5243.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Children's Environmental Health Poster Session

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Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
Board 1Protecting Children from Environmental Health Hazards: National, State and Regional Coalition-Building
Elise Miller, MEd
Board 2Behaviors, understanding, and risk perception of ethnically diverse school-aged children in Oregon about household chemical use
Anna K. Harding, PhD, Catherine M. Neumann, PhD, Alexandra Degher, MS
Board 3Building Coalitions to Mobilize Statewide Action
Debbie Shrem, MPH, Susannah E. Donahue, MPH, Daniel Swartz
Board 4Clinical evaluation of children exposed to environmental hazards
Christine Rosheim, DDS, MPH, Kim Gehle, MD, MPH, Diane Dennis-Flagler, MPH
Board 5Un Lugar Seguro Para Sus Ninos: Community-based Development and Evaluation of a Pesticide Education Video
Marie Napolitano, PhD, FNP, Marco Beltran, MPH, Jacki Philips, BA, Charlene Bryan, MPH, Linda McCauley, PhD, Michael Lasarev, MS
Board 6Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health
Frederica Perera, DrPH, Virginia Rauh, ScD, Robin Whyatt, DrPH, Jean Ford, MD, Ilan Meyer, PhD, Rachel Miller, MD, Patrick Kinney, ScD, Howard Andrews, PhD, David Evans, PhD, Roderick Wallace, PhD, Deborah Wallace, PhD, Mindy Fullilove, MD, Peggy Shepard, BA
Board 7Correlation of personal and microenvironmental exposure monitoring in school children
Clifford S. Mitchell, MS, MD, MPH, Lisa K. Carlson, MD, MPH, Christopher Beck, BS, Timothy J. Buckley, PhD
Board 8Development of an Arctic prenatal and early childhood environmental health monitoring program
Carl M. Hild, MSSciMgmt, James E. Berner, MD, Kari J. Hamrick, PhD, RD
Board 9Agricultural pesticide use in California: Ethnic and socioeconomic differences among children
Robert B. Gunier, MPH, Martha Harnly, MPH, Peggy Reynolds, PhD, Julie Von Behren, MPH, Andrew Hertz
Board 10Why Have a Conference? The Impact of a Pediatric Environmental Health Conference on Health Care Professional Behavior
Susannah E. Donahue, MPH, Jennifer P. Rubenstein
Cosponsors:Epidemiology; School Health Education and Services; Social Work

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA