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Academic and Practice Linkages in Public Health Caucus
Academic-Practice Linkages for Innovation in Public Health Data Storytelling
Academic-Practice Linkages to Improve Community Engagement through Non-Traditional Partnerships
Academic-Practice Linkages to Move the Needle on the Social Determinants of Health
Academic-Practice Linkages to Protect People Burdened with the Effects of Discrimination, Oppression, and Poor Health
Academic-Practice Linkages to Support the Development of Public Health Leaders
Academic-Practice Linkages: Addressing Public Health Workforce Training Needs
Academic-Practice Linkages: Leveraging Academic Health Departments to Strengthen Public Health Infrastructure
Measuring the Impact of Academic-Practice Linkages in Public Health
Aging & Public Health
Advance Care Planning, Palliative Care, and End-of-Life Issues
Aging Population Health (joint session with Public Health Education and Health Promotion section, Disability Section, the Food and Nutrition Section, and the Physical Activity Section)
Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias and Cognition
Apha 2023 Conference Theme: Creating the Healthiest Nation: Overcoming Social and Ethical Challenges
Behavioral and Social Science Research in Aging
Caregiving across Different Contexts and Settings
Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Self-Management
Medical Care, Disease Screening, Management, and Treatment
Minority Health and Issues Related to Intersectionality
New and Emerging Issues: Aging and Public Health in 10 Years
Other Topics Relevant to Aging and Public Health
Pandemics and Aging
Structural Racism, Health Equity, and Aging
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Integrated Behavioral Health: Mental Health & Substance Use
Other Drugs
Student Outstanding Work Award Candidate
American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Caucus
Defining Holistic Health and Wellness Approaches for Our People
Other Topics Addressing American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian Peoples
Promoting Cultural Values in Data Sovereignty and Public Health Programming
Social Justice through Racial and Cultural Justice for Health Equity
Stronger Together: Collaborations and Coordination in Public Health Efforts
APHA Committee on Womens Rights
Economic, Social and/or Cultural Factors That Underlie Violence Against Women and Interventions That Address These Factors
Other Topic Related to Women's Rights and Public Health.
Policy and Advocacy Strategies That Positively Affect Women’s Lives.
Scalable Interventions to Promote Women's Health over the Life Course.
Topics Related to Sexual Minorities, Racial/Ethnic Minorities, Women in Rural Communities and Women on College Campuses.
APHA Student Assembly
Environmental or Occupational Health
Epidemiology or Biostatistics
Food and Nutrition
Health Education
Health Services Administration or Management
International or Global Health
Public Health Law and Policy
Reproductive or Child Health
Social and Behavioral Health
Student Training and Public Health Workforce Development
Applied Public Health Statistics
Application of Complex Health Survey Design and Analysis
Applications Using Longitudinal Health Data
Big Data Analytics for Public Health Research
Big Data and Machine Learning for Health Research
Big Data Visualization for Public Health Data
Causal Inference in Public Health
Communication and Dissemination of Health Statistics
General Topics in Applied Public Health Statistics
Geospatial Pattern and Spatial Analysis
Innovative Methods for Health Statistics Education
Small Area Estimation
Statistical Inference, Tests, and P-Values (Uses and Misuses)
Statistical Methods for Covid-19 Data
Student Oral Presentations
Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health
Achieving Health Equity for AAPI through Policies
Addressing AAPI Social Determinants of Health through Education, Communication, and Community-Based Interventions
Innovative Research and Evaluation Methods to Examine AAPI Health
Mental Health in AAPI
Other AAPI Priorities
The Role of Culture and Context: Ethical Issues in Research with AAPIs
Black Caucus of Health Workers
African American Men's Health
African American Women's Health
Behavioral Health Interventions, Including Those Addressing Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Among African Americans
Effects of Racism, Colonialism, and White Supremacy on the Health Status of African Americans
Environmental Health and Justice
Faith and Spirituality
Global Health
Maternal, Adolescent, Child, and Family Health
Reproductive Health and Rights
Violence Prevention
Workforce Development, Academic Programming/Preparation, and Pipeline Programs
Apply a Reproductive Justice, Equity or Life Course Perspective to Human Milk Feeding and the Challenges Experienced By Those Who Practice It
Consider the Breastfeeding, Chestfeeding, or Human Milk Feeding Experiences Among Populations That Have Been Historically Excluded or Purposively Marginalized
Lactation within the Context of the Infant Formula Shortage and COVID-19, Including Vaccination and Lactation, Long COVID, and Supporting Lactation and Breastfeeding during the Pandemic
Research on the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Human Milk Feeding and Lactation
Cancer Prevention: Enhancing Cancer Prevention Efforts across Populations (e.g., early interventions targeting risk factors/behaviors; inaccurate information/social media posts on cancer prevention).
Cancer Screening/Diagnosis: Improving Cancer Screening and Early Diagnosis (e.g., evaluation of community outreach programs to increase screening rates; costs and benefits of technologies to improve diagnosis).
Cancer Survivorship and Supportive/Palliative Care: Developing and Promoting Survivorship Strategies and Resources for Patients and Caregivers (e.g., social support programs; interventions to improve quality of life for survivors and their caregivers).
Cancer Treatment: Advancing Cancer Treatment from a Population Health Perspective (e.g., strategies to enhance care quality and/or timeliness; patient-reported outcomes; financial hardship/financial toxicity related to cancer treatment).
Cancer-Related Policies, Laws, and Guidelines: Evaluating Policies, Laws, and Guidelines That Reduce the Public Health Burden of Cancer (e.g., improving access/affordability to screening and treatment; tobacco control regulations; insurance reform; controversies in treatment and prevention guidelines).
Impact of COVID-19 across the Cancer Care Continuum: Rresearch Investigating the Ongoing Impact of the Pandemic Spanning from Prevention to Survivorship Care across the Continuum with Special Emphasis on Efforts to Address Adverse Impacts through Intervention.
International Topics in Cancer Prevention and Control: Evaluating Cancer Care, Outcomes, and Prevention in a Global Setting with Special Attention to the Social and Ethical Challenges of Global Cancer Practice and Research.
Social and Ethical Challenges across the Cancer Care Continuum: Addressing Challenges Related to Unmet Social Needs (e.g., food insecurity, housing instability, etc.) and/or Ethics (e.g., bioethical, social, and legal) across the Cancer Care Continuum.
Structural Barriers to Equitable Cancer Outcomes: Novel Investigations of Social Determinants of Health (and factors upstream) That Contribute to Inequitable Cancer Outcomes Disproportionately Impacting Marginalized Populations, Such As Racial and Ethnic Minorities, Rural Residents, and LGBTQ+ Communities.
Caucus on Homelessness
Criminal Justice Systems
Disability Justice and Ableism
Educational Access and Imbalance
Mental and Behavioral Health
Other: Proposals That May Not Align with the Above Topics
Race and Ethnicity
Religious and Spiritual Communities
Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
Caucus on Public Health and the Faith Community
Examining Facilitators and Barriers Among Faith-Based Organizations in Conducting Research to Address and Improve Community Societal and Ethical Issues.
Faith-Based Research and Partnerships: Addressing and Improving Social and Ethnic Health Challenges and Inequities
Caucus on Refugee and Immigrant Health
Barriers and Enablers of Social Connectedness Among Immigrants, Refugees, and Forcibly Displaced Populations
Community Engagement and Action to Improve Psychosocial Experiences of Immigrants, Refugees, and Forcibly Displaced Populations
Emerging Health Issues Among Immigrants, Refugees, and Forcibly Displaced Populations
Psychosocial Experiences and Associated Health Outcomes Among Immigrants, Refugees, and Forcibly Displaced Populations
Social Determinants of Health Disparities Among Immigrants, Refugees, and Forcibly Displaced Populations
Chiropractic Health Care
2023 APHA Annual Meeting theme - Creating the healthiest nation: Overcoming social and ethical challenges
Access to and quality of health care
Policy and education
Community Based Public Health Caucus
CBPR and Place-Based Community Transformation
Community Voices: Community Member Perspectives on Community-Academic Partnerships and CBPR
Community-Driven Work to Transform Policy and Address Social Challenges
Lessons Learned from CBPR Projects
Measures, Methods, and Evaluation in CBPR
Overcoming Social and Ethical Challenges through Community-Based Participatory Research
Participatory Approaches to Address Social and Structural Determinants of Health
The Ethical Challenges of Community-Based Participatory Research
The Power of CBPR to Achieve Health Equity
The Scholarship of CBPR: Innovative Strategies to Communicate Findings for Change
Youth Roundtable: Youth Leading the Way to Healthier Communities
Community Health Planning and Policy Development
Addressing Health Impacts of Varying Populations in Mass Incarceration Systems
Advocacy Efforts to Advance Community Health and Health Equity
Commercial Determinants of Health: Business/Societal Engagements of Private Sector Influences on Social, Physical, Cultural Environments
Community Approaches/Policies/Collaborations to Address HIV
Community-Based Approaches to Developing, Mobilizing, and Advocating Public Health Improvement Policies
Emerging Threats to Community Health
Examining Community-Based Approaches to Addressing Trauma, Mental Health, and Violence Prevention
Examining the Influence of Economic Policies on the Sustainability of Community Health Programs
Exploring Interdisciplinary/Multi-System Approaches to Promoting Equity in Health Care, Particularly for Traditionally Disenfranchised Population (e.g., youth, racial, gender, and sexual minorities, women, immigrants, physically impaired, etc.)
Health Equity Issues Related to Environmental Health (e.g., built environment, climate-based concerns, etc.)
Implementing and Evaluating Community-Based Solutions to Prevent and Manage Chronic Diseases
Implications of Policies That Perpetuate Racial, Gender, and Other Inequities
Improving Community Health through Innovative, Interdisciplinary Partnerships
Integrating Social Justice within Public Health Frameworks
Novel Methods for Measuring Health Equity/Inequity
Policy Tools and Communication Strategies to Address Health Misinformation
Public Health Workforce Development
Racism and Discrimination As Community Health Risks
Research on Social Determinants of Health, Gun Violence Exposure and Prevention, and Resilience
Strategies for Addressing Access to Care Barriers throughout COVID-19
Community Health Workers
CHW Supervision Skills Development, Including Opportunities for CHWs to Supervise
CHWs Addressing Health Disparities
CHWs Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic
CHWs Promoting Social and Racial Justice
Innovative CHW Core Competency Education and Training
Innovative Models of CHW Team Integration (clinical and/or community)
Local, State and Regional Policy & Workforce Development
Professional Support and Workforce Advocacy
Programs/Services Addressing Determinants of Health
Special Session: CHWs in Public Health Education and Health Promotion
Approaching Public Health through a Disability Justice Lens
Emerging Public Health Issues Affecting People with Disabilities
Healthcare for People with Disabilities across the Lifespan
Healthcare Provider Education
Promoting Health Programs That Are Inclusive of People with Disabilities
Sexual Health and Reproductive Justice for People with Disabilities
Surveillance and Data
Early-Career Professional
