3032.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM

Motor vehicle and bicycle-related injury

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Board 1Bicycle-related head injuries in Massachusetts, 1994-1998
Jeanne Kuo, Olivia Derridinger, MPA/Health, Cynthia Rodgers, MSPH, Carter Pratt, MPH
Board 2Successful program to increase child restraint use in a hispanic neighborhood
Gregory R. Istre, MD, Mary McCoy, Dawn Cano, Linda Fanning, MS, Salvador Manzo, Martha Stowe, MSW
Board 3Early impact of a community coalition on children's bicycle helmet use
Samuel N Forjuoh, MD, DrPH, Deborah I Friedman, MPH, Gregory L Larkin, MD, MSPH, Mary P McKay, MD, Jeffrey H Coben, MD
Board 4The Effect of Sport Utility Vehicles on Pedestrian Injuries in Maryland, 1994-1998
Michael Francisco Ballesteros, MS, Joseph Kufera, MS, Patricia Dischinger, PhD
Board 5Impact of motor vehicle crashes on Texas children: Fatalities and injuries 1993-97
Tho Bella Dinh-Zarr, MPH, Robert Zarr, MD, MPH, Lindsay I. Griffin, PhD, Sharon Cooper, PhD, Sandra J. DeLaZerda, MS
Board 6Like father, like son: Concordance of reported bike helmet use between parents and their school age children
Deborah I Friedman, MPH, Gregory L Larkin, MD, MSMPH, Mary M McKay, MD, Samuel N Forjuoh, MD, DrPH, Jeffrey H Coben, MD
Board 7Motor vehicle crashes in Pakistan: case study from the developing world
Abdul Ghaffar, MD, MPH, MHA, Adnan Ali Hyder, MD, MPH, PhD
Board 8Older motor vehicle drivers involved in injury crashes in San Diego County
Barbara M. Stepanski, MPH, Leslie Upledger Ray, MA, MPPA, Patti Murrin, RN, MPH
Board 9Predictor variables for determining the population at risk for motor vehicle related collisions
Linda S. Allington, RN, BSN, MPH (c), Louise Hofherr, MPH, PhD, Leslie Upledger Ray, MA, MPPA
Board 10Predictors of car accidents in minorities and high risk groups
Theresa Ann Wynn, PhD
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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA