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Oral Health Promotion and Prevention

Sunday, November 3, 2013: 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Session Objectives: Discuss current research, policy and programs in the area of Oral Health Promotion and Prevention

Board 1
Acceptability of fluoridated salt in a rural Latino community in California   
Claudia Guerra, MSW, Judy Gonzalez-Vargas, BS, Kristin S. Hoeft, PhD and Judith C. Barker, PhD
Board 3
A pilot study for the inclusion of deciduous teeth treatments in regional oral health programs of andalusia (PAD)   
Carlos Fernandez, DDS, Laura San Martin, DDS, PhD, MDPH and Keyvan Sohrabi, DDS
Board 4
Oral health status of a population of saharawi children in seville, Spain   
Laura San Martin, DDS, PhD, MDPH, David Ribas, DDS, PhD, Antonio CastaƱo, DMD, PhD, Keyvan Sohrabi, DDS and Brian Swann, DDS, MPH
Board 5
Knowledge of dental care costs and coverage in the context of health literacy   
Mark Macek, DDS, DrPH, Kathryn Atchison, DDS MPH, Maria Rosa Watson, DDS, MS, DrPH and Ruth Parker, MD
Board 7
Evidence for improved systemic outcomes in type 2 diabetics receiving oral care   
Enihomo Obadan, BDS, MPH, Samantha Jordan, DMD, MPH and Mary Tavares, DMD MPH
Board 8
Social injustice, oral diseases, and access   
Chloe Wong and Myron Allukian, DDS, MPH
Board 9
A retrospective review of children's oral health outcomes from school-based dental programs in hudson, New York   
Rachel Hill, BA, MPH, Christopher Tung, M.A., Alison Kurtz, MPH, Danielle Becker, BS and Amber Watters, DDS, MPH
Board 10
Effect of patient centered medical home on preventive dental services delivery   
Naveed Sadiq, BDS, MPH and Janice C. Probst, PhD

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