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Poster Session #2 - Chemicals and Public Health

Monday, November 2, 2015: 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Board 1
Power in Policies: Children's Environmental Health Center of the Hudson Valley, New York   
Amy Ansehl, DNP, FNP-BC, Padmini Murthy, MD, MPH, MS, Diane E. Heck, PhD and Agustina Lopez Novillo, MPH, MS
Board 2
Staten Island Breast Cancer Research Initiative: Length of residence on Staten Island, inter Island differences, puberty, and breast cancer mortality risk with respect to environmental contamination sites   
Donna Gerstle, MA, MS, JD, Kristen White, MPH, Alfred Levine, Ph.D., Robert Silich, MD, FACS, Alan Benimoff, PhD, Caitlyn Nichols, Ph.D., Jimmie Fata, PhD, Michael Kress, Ph.D, Michelle Dresser, MPH, CHES, Karen Schwartz, MD, Ann Lubrano, Ph.D, Elena McCoy, PhD, Danielle Dimitrov, JD, Regina Martorana, JD, Catherine Putkowski-Obrien, MSW LCSW1, Robin Johnson, BS, Jose Colon, BS, Mary Segarra, BS and Ann Torino
Board 3
Public health on the shelf: EPA's Safer Choice label   
Alyson N. Lorenz, MPH and Bridget Williams, PhD
Board 4
Calls to the Florida Poison Control Centers about Mercury: Trends over 2003-2013   
Matthew O. Gribble, Ph.D., Wendy Stephan, MPH CHES and Richard S. Weisman, Pharm.D., DABAT, FAACT
Board 6
Blood lead, blood manganese, and grip strength in older U.S. adults: NHANES 2011-2012   
Danelle Rolle, Graduate Student, Wei Zheng, PhD, Linda Nie, PhD and Ellen Wells, PhD, MPH, MEM
Board 7
Air Pollution and Tobacco Smoke Differentially Depress Circulating Angiogenic Cells in Humans   
Natasha DeJarnett, PhD, MPH, Ray Yeager, MPH, Daniel Conklin, PhD, Timothy O'Toole, PhD, James McCracken, PhD, Wesley Abplanalp, BS, Daniel Riggs, MS, Ihab Hamzeh, MD, Stephen Wagner, MD, Atul Chugh, MD, Andrew Defilippis, MD, MSc, Tiffany Ciszewski, MEd, Bradley Wyatt, DMD, MPH, Carrie Becher, MPH, Deirdre Higdon, APRN, Jordan Finch, MS, Imtiaz Ismail, MD, David J. Tollerud, MD, MPH, Shesh Rai, PhD, Jasmit Shah, MS, Nagma Zafar, MD, Sathya Krishnasamy, MD, Sumanth Prabhu, MD and Aruni Bhatnagar, PhD
Board 8
Effect of Asthma and Air Quality on Missed School Days: Findings from the Asthma 411 School Initiative   
Opeyemi Jegede, BS, MPH, Leslie Allsopp, MSN, MPH, Omobola Mudasiru, MPH and David Sterling, PhD
Board 9
Using the Power of Theater to Engage Children in an Environmental Justice Community   
Rhonda Spencer-Hwang, DrPH, MPH, Susanne Montgomery, PhD, MPH, MS, Samuel Soret, PhD, MPH, Johanny Valladares, MBA, Xochitl Torres, MPH and Marco Pasco-Rubio

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