4235.0 Evaluation approaches for ATOD

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: 2:30 PM
Session Objectives: Participants will learn innovative approaches for a wide range of ATOD interventions

Board 1
A New Measure of Alcohol Density
Garland L. Brinkley, CPH, MPH, PhD
Board 2
Developing an electronic reporting system for a tobacco control program
Kayshin Chan, MPH, Lean Camara, MSW, Maya Gutierrez, BA, Amanda Innes, MSS, MLSP, Rose Malinowski-Weingartner, BA and Kristin O. Minot, MS
Board 3
Implementation and Evaluation of a Quitline Nicotine Replacement Therapy Distribution Initiative
Michelle Henry, Jennifer D. Keith, MPH, Kristin Minot, MA, Michael Massimini, MS, Jennifer S. Thompson, PhD, Matthew Coll, Stephanie Saunders, MSW and Ronald Kirby
Board 4
A Cross Community Tobacco Coalition Process Evaluation Model based on the Strategic Prevention Framework
Gail G. Sneden, MA, Alexandra Loukas, PhD, Trina R. Robertson, MA and Penny Harmonson
Board 5
Regional variation in tobacco use: A community health survey of urban, suburban and rural households
Rose Malinowski-Weingartner, BA, Kayshin Chan, MPH, Maya Gutierrez, BA, Amanda Innes, MSS, MLSP and Kristin O. Minot, MS
Board 6
Place-Based Social Network Quality and Correlates of Substance Use Among Urban Adolescents
Michael Mason, PhD, Patricia Zelenak, RN BSN MSOD, Thomas W. Valente, PhD, J. D. Coatsworth, PhD, Jeremy Mennis, PhD and Frank Lawrence, PhD
Board 7
Mental Health, School Problems, and Substance Use Among Urban Adolescents: The Mediating Effect of Social Network Quality
Michael Mason, PhD, Frank Lawrence, PhD, Jeremy Mennis, PhD, J. D. Coatsworth, PhD, Thomas W. Valente, PhD and Patricia Zelenak, RN BSN MSOD
Board 8
Evaluation of a statewide partnership to integrate health promotion efforts
Jennifer D. Keith, MPH, Marlin L. Williams, MBA, Tinesha Banks, MPH and Maya Gutierrez, BA
Board 9
Board 10
Evaluation of an adapted tobacco intervention program in China
Grace X. Ma, PhD, Yajia Lan, PhD, Dinglun Zhou, PHD, Yin Tan, MD, MPH and Jamil I. Toubbeh, PhD

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Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Endorsed by: Asian Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health