5003.0 Innovative faith-based public health approaches

Wednesday, November 11, 2009: 8:30 AM
The purpose of this poster session is to highlight a range of innovative faith-based public health approaches and research instruments that help evaluate the role that spirituality, religiosity, and faith play in health-related behaviors and coping. The presentations are highly diverse in terms of topic e.g., environmental health, cancer, reproductive/sexual health, nutrition and physical activity, HIV type of faith-based organization, and race and ethnicity. Together they offer further reflection on how faith-based organizations can help promote public health.
Session Objectives: 1. Identify examples of innovative faith-based public health approaches. 2. Describe instruments that can help evaluate the role of spirituality, religiosity, and faith in health-related behaviors and coping.

Board 2
Development and validation of instruments to assess the role of spirituality in cancer coping among African Americans
Cheryl L. Holt, PhD, Lee Caplan, PhD, Victor Blake, MD, MTS, Emily Schulz, PhD and Penny Southward, MPPM
Board 3
Does faith affect how southern African-American women use contraception?
Laura M. Gaydos, PhD, Winifred Wilkins Thompson, PhD, MSW and Carol J. Rowland Hogue, PhD, MPH
Board 5
Trust and Faith: An assessment of barriers and facilitators of colorectal cancer screening in Blacks
Mary A. Garza, PhD, MPH, Tracey S. Beason, MSPH and Sharon McCarthy, MPH
Board 6
Development of a model for implementing faith-based HIV prevention projects
Jason D. Coleman, PhD, MSPH, Lisa L. Lindley, DrPH, MPH, CHES, Lucy Annang, PhD, MPH, Ruth P. Saunders, PhD, MPH and Bambi W. Gaddist, DrPH
Board 7
Faith as a facilitator: Uncovering mediators of sexual risk behavior
Erin Bradley, MPH, Mary Ukuku, MPH, Tiffaney Renfro, MSW, Jessica Sales, PhD and Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD
Board 8
Qualitative/Quantitative examination of the influence of religion/spirituality on reproductive health among Black Women
Iman Roushdy Hammady, PhD, Winifred Wilkins Thompson, PhD, MSW, Laura M. Gaydos, PhD, Don Seeman, PhD, Carol J. Rowland Hogue, PhD, MPH and Annie Moody-Hardison, BA
Board 9
Examination of the Impact of Religious Coping and Resiliency on the Perception of Discrimination in Katrina Survivors
Gerri A. Cannon-Smith, MD, MPH, Olugbemiga Tanilepada Ekundayo, MD, MPH, DrPH, Safiya Omari, PhD, Daniel Sarpong, PhD, Hussain Al-Fadhli, PhD and Warren A. Jones, MD, FAAFP
Board 10
FAITH! program to improve healthy eating: From class assignment to real world application of PRECEDE/PROCEED
LaPrincess C. Brewer, MD, MPH, Brian Buta, Deneen L. Hamlin, MS, Michael W. Palmer, MDiv, Janice Bowie, PhD, MPH and Andrea C. Gielen, ScD, ScM

See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.

Organized by: Caucus on Public Health and the Faith Community
Endorsed by: Alternative and Complementary Health Practices, Family Violence Prevention Forum, Socialist Caucus, Women's Caucus