4356.0 Cancer Screening and Prevention Poster Session

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Board 1
Validation of the Areca (Betel) Nut State-Added Questionnaire in the Guam Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
Yvette C. Paulino, PhD, Lynne R. Wilkens, DrPH, Eric L. Hurwitz, DC, PhD, Alan R. Katz, MD, MPH and Rachel Novotny, PhD, RD
Board 2
A report of Florida's cancer history, risk factors, and screening behaviors: Data from the National Health Interview Survey
Laura A. McClure, MSPH, Tainya C. Clarke, MPH, MS, Cristina A. Fernandez, MSEd, Kristopher L. Arheart, EdD, William G. LeBlanc, PhD, Lora E. Fleming, MD, PhD and David J. Lee, PhD
Board 4
Incidence of Multiple Primary Cancer in Taiwan - A population-based cancer registration Study
Ho-Min Chen, Wen-Yi Shau, Zhong-Zhe Lin, Yu-Yun Shao, Raymond Kuo, PhD and Mei-Shu Lai, MD, PhD
Board 5
Designing a translational epidemiologic study: Chloroquine and breast cancer chemoprevention in Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Krystal Sexton, PhD, Amy M. Harris, MPH, Kara McArthur, MA, Melissa L. Bondy, PhD, Susan Hilsenbeck, PhD, Orla Conneely, PhD, Courtney M. Queen, PhD, MS, Margaret R. Spitz, MD and Clifford C. Dacso, MD, MPH
Board 6
Mammography screening rates and breast cancer mortality by race across SEER sites
Maureen Sanderson, MPH, PhD, Robert S. Levine, MD, Mary Kay Fadden, PA-C, MPH, Barbara Kilbourne, PhD, Maria Pisu, PhD, Van Cain, MA, Baqar Husaini, PhD, Professor, Paul Juarez, PhD, Roger Zoorob, MD, MPH and Charles Hennekens, MD, DrPH
Board 7
Board 8
Secular trend analysis for cervical cancer incidence during 1991-2008 in Taiwan
Huang-Cheng Hsu, Yun-Yuan Chen, Shu-Chun Hsiao, San-Lin You, Yih-Shyan Chen, Shin-Lan Koong, Chi-An Chen and Chien-Jen Chen
Board 9
Recent trends and medical care utilization of alcoholic vs. non-alcoholic liver cirrhosis in Taiwan: A population-based study
Yu-Tseng Chu, MS, Long-Sheng Chen, PhD, I-Ming Parng, MS, Pei-Jer Chen, MD, PhD, Chun-Jen Liu, MD, PhD, Raymond Kuo, PhD, Yi-Chun Yeh, MS and Mei-Shu Lai, MD, PhD
Board 10
Reviewing Adult Smoking Trends in Alaska in Light of Recent Changes in Surveillance Methods and Weighting
Kathryn Pickle, MPH, Clyde Dent, PhD, Barbara Pizacani, PhD, Erin Peterson, MPH, Charles Utermohle, PhD and Rebecca Topol, SM

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