Emergency preparedness of all types; including workforce transition during pandemic and recovery phase
Research and programming by ECP
Air, Water, Land, and Climate
Building Healthy and Resilient Communities
Chemicals and Health
Children's Environmental Health
Emerging Topics in Environmental Health
Environmental Health Policy and Practice
Environmental Justice and Health Equity
Food and the Environment
Health Impact Assessment (organized jointly with the Public Health Education and Health Promotion section)
Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (organized jointly with the Pharmacy Section)
Physical Activity and Environment (organized jointly with the Physical Activity section)
Cancer Epidemiology
Clinical Epidemiology
Communicable (Infectious) Disease Epidemiology (NO respiratory conditions)
Creating the Healthiest Nation: Overcoming Social and Ethical Challenges
Environmental Epidemiology
Epidemiology Methods
Epidemiology of Behavioral Health Conditions (mental health and substance use disorders)
Epidemiology of Health-Related Behaviors
Epidemiology of Respiratory Conditions (SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), Tuberculosis (TB), Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), and/or Other Respiratory Infections)
Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology
Injury and Occupational Epidemiology
Non-Communicable (Chronic) Disease Epidemiology (NO Cancer)
Other Topics in Epidemiology
Social Epidemiology
Student Fellowship Award Abstracts
Challenges Experienced by Minoritized & Vulnerable Populations, such as Black/African-American, Indigenous, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian/Pacific Islander, LGBTQI2S+, and People with Disabilities
Challenges Impacting Economic & Educational Attainment
Climate Change/Environmental Health Challenges
Food Systems (or OneHealth Policy)
Housing Challenges
Social and Political History of Public Health, especially celebrating local contributions of the 2023 location of Atlanta, Georgia
Transportation Challenges
Family Violence Prevention Caucus
Family Violence Prevention/Intervention across the Lifespan
Family Violence Prevention/Intervention Program Development, Implementation, or Evaluation (from community to system levels approaches)
Identification of Risk or Protective Factors for Family Violence
Intersectional Approaches to Family Violence Prevention Research or Programs
Other Topics in Child Maltreatment
Other Topics in Elder Maltreatment
Other Topics in Intimate Partner Violence
Food and Nutrition
Community Engagement in Food & Nutrition Research or Engaging Communities in Food & Nutrition
Complex Issues Impacting Food and Nutrition
COVID Factors Related to Food and Nutrition
Food Safety Practices
Food Systems and Agriculture
Global, Federal, and Local Food and Nutrition Programs
National, State, and Local Nutrition Recommendations and Policy
Nutrition Behavior and Nutrition Communication across the Lifespan
Nutrition Disparities and Nutrition Related Issues Facing Underserved Populations
Nutritional Epidemiology, Measurement, and Technology
Policies, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) Change Approaches to Improving Diet and Food Systems
Social, Cultural, and  Political Factors Affecting Food and Nutrition
Foot and Ankle Health
All foot/ankle public health related topics
All foot/ankle public policy related topics
Topics pertaining to foot/ankle epidemiology in the US and abroad
Genomics Forum
Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Genomics
Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology/Gene-Environment Epidemiology
Health Communications in Genomics
Health Disparities in Genomics
Other Topics and Issues
Research and Practice Challenges and Opportunities
Health Administration
Collaborative Session on Opioid Risk Reduction Programs, Policies, and Initiatives with the Health Administration and Pharmacy Sections
Evidence-Based Strategies for Effective, Inclusive Leadership in Health Administration
Fostering Health Equity through Health Administration
Health Administration and Public Health Finance
Improving Quality in Health Services and Programs: Programs, Policies, and Evaluation
Innovative Programs in Health Administration through the COVID-19 Pandemic
Intersectoral Partnerships for Improving Healthcare Services, Delivery, and Outcomes
Other Health Administration Topics
