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Sunday, November 7, 2010: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Board 1
Cost of mass vaccination against H1N1 influenza: A comparison of two New York City campaigns
Meghan D. McGinty, MPH, MBA, CPH, Susan M. Kansagra, MD, MBA, Beth Maldin Morgenthau, MPH, Monica L. Marquez, MPH, Annmarie Rosselli-Fraschilla, MSA, Jane R. Zucker, MD, MSc and Thomas A. Farley, MD, MPH
Board 2
Where children receive Influenza vaccine: Importance of school-located vaccination
Susan M. Kansagra, MD, MBA, Vikki Papadouka, PhD, MPH, Anita Geevarughese, MD, MPH, Michael A. Hansen, MPH, Meghan D. McGinty, MPH, MBA, CPH and Jane R. Zucker, MD, MSc
Board 3
Using a toolkit to assess the performance of Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) units
Melissa A. Higdon, MPH, Elena Savoia, MD MPH, Sarah Massin-Short, MPH and Michael A. Stoto, PhD
Board 4
Board 5
Needlestick safety legislation's impact on healthcare worker injury
Elayne Kornblatt Phillips, RN, MPH, PhD, Mark R. Conaway, PhD, Ginger Parker, MBA, Jane L. Perry, MFA and Janine C. Jagger, MPH, PhD
Board 6
Utility of CDC record-linkage software for injury epidemiology
David E. Clark, MD MPH and David R. Hahn
Board 7
A comparison of injury severity and citations in commercial vehicle crashes
Andrea Thomas, MS, Larry Cook, PhD, MStat and Lenora Olson, MA, PhD
Board 10
Internally Displaced Persons Surveillance System, Haiti post quake, 2010: Implementation and preliminary results
Charbel El Bcheraoui, PhD, Jenny Walldorf, MD, Armand Sprecher, Rania Tohme, Matthew Willis, Emily Jentes, Roc Magloire, Kam Kyan Mung and Susan Temporado Cookson

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Organized by: Injury Control and Emergency Health Services