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Breathing easy in the Big Easy: review of a comprehensive campaign for smokefree bars and casinos in New Orleans

Monday, November 2, 2015: 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
This presentation will document the multi-year campaign to bring smokefree air to all workers in the city of New Orleans. The state of Louisiana adopted a smokefree non-hospitality workplace and restaurant law in 2007. Localities had the authority to adopt stronger laws, but none did until the city of Alexandria in 2012. New Orleans is an important case study given the virtual slow-down in the passage of smokefree laws over the last 3 years, that New Orleans is a major tourist destination, and the comprehensive nature of the policy provisions included in the law. New Orleans is one of a few cities that have adopted a local smokefree casinos provision, which makes it both a positive example for those in the smokefree movement and a target for opponents to local control, particularly around smoking in casinos. In addition, New Orleans added electronic smoking devices to the list of products that cannot be used in smokefree environments, and the law requires all hotels to be smokefree. For many opponents, the passage of such a strong law in New Orleans signifies an erosion in its power to prevent smokefree laws and a waning of public support of “smokers’ rights.” The early response from neighboring cities in Louisiana and other neighboring states give credence to this concern; at least two other cities in the state adopted new smokefree laws and other cities in Southern states are considering “New Orleans-like” laws. This presentation will describe the importance of having a strong model policy, a diverse coalition which includes affected parties such as bar workers, musicians, and casino workers in the campaign, as well as what to expect from opponents during the campaign and post implementation, and the importance of keeping the coalition engaged and involved long after the law is adopted.
Session Objectives: Describe current trends in smokefree policies including smokefree casinos and the inclusion of electronic smoking devices in smokefree rules. Identify elements and stages of a winning public health campaign including coalition development, best practice policy development, and use of survey data, scientific research, and personal stories to effectively communicate the benefits and support for a strong smokefree laws that included bars and casinos. Document tobacco and allied industry interference with the best practice policy development at the local level. Review short-term economic and health impacts of smokefree law (i.e., on indoor air quality, public opinion, and casino revenues).
Cynthia Hallett, MPH and Paul A. Gilbert, PhD, ScM

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