4355.0 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology Poster Session 2

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Board 1
Environmental Hazards, Chronic Diseases and Barriers to Health Care Access in Spanish Speaking Persons in Baltimore, Maryland
John T. Braggio, PhD, MPH, Sonia Fierro-Luperini, MD and Clifford S. Mitchell, MS, MD, MPH
Board 2
Board 3
A PMR and PCMR analysis of radiation and mesothelioma in the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries
Herman Gibb, PhD, MPH, Keri Fulcher, MS, Sumitha Nagarajan, MPH, Stacey McCord, MS, Heather Hoffman, PhD, Naz Afarin Fallhian, PhD and Sergei Tolmachev, PhD
Board 4
March 2011 Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, and Radiation Release: Data from the National Poison Data System
J. Elise Bailey, MSPH, Deborah Carr, MEd and Alvin Bronstein, MD, FACEP
Board 6
Coarse Particulate Air Pollution and Respiratory Emergency Room Visits in California
Brian Malig, MPH, Rupa Basu, PhD, MPH, Rochelle Green, PhD, MSPH, Rachel Broadwin, MPH and Bart Ostro, PhD
Board 7
Exposure to polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congeners during pregnancy and subsequent risk of breast cancer before age 50
Barbara A. Cohn, PhD, Mary Beth Terry, PhD, Marj Plumb, DrPH and Piera M. Cirillo, MPH
Board 8
Determining the association between ambient noise pollution and negative health outcomes in a railyard community: The ENRRICH Project
Benjamin Joseph Becerra, MS, MPH, DrPH(s), Samuel Soret, PhD, MPH, Cuong Nguyen, MPH(c), David Shavlik, MSPH, Rhonda Spencer-Hwang, DrPH and Susanne Montgomery, PhD, MPH, MS

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