5004.0 General topics in environmental health

Wednesday, November 10, 2010: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Board 1
Staten Island Breast Cancer Research Initiative: Parity, length of residence on Staten Island, puberty, occupation, socioeconomic factors and mortality risk with respect to environmental justice issues
Donna Gerstle, MA, MS, JD, Alfred Levine, PhD, Jimmie Fata, PhD, Robert Silich, MD, Alan Benimoff, PhD, Michael Kress, PhD, Elena McCoy, PhD, Michelle Dresser, MPH, Karen Schwartz, MD, Ann Teresa Lubrano, PhD, Meagan Devereaux, MS, Danielle Dimitrov, MA, JD, Regina Pepe-Martorana, JD, Erika Hellstrom, MBA, Caitlyn Nichols, MS, Jose Colon, BS, Lisa Holland, MLS MA, Christine Roos, MA CCBE, Karen Saur, BS, Mary Segarra, BS, Ann Torino and Christina Dgheim
Board 6
Methamphetamine smoke: An emerging environmental health challenge
Sandra Wells, PhD, Robert Yokelson, PhD, Darin Toohey, PhD, Andrij Holian, PhD, Scott Kindle, BS and Elizabeth Klein, MS

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