4245.0 Alcohol Issues in the Global Community

Tuesday, November 1, 2011: 2:30 PM

Board 1
Alcohol and Violence-related Injury: Resutls from the WHO collaborative ER study in Korea
W. June Ruan, MA, S. Patricia Chou, PhD, Deborah A. Dawson, PhD, Sharon M. Smith, PhD and Bridget F. Grant, PhD, PhD
Board 2
Parent-adolescent discrepancies in reports of adolescent substance use and family relationship in Taiwan
Fong-ching Chang, Ching-Mei Lee, Nae-Fang Miao, Shu-Ching Lee, Sieh-Hwa Lin, Chih-Ning Lung and Hsin-Jung Liao
Board 4
Recent progress in alcohol policy in China, 2002-2010
Qing Li, MD, DrPH, Ziming Xuan, ScD, SM, MA and Wei Hao, MD, PhD
Board 5
Genderedness of bar drinking and alcohol-related harms: A multi-country study
Sarah C. M. Roberts, DrPH, Jason Bond, PhD, Rachael A. Korcha, MA and Thomas K. Greenfield, PhD
Board 6
Tackling alcohol-related anti-social behaviour: An evaluation of the Fife Alcohol Diversion Scheme
Hannah Murgatroyd, BSc(Hons), Damien Williams, BSc(Hons) PhD and Prof Peter D. Donnelly, MD MPH FRCP FFPH
Board 7
My Parents Use Tobacco and or Drink; What about Me? Examining Parental Behavior and that of Senior High School Students in Ghana, West-Africa
Andrew Owusu, PhD, Sally-Ann Ohene, MBChB, MPH, Rachel Wright, BS and Brittney D. Oliver, MS
Board 8
Association between alcohol consumption and disability among adults: Emerging evidence from Colombia
Aleida Castellanos, Sergio Calero, Yazmin Cadena, MD IMPH, Jesus Rodriguez and Luis F. Gomez, MD MPH
Board 9
Quality of parental relationships in French young adults associated with alcohol abuse and dependency
Pamela Surkan, ScD, Rebecca Fielding-Miller, BA and Maria Melchior, MS, ScD

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Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Endorsed by: International Health, Public Health Nursing