5083.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

Special Session: Social Justice and Human Rights: Implications for our Work and Lives

Social justice is understood as the fair distribution of social goods, including health. It is related to, but not coterminous with, human rights, understood as a body of political, legal and moral norms governing basic entitlements of individuals and groups in society including health. This panel will address four issues that illustrate the domestic and international dimensions of social justice and human rights. Two of the issues--economic sanctions in targeted countries and HIV/AIDS in the world will show how U.S. policy and practice affect social justice and human rights abroad. The issue of HIV/AIDS is a particularly telling example of how a human rights perspective alters the approach to dealing with a major challenge to the international community and to public health, especially in Africa. Two other issues-- gender equality and racial discriminationwill demonstrate how the framework of international human rights affects domestic problems of social justice, including in the U.S. The essential aim of the panel is therefore to explore the hypothesis that social justice, especially in terms of health, may be advanced for millions of people through more effective use of the human rights framework
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Organizer(s):Russell Morgan, DrPH
David Williams, MPHPhD
10:30 AMIntroduction
Russell E Morgan, DrPH
10:35 AMAPHA's Principles of Public Health and Human Rights
Cheryl E. Easley, PhD, RN
10:40 AMPublic Health and Human Rights: A Global Perspective with Domestic Relevance
Stephen Marks, LLD
10:55 AMSocial Justice, Human Rights and Public Health Policy
Rebecca Cook, MA, MPA, JD
11:10 AMHuman Rights and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Africa and Global Implications
Allen A. Herman, MD,, PhD
11:25 AMHealth and Human Rights through Community-Based Education
Loretta Ross
11:40 AMDiscussant
Jack Geiger, MD, ScD
11:45 AMAudience Questions/Answers from the Panel Members
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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA