Ralph J. DiClemente, PhD

Emory Univeristy
Rollins School of Public Health and Center for AIDS Research
1518 Clifton Rd NE, Room 554
Atlanta, GA
USA 30322
219.0 Screening for Depression in Reproductive Sexual Health Clinics: Potential Identification of At-Risk Young African-American Women
219.0 Embracing the skin you are in: Examining the relationship between ethnic pride and self-esteem among young African American women
3042.0 Exploring Why Young African-American Women Do Not Change Condom Use Behavior Following Participation in an HIV Prevention Intervention
3092.0 Measuring motivations for secondary abstinence among African-American young women
3147.0 Association between parent communication about sex and sexual health behaviors among African-American adolescents
3166.0 Correlates of willingness to accept school-based influenza vaccination and vaccination intention among parents of adolescents in rural Georgia
3198.0 "My mama has boyfriends and is still having babies": Sociocultural aspects of dual protection among young African-American women
3198.0 Relationship between pregnancy intent and future sexual risk behavior among African-American adolescent females
3198.0 Prevalence and Correlates of Pregnancy Desire Among Adolescent African-American Females
3275.0 Impact of abuse history on adolescent African American females' current HIV/STD-associated behaviors and psychosocial mediators of HIV/STD risk
3275.0 Out of Control: Factors associated with perceived relationship control among African-American adolescent girls
3291.0 Liquid Courage: Heavy Drinking and Risky Sexual Behavior among Young Heterosexual African-American Men
3296.0 Predicting Discordance between Self-Reports of Sexual Abstinence and Incident Sexually Transmitted Infections with African American Female Adolescents: Results from a 4-City Study
4068.0 Exploring dissonance between interest in secondary abstinence and continued sexual activity among African-American female adolescents
4068.0 Place matters: Association between meeting location of casual sex partners and sexual risk among African-American adolescent females
4114.0 Correlates of concurrency among black heterosexual men
4138.0 Association between being influenced by music videos and African American men's attitudes and sexual behavior toward African American women
4149.0 Concrete Jungle: Conceptualizing the Correlation between Urban Stress and Alcohol and Substance Abuse among African-American Men
4154.0 Marijuana Use and Sexual Risk Among African-American Adolescent Females
4171.0 Do actions speak louder than words? An exploratory look at the relationship between condom use practices, personal responsibility, and pregnancy desire among African-American men
4283.1 Religiosity and sexual risk behaviors in African American adolescent females
4342.0 A qualitative examination of reasons African American young women participate in an HIV risk reduction intervention
4361.0 Is what I watch related to what I do? Preliminary findings of exposure to X-rated movies and risky sexual behaviors
5011.0 Association between multiple incarcerations and sexual risk and STD history of incarcerated African American adolescent girls
5012.0 Translating an Evidence-based HIV prevention intervention from a group-based format to an interactive digital format: Prospects, pitfalls, and potential solutions
5080.0 Predictors of Dual Protection Among Sexually Active Females
5127.0 Efficacy of an HIV prevention intervention for Latinas: A randomized controlled trial
5184.0 Does Drinking Frequency Matter?: Understanding the Relationship between Alcohol Use, Sexual Risk, and Prior Abuse Among African-American Adolescent Females