Protecting and Empowering Public Health Officers through Effective Health Administration
Workforce Management and Health Administration
Health Informatics Information Technology
7th Annual HIIT Disparities Wearathon
Big Data, Data Analytics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Public Health
COVID – 19: What you need to know
Maternal and Child Health Disparities
Understanding Equity and Inclusion in Today’s World
Women, Equity, Equality, Ethics, and Technology
HIV Care during COVID-19
HIV Prevention and Care in International Settings
HIV Prevention and Testing
HIV Treatment, Care, & Viral Load Suppression
Implementation Research
Policy and Community Engagement
Human Rights Forum
Asylum Seekers
Child Separation of Immigrant Families
Health/Health Care Inequalities
Housing Vulnerabilities
Human Trafficking
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health
Refugee Health
Violence and Mental Health
Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
COVID-19 and Emergency Health Services
Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Medical Services
Firearm Violence
Injury and Emergency Health Services Data
Innovations in Injury Research Methods
Opioids and Other Drugs
Other Topics Related to Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
Recreational and Sports Injuries
Road Safety
Suicide Prevention
Violence Prevention and Control
Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices
Establishing the Efficacy of Whole Health through the Lens of Icthp
Global Implementation and Dissemination of Icthp As Primary Health Care
Icthp Approaches to Hard-to-Treat Complex Chronic Conditions
Innovations in Integrative, Complementary, and Traditional Health Practice
Social and Ethical Challenges in Icthp (including through virtual delivery)
International Health
Community Based Primary Health Care
COVID-19 related topics
Decolonizing Global Health and Effects of Global Capitalism
Determinants of health
Disparities and Inequities in Global Health
Established, Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases
Global Health Actors, Agenda, and Practice
Health in Conflict and Displacement
Health Systems Strengthening and Service Delivery in International Settings
Innovations and Solutions in Global and International Health
International Epidemiology
Maternal Health
Mental Health
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
Right to health, human rights, and ethics
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Family Planning
The Intersection between Climate Change and Global Health
Latino Caucus
Adolescent Latina/o/x Health
Aging Latina/o/x Health
Honoring the Work and Legacy of Edna Viruell-Fuentes
Intersectionality between Latina/o/x Identity and Health
Latino Caucus Celebrates 50 Years-Pa'lante (For Latina/o/x Advancement, Networking, Training, and Education)
Latino Early Life: Infant and Child Latino Health
Midlife Latina/o/x Health
Young Adult Latina/o/x Health
Addressing Health Disparities
Behavioral and Mental Health and Substance Use
Chronic Disease
Environmental Health
Health Care
Infectious Disease
International Law and Legal Developments
Jurisprudence, Legal Theory and Litigation
Legal Preparedness and Response for Public Health Emergencies (including COVID)
Other Law Related Abstracts
LGBTQ Health Caucus
Bisexual, Pansexual, and Other Plurisexual People’s Health
Health of Black, Indigenous, Asian, and Other LGBTQ+ People of Color
Health of LGBTQ+ Older Adults
Health of LGBTQ+ Parents and Caregivers
Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, and Other Sexual Minority Women’s Health
LGBTQ+ Adolescent and Young Adult Health
LGBTQ+ People in the Deep South
Structural Determinants (e.g., laws, policies, social norms) of LGBTQ+ Health
Transgender and Gender Diverse People’s Health
Maternal and Child Health
Adolescent & Young Adult Health Submissions
Child Care
Children with Special Healthcare Needs
Epidemiology and Data
Greg Alexander Student Session
Health Services Research
Improving Pregnancy Outcomes
Infant and Child Health
Innovations in Maternity Services
International MCH
Interpersonal and Community Violence
MCH Multi-Level Life Course
Paternal Involvement in MCH
Perinatal & Women's Health
Medical Care Section
Climate Change
Drug Policy & Pharmacy Practice Committee
Health Economics & Health Services Research
Health Equity
Justice & Incarcerated Health
Quality Improvement
Rural & Frontier Health
Student Paper Awards
Veterans & Military Health
Men's Health Caucus
American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Male Health
Bolstering Social and Community Resilience through Health Programs for Men
Cancer in Men's Health
COVID-19 Impact on the Health of Men and Boys
Drug Abuse and Addiction Issues for Boys and Men
Engaging Men in the Healthcare System: A Proactive Approach
Lessons Learned in Engaging Men, Boys, and Their Families through Community Programming
Male Violence and Incarceration: A Health Imperative
Media Portrayal of Men and Boys and Its Impact on Male Health
Men As Part of the Community (a holistic view of men's value in social structures)
Mental Health and Policing: Black Men’s Experience of Terror
Other Topics
Policies and Legislative Actions to Improve Male Health
Programs and Strategies to Advance Health Equity for Men and Boys
Role Models for Healthy Behaviors
Successful Men’s Health Programs: Evidence-Based Interventions
Mental Health
Community Resilience
Disability and Mental Health
Families and Children across the Lifespan
Global Mental Health
Integrated Behavioral Health: Mental Health and Substance Use
Mental Health and Disability
Other Mental Health Topics
Public Mental Health Policy and Practice
Services Access, Outreach, and Engagement
Stigma, Discrimination, and Vulnerable Populations
Veterans and Active Military Mental Health
Workforce Development
Occupational Health and Safety
Creating Change: Translating Data into Action
Ensuring Equity & Justice Among Workers
How to Use Policy to Advocate for Safer Workplaces
Investigating Risks That Workers Face
Lessons Learned: Protecting Vulnerable Workers
Occupational Health Internship Program (OHIP)
Student/New Practitioner to OHS Poster Competition
Surveillance Data for Equitable Worker Safety
Utilizing Workplace Programs, Interventions, and Best Practices to Protect Workers
One Health
Animal-Human-Ecosystem Interaction
Antimicrobial Resistance
Food Safety
Veterinary Public Health
Zoonoses and Vector-Borne Diseases
Oral Health
Addressing Social Determinants of Health in an Oral Health Setting
Community-Based Oral Health Innovations (think: minimally invasive dentistry, medical-dental integration, teledentistry, etc.)
Opioid Epidemic, Substance Use Disorders, and Oral Health
Oral Health and Hesitancy: Addressing Misinformation and Disinformation (think: TMJ disorder treatment, dental amalgam, drinking water, vaccination)
Oral Health Literacy and Oral Health-Related Behaviors
Oral Health Payment and Policy Innovation (think: Medicaid, Medicare, Coverage, Access)
Oral Health Workforce: Provider and Patient Wellness (think: patient-safety training, diversity and inclusion in dental professionals, loan-repayment programs, provider wellness support)
Other Timely Topics in Dental Public Health
Population Oral Health Equity (think: community water fluoridation, built environment, Healthy People 2030)
Value-Based Care and Oral Health Advocacy (think: ageism, SDF, dental sealants)
Peace Caucus
Health Impacts of War and Conflict on Civilians, Combatants and Military Personnel, and Veterans
Health Impacts of War and Conflict on the Environment
Intersectional Organizing Perspectives on Peace and Health
Nuclear War and Weapons
Peace, Security, and Economic Priorities
Primary Prevention of War and Promoting Peace
Social Determinants of War and Conflict
Creating the Healthiest Nation: Pharmacists’ Role in Overcoming Social and Ethical Challenges
Pharmacy Policy, Economics, Quality and Advocacy
PHEHP Materials Contest
PHEHP Materials Contest
PHEHP Student Awards Contest
PHEHP Student Awards Contest
Physical Activity
Built Environment and Active Transportation to Enhance Physical Activity
Community-Based Physical Activity Interventions
Dissemination & Implementation
Physical Activity Among Children
Physical Activity Among the College Student Population
Physical Activity and Disability
Physical Activity and Environment
Physical Activity and Mental Health
Physical Activity Epidemiology
Physical Activity Research Methods
Physical Activity throughout the Lifespan
Policies to Increase Population Physical Activity
Rural Physical Activity
Social Determinants of Health and Physical Activity
Public Health Education and Health Promotion
Addressing Health Disparities through Health Promotion Initiatives
