3047.0 AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections

Monday, November 5, 2007: 8:30 AM
Hispanics represent an estimated 13% of the US population (US Census Bureau, 2002) and during the next two decades their numbers are projected to dramatically increase. The lack of health care and disease prevention are serious problems that have lead to a disproportional burden of chronic and infectious diseases. In particular, the transmission of HIV/AIDS and the burden of disease is high in this population. Therefore, access to adequate health care, tailoring prevention programs and increasing access to insurance are major challenges that must be addressed today to improve every ones health. The purpose of this session is to highlight how machismo affects the HIV/AIDS risk behaviors of MSM; migration and density risks of Mexican youths, survival analysis of HIV positive Hispanics, how a television PSA for Hispanic youths was developed and issues related to case management. This session is relevant to public health leaders interested in responding to the HIV/AIDS problem in the Hispanic community.
Session Objectives: Objectives: At the end of the session the participant will: 1. Understand how psychosocial factors impact sexual behaviors that increase the risk of acquiring HIV. 2. Know the difference between individual risk factors and community risk factors 3. Know the definition of community-level migration density and recognize the variation in migration density throughout sending towns in Mexico. 4. Describe the impact of community-level migration density on the HIV/STI risk environment for undocumented adolescent migrants in the U.S. and Mexico. 5. Describe the extent to which HIV/AIDS affects Hispanic teens in the U.S. 6. Examine the survival profile of HIV infection of U.S. and foreign born Hispanics.
Patricia Documét, MD, DrPH

8:30 AM
Machismo as a determinant for HIV/STD risk behavior among Latino MSM
Jacqueline L. Sears, MPH and Dr. Saba Masho, MD, MPH, DrPH
8:45 AM
Community-level migration density and HIV/STI risk among Mexican youth
Christine Tucker, MPH, Maria del Pilar Torres, MA, Sergio Bautista, MSc and Alexandra Minnis, PhD, MPH
9:00 AM
A Survival Comparison between HIV positive U.S. Born Hispanics and Foreign-Born Hispanics in Houston, Texas 1990 - 2001
Raouf Arafat, MD, MPH, Adebowale Awosika-Olumo, MD, MS, MPH, James Gomez, Marcia Wolverton, MPH and Lydwina Anderson
9:30 AM
Case management outcomes among HIV/AIDS patients: A case of the Latino Paradox?
Diana Romero, PhD, MA, Georgina Osorio, MD, Catherine Correa and Jesse Thomas

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Endorsed by: Socialist Caucus, HIV/AIDS, Epidemiology, Caucus on Refugee and Immigrant Health, Black Caucus of Health Workers

CE Credits: CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing

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