3252.0 The Food Environment and Childhood Obesity

Monday, November 9, 2009: 12:30 PM
Child obesity is a public health issue in the 21st century. There are higher rates of childhood obesity in rural areas among low-SES and high minority populations. The presentations in this session examine various programs aimed at developing behavioral skills to overcome environmental factors known to be associated with unhealthy dietary habits that contribute to childhood obesity.
Session Objectives: •Describe environmental barriers to physical activity and dietary behaviors in obese and at risk populations. •Identify potential intervention challenges and targets for prevention of obesity among at risk youth populations.

12:30 PM
How do parents of preschoolers shop and prepare food for their children?
Jennifer Greenberg Seth, ScM, Alexandra Evans, PhD, Karol K. Harris, PhD, Jennifer J. Loyo, MEd, Carol Spaulding, MS, Robin Dochen Atwood, EdD and Nell H. Gottlieb, PhD
12:45 PM
Swipe! $ave! Win! Incentivizing healthy eating out among adolescents with the Smart Bites card
Marilyn Gardner, PhD, Karen Mason, PhD, Danita Kelley, PhD, Sara Miller and Bathri Vajravelu
1:00 PM
Environmental influences on children's physical activity and food choices in a rural Oregon county
Nancy E. Findholt, PhD, RN, Yvonne L. Michael, ScD, Linda Jerofke, PhD and Victoria W. Brogoitti, BS
1:15 PM
Parental beliefs and barriers related to increasing the availability of fruits and vegetables in homes of Mexican-American families
Alexandra Evans, PhD, Jayna Dave, PhD, Jennifer J. Loyo, MEd, Kathryn Scoblick, MA and Katherine Sterba, PhD
1:30 PM
Impact of Psychosocial Factors on External Eating in a Pediatric Obese Population
Julie Alberty, BA, Kanchana De Silva, BA, Amy Pitchforth, BA, Vidhya Krishnamurthy, PhD, Kim Y. Hamai, MD and Kiti Freier Randall, PhD

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Organized by: Public Health Education and Health Promotion
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CE Credits: Medical (CME), Health Education (CHES), Nursing (CNE), Public Health (CPH)