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L.A. Care Health Plan
Group dynamics: The relationship between provider group structure and patients' ratings on services central to the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model
Does form follow function?: Provider group structure as a driver of HEDIS quality of care measures in a large urban Medicaid health plan
Ensuring 'the cupboard's not bare': Assessing adequacy of resources for statistical consulting in health plans and agencies serving vulnerable populations
Using annual CAHPS surveys to determine the health information needs, challenges, and preferences of older patients in a large Medicaid health plan, 2006-2012
Anonymity practices in health care surveys: The dilemma of how to protect respondent privacy without stifling feedback from patients
Navigating managed care: Assessing quality of services reported by patients with disabilities, transitioned from Medicaid fee-for-service (FFS) into a large urban Medicaid managed care plan
When one size doesn't fit all: Methods for assessing overall quality of healthcare services to seniors in a large and diverse Medicaid health plan using CAHPS data, 2006-2012
Peer-led motivational interviewing to maximize physical activity and healthy eating outcomes in low-income communities
Bridging quality of services between old and young: Developing a broad-spectrum measure of age-related disparities using CAHPS surveys within a large and diverse Medicaid health plan, 2006-2012
Speaking of language access: Interpreter requests and availability -- impact on patients' ratings of healthcare quality in a complex provider network, within a large and diverse Medicaid health plan, 2011
Lake Cumberland District Health Department
Lead Safe America Foundation
Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research in Agriculture and Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Lisa Nicoll Productions in Association with The Social Dimensions of Health Institute ( Dundee University)
Livingston Parish Mosquito Abatement District
Loma Linda University
You're not just getting older: You're getting better
Beliefs about complementary and alternative medicine in HIV-infected black women using the theory of planned behavior
Association between acculturation and binge drinking among Asian-americans
Nature versus nurture: A case for renal cell carcinoma
Growing the public health work force in san bernardino county high schools
Stop the madness: Family violence is more than a family problem
Parents in: Childhood obesity out
Partnering with the Adventist development and relief agency (ADRA) to access needs in northern Laotian villages
Service learning as a prevention strategy for alcohol use among adolescents
Community health workers in the clinical setting: Are we ready to take a leap?
Childhood obesity and risk of asthma: The enrrich project
Hookah waterpipe: More prevalent than the cigarette among community college students
A public health approach to street medicine
Stopping Tobacco Industry Tactics (STINT)
Best food forward: One community's strategies for steering the food environment towards health
Environment, Lifestyle or Genes? Modeling Health Determinants – Implications for Research, Practice and Policy
Health Determinants - Epigenetics and an Integrative Model for Public Health
Lifestyle Factors and Public Health
Promoting public health careers in a diverse undergraduate student population
Using CBPR results to advocate policy development in an environmental justice community: The enrrich project
Building from the inside: Clinic board of directors development
Using a community participatory approach to assess health through a water, sanitation and hygiene sustainability project
A parent focused intervention of school age children aimed to promote healthy lifestyles of hispanic families
Coffee consumption, caffeine and self-reported parkinson's disease in the adventist health study-2
Goal 4 health: Bringing the focus back to the community
Perceived needs and concerns of residents in a rail yard community: The enrrich project
Obesity. where individual and environmental context converge
Vegetarians have a lower risk of obesity than non-vegetarians in high and low obesity environments
Addressing childhood obesity and physical inactivity through a health curriculum designed for and by a community soccer league
Using a community-based participatory approach to build sustainable water and sanitation infrastructure to improve health status of northern laotians
Goal 4 health: Encouraging synergy for family health
Building sustainable water and sanitation infrastructure to improve health status of northern laotians
Loma Linda University School of Public Health
Loma Linda University School of Public Health and Cancer Registry of Greater California
Long Beach VA Medical Center & UC Irvine
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
Provider's help/encouragement and breastfeeding practices in Los Angeles County (LAC): Findings from the 2010 Los Angeles Mommy and Baby (LAMB) survey
Los angeles county probation youth community transition project
Understanding the factors increasing cesarean delivery and impacting quality care
Ecological associations of alcohol outlet density with drunk driving and underage drinking between latinos and whites in los angeles county (LAC)
Alzheimer's disease mortality and lost productivity among adults aged 40-64 years, 1999-2008
Knowledge of daily calorie recommendations is associated with lower consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages
Patterns of sexual experience among an urban sample of Latino and African-American 9th grade students
Evaluation of a public health media counter-advertising campaign about sugary drinks in los angeles county, 2012
Disease registry tracking shows clinically-significant improvements in quality measures for patients enrolled in a community diabetes self-management program, 2003-2009
Evidence of the impact of California's 2007 smokefree vehicle law
Depression and substance use among LGB public health clinic patients in los angeles county, CA, 2012
Changing trends in assault lethality in los angeles county
Use of a gun prevalence proxy measure to examine the spatial distribution of homicide in urban los angeles county, 2000-2009
Suicides in los angeles county 1990 - 2010: Changing trends in demographics and injury mechanism, a county perspective
Pre-pregnancy obesity and the initiation/duration of breastfeeding in los angeles county
Reducing tobacco use among special populations: Workplace tobacco control interventions in health and human service agencies
Disparities in completion of substance abuse treatment among Asian and Pacific Islander subgroups in Los Angeles (LAC)
2020 healthy pets healthy families: Engaging the community in one health
Using qualitative data to develop a health navigation intervention for improving engagement and retention in HIV care among recently released HIV-positive jail inmates
Preterm and low birth weight births among u.s. and foreign born mothers: Results from the los angeles mommy and baby (LAMB) project, 2010
Lessons learned and impact simulations of local obesity prevention strategies in los angeles county
Trends and disparities in childhood obesity among 5th grade students in los angeles county, 2005-2011
Marijuana as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs among medical marijuana users from a cluster-based sample of dispensaries in los angeles county (LAC)
Adopting healthy food procurement strategies to improve nutrition in city of los angeles government food service environments
Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center/Case Western Reserve University-Masters of Public Health Program
Louisiana Public Health Institute
Smoke-free laws and smoking prevalence in the United States, 1998-2010
Legal requirements and policy development: Barriers and obstacles to health information exchange
Linkage and retention in HIV care: Lessons learned from the Louisiana positive charge access to care initiative
Implementing sexual health education policies and programs in challenging environments
Evaluating a new school food authority in new orleans: Implications for school-based nutrition
Enhancing care coordination through HIE with use of emergency department & inpatient notifications
Measuring the impact of school based health centers on student outcomes: An evaluation of school health connection in new orleans
Empowering communities through data democratization
Healthy stores: The 4Ps of food, alcohol, and tobacco in new orleans, la
Efficacy of mental health services at school based health centers as a long-term violence prevention strategy
Tobacco normalization and combustible smoking susceptibility among youth in Louisiana
Can high healthcare costs be reduced? Empirical evidence from community hospitals
Developing a comprehensive school wellness policy as part of a coordinated school health program
Directing funding towards school wellness coordinators vs. school wellness programming
Using appreciative inquiry to engage community members in a health needs assessment
Txt4health mhealth campaign: Assessing the health belief model
Comprehensive health assessments to identify disparities and guide community capacity building in the aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill
Unleashing the innovative and transformative power of open source health informatics information technology
Creating sustainable system-level community change through health information technology
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - New Orleans
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans
Louisiana State University, School of Medicine, New Orleans
Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness, Center for Health Equity
lublin Institute of Rural Health / Centre for Radiobiology and Biological Dosimetry, Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw