Cherie R. Forsha, RN, MSN/MPH, CNS

County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health
Organizational Development and Training
600 S. Commonwealth
Room 715
Los Angeles, CA
USA 90005
3035.0 Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Workforce Competencies Framework
3174.0 Conversational Spanish courses for front-line staff: Increasing the reservoir of language and cultural competency skills for the public health workforce
4104.0 Enhancing Efficiency and Increasing Productivity of the Public Health Workforce Despite Funding Shortfalls: Incorporating project management instruction and skills practice into a comprehensive training program for new supervisors
4104.0 Los Angeles County Department of Public Health New Supervisors Development Program: Establishing positive and productive work environments
4371.0 Enhancing Public Health Workforce Excellence in Tough Times: Building team morale and creating a positive work environment through effective leadership training
5108.0 Public Speaking: The development and implementation of an internal public speaking training series designed to facilitate skills-building that promotes development of leaders within the public health workforce