2055.0 IH Poster Session 1: Quality Improvement

Sunday, October 26, 2008: 4:30 PM

Board 1
Improving compliance with health care service delivery guidelines through quality improvement processes
Jenny Romero, CQI Manager, Rosmery Chavez, CQI Consultant and Fernando R. Gonzales, OR Specialist
Board 2
An interactive computer-based kiosk for health communication regarding influenza vaccination in an urban setting
Salwa Khan, MD MHS, Richard Lichenstein, MD, Mohit Arora, Ashish Joshi and James King, MD
Board 3
Health Franchise Networks: How to Maintain the Clinical Quality?
Umme Salma Jahan Meena, MD, Setara Rahman, Shamraj Arefin, MD, Arefin Amal Islam, MD and James L. Griffin
Board 4
Improving quality of care: A model for educating emergency rooms nurses in the Country of Georgia
Judith L. Wold, PhD, RN, Kim Crawford, MS, RN, Maia Gogashvili, MD and Maia Jashi, MD
Board 6
Development of Logistics Management Information Systems in five Central Asian countries
Mavluda Mahmudova, MD, Jurahon Radjabov, MD, Tariel Chorgoliani, MD and Kayt Erdahl, MPH
Board 8
Making it happen with logistics data! Factors for high reporting rates
Amanda Ombeva, BA, Richard Sabumba, Jayne Waweru, Tsitsi Katungire, Carmit Keddem, BA, MA, Naomi Printz, BA, MA, MP and Yasmin Chandani
Board 9
COPE for ART Improving patient quality at low cost
Edward Bonku, MD, MPH, Kerry Bruce, MPH, MA, Peter Preko, MD, MPH and Richard Killian, MHCA

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