Aging Population Health (Organized Jointly with the Aging and Public Health Section, Disability Section, the Food and Nutrition Section, and the Physical Activity Section
Built Environment, Community Design, and Public Health
Cancer Communication, Prevention, and Survivorship (organized by HCWG)
Child and Adolescent Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Child and Adolescent Health
Chronic Disease Screening and Prevention
Climate Change Education and Awareness
College Health Initiatives
Communication to Reduce Health Disparities and Inequalities (organized by HCWG)
Community-Based and Community-Engaged Research
Community-Based Physical Activity Interventions (organized jointly with the Physical Activity section)
Cross-Cultural Health Communication (organized by HCWG)
Department of Health Innovative Practices to Improve Population Health
Dissemination and Implementation Research
Economic Impact and Return on Investment in Public Health
Evaluation of Public Health Education and Health Promotion Programs
Health Communication and Technology (organized by HCWG)
Health Communication in Special Populations (organized by HCWG)
Health Impact Assessment (organized jointly with the Environment section)
Health Literacy Issues (organized by HCWG)
Innovative Teaching Strategies in Health Communication (organized by HCWG)
Mass Media Influences on Health Behavior (organized by HCWG)
Men's Health
Online, Social, and Mobile Media Initiatives (organized by HCWG)
Other: Health Communication Topics (organized by HCWG)
Other: Public Health Education and Health Promotion Topics
Patient-Provider Communication and Relationships (organized by HCWG)
PHEHP Session Proposal Abstracts
Population Approaches to Active Living and/or Healthy Eating Behavior Change
Public Health Leadership and Education Models
Sexual Risk Reduction
Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities
Social Marketing and Health Communication Campaigns (organized by HCWG)
Theoretical Frameworks for Health Promotion through the Life Course
Training Youth to be Leaders in Public Health
Using Communication to Influence and Advocate for Health Policy (organized by HCWG)
Worksite Wellness and Health Promotion
Public Health Nursing
Environmental Justice and Social Challenges
Evidence-Based Practice for Population Health
Overcoming Social and Ethical Challenges in Global Health
Overcoming Social and Ethical Challenges in Public Health Nursing
Public Health Nursing Research
Reproductive Justice and/or Maternal-Child Health
Social Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Strengthening the Public Health Nursing Workforce
Public Health Social Work
Decolonizing Social Work: The Role of Indigenous Voices, Immigration Policy, Border Health, and Displacement
Preventing and Addressing Environmental Injustices from a Social Work Lens
Preventing Family, Community, Sexual, and Gender-Based Violence
Public Health Social Work Approaches to Addressing Racism & Anti-Blackness
Public Health Social Work Approaches to Preventing and Addressing Social Isolation
Public Health Social Work Approaches to the Grand Challenges of Social Work
Public Health Social Work Professional Development:  Increasing Health Promotion and Prevention Literacy Among Social Workers
Social Justice-Centered Responses to Pandemics
Structural and Population-Level Approaches for Increasing Health Equity & Enhancing Health Access
School Health and Wellness
Innovative Practice or Research: Addressing Physical Activity and Nutrition in School Settings
Innovative Practice or Research: Addressing Reproductive and Sexual Health and Identity in School Settings
Innovative Practice or Research: Addressing Social and Emotional Health in School Settings (e.g., attendance/truancy/discipline; mental health; resilience; safety/violence; school climate; substance use; and trauma/adverse childhood experiences)
Innovative Practice or Research: School Health Service Delivery (e.g., school nursing, school-based health centers, mobile clinics, telehealth programs)
Innovative Practice or Research: Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model
Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)
Adolescent and Reproductive Health
Emerging Reproductive Health Technologies
Other Sexual and Reproductive Health Topics
Socialist Caucus
Capitalism and Neoliberalism's Effect on the Public's Health
Progressive Perspectives on Women's Health, Lbtq+ and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals Health.
