3190.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

HIV/AIDS Round Table Session II

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Presider(s):April L. Winningham, MHS, DrPH(c)
Part 1 
Table 1Evolution of HIV/AIDS "policy communities": 1984-2000
David Abramson, MPH
Table 2Assessment of the role and effectiveness of Title I HIV Health Services Planning Councils in creating responsive HIV/AIDS service systems: A study of advances in HIV therapies
Michael DeMayo, MPH, Paul Harder
Table 3Access to care: The impact of the aging epidemic on the Medicare and Ryan White CARE Act programs
Mary R. Vienna, RN, BSN, MHA, Randy Graydon, Emily DeCoster, MPH
Table 4Integrating HIV/AIDS funding and services in Palm Beach County, Florida
Paul A. Moore, MSW
Part 2 
Table 1Individual level patterns of syringe exchange use
David C. Perlman, MD, Chau Trinh, MS, Patricia Friedmann, MS, Ann Nugent, MS, Leslie Horn, MPH, Nadim Salomon, MD, Drew Kramer, Don C. Des Jarlais, PhD
Table 2Reaching drug injectors: HIV testing in a mobile needle exchange program
Richard A. Stevens, MPH
Table 3Access to sterile needles among young intravenous drug users in New Orleans
John L. Clayton, MPH, Laurence Chabirand, MPH, Gabriel Wishik, MPH, Leann Myers, PhD, Ed Morse, PhD, Patricia Simon, PhD, Tom Farley, MD, Patricia Kissinger, PhD
Table 4Needle exchange programs: The issue of indirect sharing of injection paraphernalia
Antonio L. Estrada, PhD, MSPH, Barbara Diane Estrada, MS
Part 3 
Table 1Clinical tutorials -- you can take the mountain to Muhammed, but......
Susan L. Fulmer, MPH, MS, CSPP
Table 2Evaluating the impact of an HIV prevention counseling training for health care and social service providers
Jessica L. Merron, MPH, Polly Hill O'Keefe, MSS, Linda Samost, Thomas M. DeMelfi, BS
Table 3Connections: A cross-training initiative (HIV/AIDS, TB, infectious diseases, alcohol and other drug abuse)
Virginia Bourassa, MA, Marvena Simmonds, Jerry K. Shirah, Donna Gold
Part 4 
Table 1First things first: HIV risk reduction in the context of daily life
Danielle German, MPH, Kirk Elifson, PhD, Claire Sterk, PhD
Table 2Getting left behind: Women and the effort to find a preventive HIV vaccine
Pamela Brown-Peterside, PhD
Table 3More than the PAP Smear: Cervical cancer screening, treatment and follow-up in a community-based clinic
Erika Aaron, CRNP, Anderson Lisa, MD
Table 4Invasive cervical cancer in women with AIDS in New York City
Mary Ann Chiasson, DrPH, Karen Kelley, MPH, Alfreda Torbert, MS
Part 5 
Table 1Special Projects of National Significance Program: 34 model projects improving integration of HIV services for under served and vulnerable populations
Peter Messeri, PhD, M. Lyndon Haviland, DrPH, Barbara Aranda-Naranjo, PhD, Richard Moore
Table 2Models of care for families living with HIV infection and their uninfected children
Carolyn Burr, EdD, RN, Sandra Y. Lewis, PsyD
Table 3Applying international health models to the rural United States: The case of AIDS care in Maine
Rebekah S. Lewis
Table 4The CareTeam Model: An effective approach for engaging the faith community in HIV prevention
Michael P. Kennedy, MGA, CHES
Part 6 
Table 1Use of a consumer advisory group in an HIV/AIDS treatment adherence, health outcomes and cost study
Karina K. Uldall, MD, MPH, Victoria L. Harris, MD, MPH
Table 2Successes and challenges of two patient advisory models
Kathryn Whetten-Goldstein, PhD, MPH, Trang Quyen Nguyen, BS
Table 3The patient advisory group in the inner city
Christine Rollet, CSW
Table 4Coordinating consumer representation across eight study sites
Phil Meyer, LCSW
Part 7 
Table 1It takes two to tango: Understanding the impact of African American men's sense of self in relation upon HIV risk reduction among urban heterosexual couples
Leslie M. Pereira, MSW, Nabila El-Bassel, PhD, Susan Witte, MSW, Louisa Gilbert, MSW
Table 2Relationship between self-assessed HIV risk, self-reported risk behavior, and HIV seroprevalence in a male-to-female transgender population
Cathleen C. Bemis, MS, Paul A. Simon, MD, MPH, Cathy J. Reback, PhD, Bobby Gatson
Table 3Transgenders, HIV/AIDS, and substance abuse: From risk group to group prevention
Nina Kammerer, PhD, MPH, Theresa Mason, PhD, Margaret Connors, PhD, Rebecca Durkee
Part 8 
Table 1Building a national educational campaign to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and older adults
Kathleen M. Nokes, PhD, RN, Nathan L. Linsk, PhD, Andrea Rae, PhD, Jim Campbell, BS
Table 2Sources of HIV prevention information for high-risk people
Lynda Sagrestano, PhD, Renate Heiss-Wendt, Mark Kittleson, PhD, Ainon Mizan, PhD, Paul Sarvela, PhD
Table 3HIV prevention outreach: Just a phone call away
Dorith Hertz, MPH, Drew Johnson, Harold Rasmussen, Shanna Livermore, Christine Heusner, MA
Table 4Dilemmas for indigenous community health workers in HIV disease: Proximity to risk--an occupational requirement and a work site hazard
Jean Flatley McGuire, PhD
Part 9 
Table 1HIV risk assessment and TB prevention: A strategy for successful integration
Denise C. O'Connor, RN, MS, Richard Stevens, MPH
Table 2HIV/AIDS and TB by demographic subgroups in California: A spatial co-morbidity study
Farzaneh Tabnak, PhD, Maya Tholandi, MPH, Janice Westenhouse, MPH, Linda Johnson, Richard Sun, MD, MPH
Table 3HIV-positive close contacts to persons with infectious tuberculosis (TB)
Suzanne Marie Marks, MPH, MA, Zachary Taylor, MD, Noreen Qualls, DrPH, Robin Shrestha-Kuwahara, MPH, Maureen Wilce, MS
Part 10 
Table 1Factors predicting the receipt of medical care for HIV positive homeless individuals
Jill M. Jacobsen, PhD, Kim Y. Evans, MHS, Faye E. Malitz, MS
Table 2Analyzing the impact of homelessness on met and unmet needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco
Laura Thomas, MPH, MPP, Michael DeMayo, MPH
Table 3HIV prevention for homeless mentally ill men in the midsouth
J. Gary Linn, PhD, Baqar A. Husaini, PhD, Kwabena A. Poku, PhD, Mary Jazzabi, BSN, Joseph Mangunsong, BSN
The following abstracts have been withdrawn by the authors:
Factors associated with reporting of AIDS, HIV and other STDs by primary care physicians in the USA
Danuta Kasprzyk, PhD, Daniel E. Montaņo, PhD, Janet S. St. Lawrence, PhD, William R. Phillips, MD, MPH, Keira A. Armstrong, BS
Mexican sexual culture versus dominant health education methods: What should change, the culture or the methods, in order to ensure effective HIV prevention?
Hector Carrillo
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