142nd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition

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Roundtable: Translating Aging Research into Practice

142nd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition (November 15 - November 19, 2014): http://www.apha.org/events-and-meetings/annual
Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Successful translation of research into practice is critical in turning evidence into better population health outcomes. These presenters will address a wide range of topics such as: strategies to improve patient engagement, measurement of frailty, the role fidelity observations, lessons in the provision of technical assistance, and the issue of persistent eldercare responsibility among workers.
Session Objectives: Discuss the latest evidence in translating aging research into practice Discuss the value of implementing community-based programs to increase the use of clinical preventive services by older adults Describe the different engagement, delivery and follow up strategies that are effective in increasing the use of clinical preventive services Evaluate the strategies that are most effective in linking older adults to needed preventive health services Design a new measure of frailty that takes into consideration how each of the characteristic is related to mortality. Assess the association of frailty with demographics and health characteristics. Compare this new measure for frailty to existing measures of frailty. Evaluate, interrelationship of frailty, functional status, and comorbidity. Demonstrate that fidelity observations ensure maintenance of core components of the program Describe that fidelity observations play an important role in successful translation of interventions found to be effective in controlled settings into community-based settings
Karon Phillips, PhD, MPH

Table 1
Engage, deliver and follow up: Community-based interventions to increase the use of clinical preventive services by older adults
Kathryn G. Kietzman, PhD, MSW, Janet C. Frank, DrPH, Rosana Leos, MPH, Cricel Molina, PhD and Steven P. Wallace, PhD
Table 4
Road map for aging research in Arab countries: Where is the evidence for priority setting?
Abla Mehio Sibai, PhD, Anthony Rizk and Christy Costanian
Table 5
Transforming primary care delivery: A focus on patients with complex conditions in rural and urban settings
Irina V. Haller, PhD, MS, Pat Conway, PhD, Joseph Bianco, MD, Paul Hitz, Sharon Quinlan, RN, MS, MBA, Daniel M. Saman, DrPH, MPH, CPH, Michael Van Scoy, MD and Catherine VonRueden
Table 6
Translating Evidence-Based Programs into Community-Based Settings: The Role of Fidelity Observations
Anamika Batra, BDS, MPH, Chelsie Anderson, MA, Chintan Bhatt, MBBS, MPH and Richard C. Palmer, DrPH
Table 8
Implementation of Evidence Based Health Promotion Programs in Community-Based Settings of South Florida: Lessons Learned
Chintan Bhatt, MBBS, MPH, Anamika Batra, BDS, MPH, Chelsie Anderson, MS and Richard C. Palmer, DrPH
Table 10
Persistent Eldercare Responsibility and Association with Reported Family Work Conflict among Manufacturing Sector Employees
Richard Fortinsky, PhD, Nicholas Warren, ScD, Janet Barnes-Farrell, PhD, Anne Kenny, MD, Julie Robison, PhD, Dana Farr, MS, Zhou Chen, MA, Alicia Dugan, PhD and Martin Cherniack, MD, MPH

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