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Global and Community Oral Health

Sunday, November 3, 2013: 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Session Objectives: Discuss current research, policy and programs regarding global and community oral health.

Board 1
Factors influencing Mexican-americans engagement in oral health behaviors   
Gerardo Maupome, BDS, MSc, PhD, Richard Goldsworthy, PhD, MSEd, Odette Aguirre-Zero, DDS, MS and Chi Westerhold, BS
Board 2
Oral health-related quality of life and total mortality: A prospective cohort study of Japanese dentists   
Mariko Naito, DDS, PhD, Kenji Wakai, MD, PhD, Toru Naito, DDS, PhD, Haruo Nakagaki, DDS, PhD, Nobuhiro Hanada, DDS, PhD and Takashi Kawamura, MD, PhD
Board 4
Factors that influence the quality of life of individuals with HIV/AIDS attended on the specialized brazilian service   
Gabriella Soares, Cléa Garbin, Tânia Adas Saliba Rovida and Artênio José Ísper Garbin
Board 5
Factors that influence the oral health status of individuals with HIV/AIDS attended on specialized brazilian service   
Gabriella Soares, Cléa Garbin, Suzely Moimaz and Artênio José Ísper Garbin
Board 6
Meeting local oral health care needs: Learning from global solutions   
Charla J. Lautar, RDH, PhD and Elaine T. Jurkowski, MSW, PhD
Board 7
Using a mobile data capture system for chair-side patient data collection during global dental outreach programs   
Christopher Tung, M.A., Rachel Hill, BA, MPH, Alison Kurtz, MPH and Amber Watters, DDS, MPH
Board 8
Knowledge percepction and risk practices about dental flurosis of mothers living in an endemic fluorosis area   
Fátima del Carmen Aguilar-Díaz, MSc, Maria Esther Irigoyen-Camacho, Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez, Dr. Sc. and S. Aída Borges-Yáñez, Dr. in Dentistry
Board 9
Socioeconomic and racial disparities in edentulism among US adults: Age, period & cohort models   
Tracy L. Finlayson, PhD, Audrey Beck, PhD, Shih-Fan Lin, DrPH, Brian Finch, PhD, George Taylor, DMD, DrPH and Harold W. Neighbors, PhD
Board 10
Oral health needs assessment in rural El Salvador   
Jennifer Kasper, MD, MPH, Nicole Oparaeke, Etelvina Umana, Abraham Perez and Juan Carlos Martinez

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