2049.0 Research, Health Promotion, Policy and Environment: Examples of Public Health in Indigenous Communities

Sunday, November 7, 2010: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Board 3
Confusing culture: What is the value of self-reported race data?
Christopher R. Larrison, PhD, Samantha Hack-Ritzo, MSW and Joseph Gone, PhD
Board 4
Age of first substance use among Native Americans in Southern California
Daniel Dickerson, DO, MPH, Dennis G. Fisher, PhD, Grace L. Reynolds, DPA, Lucy Napper, PhD, Safia Baig, BA and Christine Jocoy, PhD
Board 5
An evidence-based mandate for addiction services: American Indians and sovereignty
Marisa O. Gholson, BA, Traci Rieckmann, PhD, John Spence, PhD, Caroline Cruz, BS, CPM and Dennis McCarty, PhD
Board 8
Communicating periodontal disease to diabetic patients: A qualitative study of provider communication in an American Indian community clinic
Jennifer Jordan (Oneida), MEd, CHES, Angela Witt Prehn, PhD and Regina A. Galer-Unti, PhD, CHES
Board 9
Legislating addictions treatment services for American Indians: Provider perspectives and cultural adaptations
Traci Rieckmann, PhD, Marisa Gholson, BA, Caitlin Rasplica, BA, Allie Buti, MPH and John Spence, PhD
Board 10
Weighing Harms and Benefits: Alaska Native Perspectives on the Risks and Benefits of Research with Biological Specimens
Jennifer Brown, BA, Vanessa Hiratsuka, MPH, Theresa Hoeft, PhD and Denise Dillard, PhD

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Organized by: American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Caucus
Endorsed by: Alternative and Complementary Health Practices, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs, Community Health Workers, Epidemiology, Socialist Caucus