiring hospitalization
Marian C Arbesman, PhD, Michael Caty, MD, Graidi Keleher, RN, BSN, David Sandberg, PhD, James C Gilbert, MD, Philip Glick, MD
Board 5Patterns of Healthcare Utilization: Women Using the Emergency Department for Non-urgent Illnesses
Elizabeth Parietti, EdD, NP, C
Board 6Surviving Loudon Road: Using CODES linked data to plan a safer roadway in Concord, NH
Thomas A. Hettinger, MS, Martin H. Singer, MPS
Board 7Gay male victims of domestic violence: Surveillance in Massachusetts - Withdrawn
Emily Rothman, SM
Board 8Initial results from a prospective domestic violence outcomes study
Helen E Straus, MD, MS, Robert J Rydman, PhD, Rebecca R Roberts, MD, Eileen Couture, DO, Elizabeth H. Guonjian, BA, MDiv, Linda M. Kampe, RRA
Board 9Injury surveillance in the Emergency Department: Looking at Acute Stress Disorder symptoms in violently injured youth
Joel A. Fein, MD, Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD, Tim N. Vu, Elizabeth M. Datner, MD, Cara M. Vivarelli, MPH
Board 10Nebraska Motor Vehicle Crash Outcomes
Ming Qu, Dan Christensen, Thomas Safranek, MD
Sponsor:Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
Cosponsors:Disability Forum; Environment; Epidemiology; Women's Caucus

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