3317.1 Coordindating Care for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients through EHRs

Monday, November 8, 2010: 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Traumatic brain injury (TBI), occurs when an external force traumatically injures the brain. It remains a major cause of death and disability worldwide, especially in children and young adults. Depending on the severity of the injury, treatment may include medications or surgery, in addition to physical therapy, recreation therapy and/or occupational therapy. The use of health information technology, specifically around the utilization of personal health records (PHRs) and electronic health records (EHRs), provide means to coordinate the care between the number of providers delivering services to individuals with TBI. Additionally, a PHR can also provide tools and content to inform families about how TBI is classified, based on both severity and mechanism, and available diagnosis and treatment options, such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Technologies such as the Brain Injury Navigator provide information and access to resources regarding TBI and allow a common platform to be shared amongst providers so the care can be properly coordinated. In addition, the use of telehealth provides a means to remotely diagnose and treat individuals with TBI where access to medical records is not available. This provides a means to provide treatment and high-quality care in the event of a disaster or emergency response.
Session Objectives: 1. Define what traumatic brain injury is and how the use of health information technology can improve care coordination and treatment 2. Demonstrate how the use of a personal health record provide a means to disseminate information about TBI to both families and providers 3. Assess the use of telehealth to provide care for TBI to individuals during the time of an emergency or disaster.
Brenda A. Leath, MHSA,PMP
Brenda A. Leath, MHSA,PMP

Wearable Telehealth for Trauma Care Delivery in Disadvantaged Populations
Jayfus Doswell, PhD and Maija Anderson, DNP, RN

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CE Credits: Medical (CME), Health Education (CHES), Nursing (CNE), Public Health (CPH)