3065.0 Promoting Active Living Through the Built Environment: Planning, Policy, and Evaluation

Monday, October 31, 2011: 8:30 AM
The purpose of this session is to describe different approaches for the assessment and evaluation of the built environment that are conducive to the promotion of healthy communities. Emphasis has been placed not only on built environment assessment, but other influences such as planning and policy. This session provides public health professionals with valuable examples of how physical activity can be successfully promoted in their communities.
Session Objectives: Describe the process of the implementation of Harvest Home PlayStreets. Discuss the evaluation of pedestrian and cycling environments Explain how flexible funding and responsive technical assistance can encourage active living and infrastructure change

8:30 AM
Bringing physical activity to the city streets: A case study of Harvest Home PlayStreets
Jennifer So Godzeno, MSUP, MPH, Julia D. Day, Maysoun Freij, PhD, MPH, Javier Lopez, MPA, Vijay Nandi, MPH and Maritza Owens
9:10 AM
Assessing the Statewide Environment for Pedestrians and Cyclists
Jay Maddock, PhD, Vickie Ramirez, MA, Katie M. Heinrich, PhD, Miaoxuan Zhang, MS, I. Made Brunner, PhD and Becky Rodericks, MSPH
9:30 AM
Built environment and active commuting to school in a rural community
Wallace Goldman, MS, Abigail Gamble, PhD, CHES, Melinda Valliant, PhD, RD, Dwight Waddell, PhD, M. Allison Ford-Wade, PhD and Jeffrey S. Hallam, PhD, CHES

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Endorsed by: Environment, Alternative and Complementary Health Practices, Community Health Planning and Policy Development

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