5127.0 From Policy to Practice: Building Systems of Care for Children and Youth With Special Health Care Needs

Wednesday, November 7, 2007: 12:30 PM
Federal and state Title V programs and their parent, provider and academic partners have defined a six-point policy agenda for family-centered services to children with special health care needs and their families. The agenda, which was reflected in Healthy People 2010 and was incorporated into the President's disability-focused New Freedom Initiative, calls for: 1) Parent roles in decision-making at every level of the health care system; 2) A medical home for every child with special health care needs; 3) Adequate health coverage and financing of services; 4) Proactive identification of special health care needs through screening; 5) User-friendly, coordinated systems of care; and 6) Supports for adolescent transition to adulthood, including transition from pediatric to adult care. Presentations in this session will highlight new findings from research and practice around specific elements of this agenda. They will reflect achievements and constraints in the areas of screening, financing of care, and coordination of services, pointing the way to areas of ongoing need for research and policy change. Discussion following the presentations will give participants a chance to explore and comment on findings of the panelists, but also to comment on direction for APHA in regard to public health policy for chlidren with special health care needs.
Session Objectives: Participants will: a) Become aware of the 6-point national policy agenda for services to children with special health care needs and their families; b) Recognize new contributions to the knowledge base related to 3 specific elements of that agenda; c) Be alerted to barriers to progress around specific elements of that agenda; d) Contribute to discussion of public health direction for family-centered services to children with special health care needs.

12:30 PM
Is There Adverse Retention of Children with Special Health Care Needs in SCHIP?
Tamarie A. Macon, Jane E. Miller, PhD, Dorothy Gaboda, PhD, Theresa Simpson, BS and Joel C. Cantor, ScD
1:00 PM
Comparison of utilization of interventional therapies between moderately preterm and very preterm infants at 12 months corrected age
Jessica L. Kalia, DO, Paul Visintainer, PhD, Heather Brumberg, MD, MPH, FAAP, Maria Pici, MD and Jordan Kase, MD

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Organized by: Maternal and Child Health
Endorsed by: Socialist Caucus, APHA-Committee on Women's Rights

CE Credits: CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing