4094.0 Does menu labeling create change? New results from chain restaurants nutrition labeling in NYC, Portland/Multnomah, Seattle/King, and Philadelphia

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Purpose: Building on the Special Session we presented at last year’s APHA conference, we will present new and expanded findings regarding the impact of menu labeling on the nutritional content of customer purchases at chain restaurants. We will present the sites’ new data on the amount of calories purchased by consumers pre- and post-labeling, in addition to covering three new topics: changes in the number and type of items purchased, changes to menu items made by restaurants, and changes in restaurant-going behaviors that occurred after labeling. Panelists will present compiled results from all sites. Relevance and Importance: The impact of nutrition information on menu choice is a critical, emerging issue. Access to nutrition information may help restaurant customers make healthier (i.e. lower calorie) choices. Excessive caloric intake fuels energy imbalance, leading to obesity -- a major public health problem. Menu labeling regulations have been implemented in New York City, Portland/Multnomah County, Seattle/King County, and Philadelphia, and are now being considered in many other locations, as well as at the federal level. Prior to implementation of nutrition labeling regulations, information on caloric content (as well as fat and sodium) was not readily available to customers at time of purchase.
Session Objectives: 1. Describe the impact of menu labeling laws on calories purchased, food choice, restaurant choice, and menu offerings. 2. Evaluate the effectiveness of menu labeling laws.
Brian Elbel, PhD, MPH
James Krieger, MD, MPH

Impact of nutrition labels on menu items offered and calories purchased in New York City, Seattle/King County, and Philadelphia
Nadine L. Chan, PhD, MPH, Barbara Bruemmer, RD, PhD, Tamara Dumanovsky, PhD, Brian Elbel, PhD, MPH, Christina Huang, MPH, James Krieger, MD, MPH, Brian E. Saelens, PhD and David Solet, Phd

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