3116.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM

HIV/AIDS Round Table Session I

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Presider(s):Susan L. Fulmer, MPH, MS, CSPP
Part 1 
Table 1Are HIV-positive women engaging in risky behaviors?
Nancy Wongvipat, MPH, Lee Klosinski, PhD
Table 2Identifying social service needs of HIV-positive women
Nancy Wongvipat, MPH, Lee Klosinski, PhD
Table 3Designing Women: consumers' involvement in the development of innovative services for HIV-infected women
Tracey L. Rogers, PhD, Allison Cohn, MPH, Robbie Singal, MPH, Liz Salomon, Ed.M, William Johnson
Table 4Social service needs of women living with HIV/AIDS: Components of a women's program
Ronald A. Brooks, PhD, Rosemary C. Veniegas, PhD
Part 2 
Table 1What happens after safety training: The influence of transfer of training climate on universal precautions compliance
Raymond C. Sinclair, PhD, Robyn R.M. Gershon, DrPH
Table 2Outcome performance measure among HIV/AIDS service providers
Delroy Louden, PhD, John Chikwem, PhD
Table 3Concepts in public health: A model for training medical students about HIV and other related public health topics
Nomi Rachel Fuchs, MPH, Karis Schoellman, MPH, Danielle De Leon, MPH, Cathy Schieffelin, MPH
Table 4Provider competency in the care of HIV-infected inmates
Vara G. DeLoney, RN, BSN, MPH Cand, Jacqueline C. Zalumas, PhD, RNC, FNP, Colleen DiIorio, PhD, RN, Johanna Soet, MA, CHES
Part 3 
Table 1Reaching vulnerable populations to eliminate disparities in health: The HIV addendum to the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM) Program
Amy Lansky, MPH, PhD, Bruce Taylor, PhD, Dale D. Chitwood, PhD, Samuel T Comerford, BA, Patricia L Fleming, PhD
Table 2Easing the transition: A comprehensive approach to HIV care at Cook County Jail, Chicago, IL
Everett Hardy, MPH, Maureen Sinclair, MPH
Table 2Determinants of HIV Related Risk Behaviors in Incarcerated Men in Louisiana State Prisons
Kera Moseley, DrPH, MPH, Jane Bertrand, PhD, Susan Hassig, DrPH, Kate Macintyre, PhD, Janet Rice, PhD
Table 3Cross-site evaluation of HIV/AIDS demonstration projects for the incarcerated
Kimberly R. Jacob Arriola, PhD, Ronald L. Braithwaite, Theodore Hammett, PhD, Sofia Kennedy, MPH
Part 4 
Table 1Evaluation capacity in community-based AIDS service organizations: A case study analysis
Emil Berkanovic, PhD, Mindy Hochgesang, MPH
Table 2HIV prevention programs in Santa Barbara County: Assessing peer and street outreach models
Emil Berkanovic, PhD, Mindy Hochgesang, MPH, Claudia Dorrington, PhD, Scott McCann, PhD, LCSW, Isabel Blagborne, BA, Ema Sequoia
Table 3Formative evaluation of an HIV/AIDS prevention program in a multicultural, tourist area
Janet Tiberian, MA, Mélida S. Arredondo, BA, Pamela A. Yeske, RN, MPH, Susan Biersteker, Drs, William W. Darrow, PhD
Table 4Collaborative prevention evaluation in California: A case study
Roger K. Myrick, PhD, Janet Myers, PhD, MPH
Part 5 
Table 1Empirical estimates of secondary HIV transmission rates
Steven D. Pinkerton, PhD, Paul R. Abramson, PhD, Seth C. Kalichman, PhD, Ana P. Johnson-Masotti, PhD, Sheryl L. Catz, PhD
Table 2Survival of Maryland AIDS cases before and after the introduction of protease inhibitors
Hania Habeeb, MS, Colin Flynn, ScM, Robert Ferguson, MD, Wei Lu, MD, Liza Solomon, MHS, DrPH
Table 3Descriptive epidemiology of publicly-funded HIV counseling and testing sites in Los Angeles County, 1998
M. E. Miller, T. R. Granoff, H. D. Anaya, G. Ayala
Table 4HIV-1 incidence trends in the U.S. Army, 1985-1998: Occupational clusters and seroconversion risk
Philip O. Renzullo, PhD, MPH, Warren B. Sateren, MPH, Robin P. Garner, MS, Deborah L. Birx, MD, John G. McNeil, MD, MPH
Part 6 
Table 1Minority AIDS summit
Corinne C. Pilolla, Nettie DeAugustine, Angela Coron
Table 2A tool to help community planning groups set scientifically grounded, community-based prevention priorities
