2031.0 Epidemiology Late Breaker Poster Session

Sunday, November 8, 2009: 2:30 PM

Board 1
Random HbA1c as a screening tool for diabetes mellitus (DM) in the emergency department (ED)
Urvi Thakker, DO, Tovah Ellman, MD, Reed Magleby, BS, Kirsten Graff, BS, Andrew Sama, MD, James Kelson, PhD and Robert Silverman, MD, MS
Board 4
Gestational diabetes: Risk of recurrence in subsequent pregnancies
Darios Getahun, MD, MPH, Michael J. Fasset, MD and Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD
Board 5
High risk sexual behavior among young women with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
GM Monawar Hosain, PHD, Abbey Berenson, MD and Zhao Wu, PhD
Board 6
An update on mortality in the U.S. astronaut corps: 1959-2009
April Clark, DrPH, MPH, E. Amirian, PhD, MSPH, Melissa K. Halm, MPH and Heather J. Hartnett, PhD
Board 7
Health and health care access of unemployed during a recession: An investigation in a state with health reform
Lusine Poghosyan, PhD, MPH, RN, E. Kelleher, RN and Angela Nannini, FNP, PhD
Board 8
Prevalence of cataract in well water drinking rural population in India
Sunil Ratilal Moreker, MS, Sneha Subhash Kataria, BSOptom, Mayur Ratilal Moreker, MS, Shilpa Moreker, MD and Gaurav Kulkarni
Board 9
Health Status and Behaviors among Adults residing in Rural Dominican Republic
Alberto J. Caban-Martinez, MPH, Laura Tellechea, BS, MaryTery Fajardo, BS, Veronica Penyak, Deepika Koganti, BS, Matt Wideroff, Stefania Prendes, BS, Jatin Anand, BS, Steven Chavoustie, MD and Lora E. Fleming, MD, PhD
Board 10
Surveillance of Antibiotics use and Prevalence of their resistance in Orthopedic Department, Egypt
Azza Mahmoud Hassan, PhD,MD, Omaima I. Abo-El-Kheir, PhD,MD and Magdy El Guinaidy, MD

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