3171.0 Model Public Health Programs That Reach Across Borders

Monday, October 27, 2008: 12:30 PM

Board 3
Enhancing wellness by yoga and meditation: Does cost determine program commitment?
Shveta Sanghani, PhD, Sanam Kazemi, BS, MPH, Alexis Deavenport, MPH, Stephanie Do, BS, Patti Herring, PhD, RN and Eric Anderson, PhD, MBA
Board 4
An innvestigation and assessment of health management pattern base on community healing centre
Zhu Cuifeng,Liu Guiqin , Zhang Ye, Wang Jian. Wang Hongwei Cuifeng ZHU
Board 5
Board 6
HealthQuilt: A Texas HIE Initiative in Houston Metropolitan Area
Kimberly Dunn, MD, PhD, Marc A. Mansueto and Chiehwen Ed Hsu, PhD, MS, MPH
Board 7
Safe house model for mass casualty incident preparedness
Pattama Saengsawang Ulrich, RN, BSN, MPH and Mark E. Gebhart, MD, EMT-P, FAAEM
Board 9
Fetal and infant mortality related to distance from NPL sites in the state of Florida: Distance and carcinogenicity as proxy for exposure
Adriana Schalkwijk Ribeiro, MPH, MD, Cynthia M. Harris, PhD, DABT, Greg Kearney, MPH, DrPH, Jason VanHorn, PhD and Fei Tan, PhD

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