Elizabeth A. Wells, MA, H. Christopher Castner, MPS, Yvonne Hu-Cotto, BA, Liza Solomon, MHS, DrPH
Table 3Linking public health to other disciplines and the community to develop and implement an interdisciplinary course on the AIDS epidemic
Daniel Gentry, PhD, MHA
Table 4Interdependent needs of researchers and service providers: Bridging the communication and cultural gap
Andrew Osborne, MS, Joseph Lunievicz, BA, Carol Tobkes, MPH, Dorline S. Yee, BA, Beatrice J. Krauss, PhD
Part 7 
Table 1A national model for increasing HIV prevention capacity of community-based organizations
Donna L. Richter, EdD, Linda H. Potts, MPH, MBA, Belinda M. Reininger, DrPH, Mary S. Prince, PhD, Melva V. Thompson-Robinson, DrPH, Shiela C. Isoke, MPH, Wendy H. Katz, MPH
Table 2Assessing organizational learning in CBOs providing HIV prevention
Belinda Reininger, DrPH, Mary Prince, PhD, Donna Richter, EdD, Melva Thompson-Robinson, DrPH, Linda Potts, MPH, MBA, Emily Rines
Table 3HIV prevention program managers' competence and confidence in topics related to public health prevention programming and strategic management
Melva V. Thompson-Robinson, MSPE, DrPH, Donna Richter, EdD, Belinda Reininger, DrPH, Mary Prince, PhD, Linda H. Potts, MPH, MBA, Nekeshia Reed
Table 4Applying knowledge and skills back home: The Integrative Learning Experience
Linda H. Potts, MPH, MBA, Donna L. Richter, EdD, Belinda M. Reininger, DrPH
Part 8 
Table 1HIV risk, drug use, and HIV seroprevalence among young men who have sex with men (MSM) attending nightclubs and bars
John B. Hylton, MHS, David D. Celentano, ScD
Table 2High rates of HIV prevalence and incidence among young men who have sex with men. Predictors of prevalence and prior HIV testing in the Baltimore Young Men's Survey
Frangiscos Sifakis, MPH, John Hylton, MHS, Colin Flynn, ScM, Lois Eldred, DrPH, Ellen Caldeira, MHS, Liza Solomon, DrPH, David D. Celentano, PhD
Table 4Gay and bisexual men's preferences about the characteristics of a future rectal microbicide for anal intercourse
Melissa Rader, MPH, Gary Marks, PhD, Gordon Mansergh, PhD, Nicole Crepaz, PhD, Sheila Murphy, PhD, Lynn Miller, PhD, Paul Robert Appleby, PhD
Part 9 
Table 1Depression and HIV risk behavior among injection drug users and young gay men in Seattle
Thomas Perdue, Holly Hagan, PhD, Hanne Thiede, DVM, MPH
Table 2Psychosocial stress and health status of innercity minority HIV+ clients
Martha Ann Carey, PhD, RN, Mark Winiarski, PhD, Emily Beckett, BA, Sarah Boslaugh, PhD
Table 3AIDS-related loss and grief in the era of treatment advances
Craig Demmer, EdD, CHES, CGT
Table 4Pretreatment factors predicting attendance at group psychotherapy sessions for coping with AIDS-related bereavement
Wayne DiFranceisco, MA, Kathleen J. Sikkema, PhD, Arlene Kochman, MSW
Part 10 
Table 1Evaluation of outcomes among PLWHA receiving services from Ryan White CARE Act Programs
Denise Absher, BA, Dixie Chan, BS, Susan Sabatier, MA
Table 2Evaluation of outcomes among women and men receiving services from Ryan White CARE Act Programs in St. Louis, Missouri
Linda M. Mundy, MD, Karen Meredith, MPH, RN, Lauren Marshall, BSN, Paul Thompson, PhD
Table 3Evaluation of Outcomes in a Ryan White CARE Act Program: PACT- University of Pittsburgh
Susan Hunt, MD, Margaret Palumbo, MPH, Melissa Saul, MS, William Gardner, PhD, Amy C. Justice, MD, PhD
Table 4Impact of Ryan White support on health status and social needs of infants and children
Keith Krasinski, MD, Susan Abramowitz, PhD, Nessa Obten, CSW, Phillip Alcabes
The following abstracts have been withdrawn by the authors:
A national HIV prevention dissemination project for juvenile justice settings: preliminary findings
Regina Marie Firpo-Triplett, MPH, CHES, Julie Taylor, Barbara Collins, MA, Lisa Unti-Bruce, MPH, Marcy Lopez, Karin Coyle, PhD
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