Social Class and Health
The Effect of Institutional Racism and Structural Racism on Health and Healthcare
The Movement for National Healthcare in the United States
The Struggle for Health Equity in Marginalized Communities
Spirit of 1848 Caucus
Health Workers Resist! Radical Historical Moments of Struggle and Reimagining for People’s Health and Health Care
Organizing to Contest Structural Assaults and Build for Health Justice
Teaching for Health Justice and Against Attacks on Public Health
The Long Fight for Health Justice: Movements, Data, and Transformational Pedagogy
Who’s Strengthening and Who’s Attacking Data for Health Equity?
Trade and Health Forum
Climate change, energy shortages, or the environment
COVID-19: the intersection of policy, markets, and/or workers
Economic policy and shocks
Health-promoting trade policies and practices
Trade, globalization, and health systems and outcomes
Trade, scarcity, and violence or conflict
Veterans Caucus
Access to Care Barriers in Relation to Social and Ethical Challenges
Emerging Threats to Community and Individual Health of Veterans and Their Respective Families, Active-Duty Military and Civilians Affected By War
Examining Community-Based Approaches to Addressing Trauma, Mental Health, and Violence Prevention for Veterans, Active-Duty Military and Civilians Affected By War
Improving Equity in Health Care Delivery to Veterans, Active-Duty Military and Civilians Affected By War
Novel Methods for Treatment and Resolution of Health Issues Particular to Veterans, Active-Duty Military and Civilians Affected By War
Other Issues and Ensuing Programs or Proposals That Help Support and Shape Public Policy As Well As Research on Veteran Health Care and the Health Care of Active-Duty Military and Civilians Affected By War
Vision Care
Barriers and Facilitators to Access to Eye Care
Children's Vision Screening in Schools and Communities
Digital Eye Strain across the Lifespan, Especially in Virtual Schools, Universities, and Workplaces
Economic Burden and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Vision and Eye Care
Environmental Impacts on Vision and/or Eye Health
Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Vision Health and/or Eye Care
Health Equity: Ensuring Optimal Vision and Eye Health for All
Health Promotion and Vision
Impact of Vision Impairment on Health, Functioning, School and/or Social Participation, and the Environment
Knowledge of Vision and Eye Health and Care in Population Subgroups: Opportunities for Education and Practice
Other Vision or Eye Health Topics
Passport to Care for People with Diabetes: Interdisciplinary Collaborations Among Health Care Providers, Including Eye Care
Poster Sessions
Preventing Falls, Injury, and/or Violence to People with Low Vision or Who Are Blind
Preventing Vision Loss and Promoting Eye Health across the Lifespan
Rurality, Telemedicine, and Vision and Eye Care
Social and/or Political Determinants of Health and Their Impact on Vision and Eye Health
Social Media, Digital Communication, and/or Storytelling in Vision and Eye Health
Strengthen Social Connections to Improve Vision and Eye Health, Education, and Care at Any Age, and Minimize Vision Loss
Translating Eye Health and Treatment Research into Community Health
Vision and Aging
Vision and Eye Care Needs across the Lifespan: Young Children, Older School-Aged Children and Teenagers, Young Adults, Working Age Adults, and the Elderly
Vision Health: A Global Perspective
Vision in 2023: The Right to Sight
Women's Caucus
Gender-Based Violence, Sexual Assault, and Trauma
Health of Special Female Populations, Including (but not limited to) Women in Prison & Sex Workers
Healthcare Access and Delivery (including Provider Trust)
HIV/AIDS & Sexually Transmitted Diseases (or Infections)
Maternal and Child Health
Menstrual Health & Hygiene
Opioid and Other Drug Use Among Women and Girls
Racism As a Threat to Public Health
Sexual and Gender Minority Health (including Lesbians, Transgender Women, & Gender Nonconforming Persons)
Women's Health Disparities, Including Racial/Ethnic, Rural, and Older Women