3158.0 Health Scare vs. Health Care: Can Public Health Recover from the Bioterrorism Blunders?

Monday, October 27, 2008: 10:30 AM
Over ten years, exaggerated fears of bioterrorism helped stampede the country into the Iraq war, endangered the health of first responders, diverted funds from real public health needs, increased the danger of bio-agent accidents, mis-educated the public about the real threats to health, and made biological warfare more likely. What lessons can be learned to undo the damage and resist the next war frenzy?
Session Objectives: Participants will articulate bioterrorism issues. Participants will articulate current bioterrorism issues.
Hillel W. Cohen, MPH, DrPH

11:10 AM
Mixing Bugs and Bombs
Marylia Kelley, BA

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