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Applied Public Health Statistics
Communication and Dissemination of Health Statistics
Small Area Estimation
Community Health Planning and Policy Development
Community Approaches/Policies/Collaborations to Address HIV
Racism and Discrimination As Community Health Risks
Family Violence Prevention Caucus
Other Topics in Elder Maltreatment
Food and Nutrition
Waitlisted Abstracts
HIV Policy Oral Session
Oral Health
Addressing Social Determinants of Health in an Oral Health Setting
Community-Based Oral Health Innovations (think: minimally invasive dentistry, medical-dental integration, teledentistry, etc.)
Opioid Epidemic, Substance Use Disorders, and Oral Health
Oral Health and Hesitancy: Addressing Misinformation and Disinformation (think: TMJ disorder treatment, dental amalgam, drinking water, vaccination)
Oral Health Literacy and Oral Health-Related Behaviors
Oral Health Workforce: Provider and Patient Wellness (think: patient-safety training, diversity and inclusion in dental professionals, loan-repayment programs, provider wellness support)
Other Timely Topics in Dental Public Health
Population Oral Health Equity (think: community water fluoridation, built environment, Healthy People 2030)
Value-Based Care and Oral Health Advocacy (think: ageism, SDF, dental sealants)
Workshop: Addressing the Oral Health Needs of Hispanics in the US
PHEHP Student Awards Contest
PHEHP Student Awards Contest
Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)
Emerging Reproductive Health Technologies
Veterans Caucus
Access to Care Barriers in Relation to Social and Ethical Challenges
Emerging Threats to Community and Individual Health of Veterans and Their Respective Families, Active-Duty Military and Civilians Affected By War
Examining Community-Based Approaches to Addressing Trauma, Mental Health, and Violence Prevention for Veterans, Active-Duty Military and Civilians Affected By War
Improving Equity in Health Care Delivery to Veterans, Active-Duty Military and Civilians Affected By War
Novel Methods for Treatment and Resolution of Health Issues Particular to Veterans, Active-Duty Military and Civilians Affected By War
Other Issues and Ensuing Programs or Proposals That Help Support and Shape Public Policy As Well As Research on Veteran Health Care and the Health Care of Active-Duty Military and Civilians Affected By War
Vision Care
Social and/or Political Determinants of Health and Their Impact on Vision and Eye Health