3152.0 Health Communication and Cancer

Monday, November 5, 2007: 10:30 AM
This session describes innovative uses of health communication techniques with cancer prevention and education. Specific examples include a community-based Peer Navigator training and education curriculum to train Black men in prostate cancer decision-making, developing and evaluating hematological cancer informational toolkits for multiple audiences, reaching underserved racial/ethnic minority women, and an HPV and cervical cancer educational campaign for African American women.
Session Objectives: At the end of the session, the participant will be able to: (1) understand cancer disparities in diverse populations, (2) identify innovative practices in community-based settings, (3)Select appropriate communication channels through which to disseminate specific public health information to a targeted population.

10:30 AM
Community-based peer navigator training and education tool for prostate cancer prevention decision-making in Black men
Scholastique Nikuze, MPH(c), V. Diane Woods, DrPH, MSN and Susanne Montgomery, PhD, MPH
10:45 AM
Development of a Self-Navigated Educational Toolkit for Hematological Cancer Patients, Caregivers, and Family/Friends
David Driscoll, PhD, MPH, Cindy Soloe, MPH, Douglas Rupert, MPH, Erika Willacy, MPH, Karen L. Bandel, MPH, W. Alex Orr, BS, James Kepner, PhD and Ted Gansler, MD
11:00 AM
Communication Inequalities on HPV and Cervical Cancer among Low-SEP Black and Latina Women
Kalahn Taylor-Clark, PhD, MPH, Sherrie Flynt Wallington, PhD, Kelly D. Blake, MS and K. Viswanath, PhD
11:15 AM
A Community Health Campaign for Cervical Cancer Awareness and Prevention for African American Women
Dineo Khabele, MD, Henry E. West, MD, Navita Gunter, CEO, Thoris Campbell, Mary Egger, ANP and Carol L. Adams-Means, PhD
11:30 AM
Mediators of Cancer Communication on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption
Linda Ko, MS, MPH, Marci Campbell, PhD, MPH and Carol Carr, MA

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Organized by: Public Health Education and Health Promotion
Endorsed by: Women's Caucus, Maternal and Child Health, Black Caucus of Health Workers

CE Credits: CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing