4141.0 Personal Assistance and Cargiving and Measure Surveillance Posters

Tuesday, October 28, 2008: 12:30 PM

Board 1
Reliability of the PEONIES approach to consumer-centered to long-term care quality assurance/quality improvement
Sarita L. Karon, PhD, Barbara Bowers, PhD, Kay Hutchison, MS, Donna Kopp, RN, MS, Kim Nolet, BS and Brenda Ryther, RN, MS
Board 4
Hearing the consumer voice in managed long-term care programs in Wisconsin
Sarita L. Karon, PhD, Barbara Bowers, PhD, Brenda Ryther, RN, MS, Kim Nolet, BS, Donna Kopp, RN, MS and Kay Hutchison, MS
Board 5
Board 7
Motor and cognitive status exert non-linear effect on risk for falls during inpatient rehabilitation
Jae Eun Lee, Dr PH, Dobrivoje S. Stokic, MD and Jung Hye Sung, ScD
Board 8
Board 9
Oral Health States among Disabled People in Care Centers in Korea
Pock-Soo Kang, MD PhD, Me-Sook Jeon, MS, Kyeong-Soo Lee, MD, PhD and Tae-Yoon Hwang, MD PhD

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