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Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health
Wake Forest School of Medicine
Public health impact of local immigration enforcement policies: Assessing barriers to health services among immigrant latinos in North Carolina
Examining the role of place and community-based participatory research (CBPR) in the development and implementation of health interventions for latinos: A qualitative systematic review
Methods in Occupational Health Surveillance
Work organization and health among immigrant women: Latina manual workers in North Carolina
Oral health and hygiene among preschool age children from migrant and seasonal farmworker families
Is impaired olfactory function an early warning sign for health effects of pesticide exposure in Latino farmworkers?
Using CBPR for participant retention in a prospective study of the neurological effects of occupational pesticide exposure in farmworkers
Dissolvable tobacco test marketing in three u.s. cities
A social network intervention to improve the sexual health and promote HIV testing among Latino sexual minorities
Mental health literacy and psychiatric screening during routine visits in a student run clinic for uninsured residents in North Carolina
Food insecurity and barriers to food access among Latino migrant and seasonal farmworker families with young children
Sedentary and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity among preschool-aged Latino children in farmworker families
Does social support buffer the relationship between stressors and alcohol use?: Findings from immigrant sexual minority latinos in North Carolina
Hombres: Por un cambio: Intervention process and outcome findings
HIV treatment delays among immigrant latinos: Testing a model for social influence and trust
Si no hay bebidas, no hay fiesta: A qualitative exploration of alcohol use among immigrant sexual minority latinos in North Carolina
Building infrastructure for community-linked health research: Focusing on the food environment in North Carolina
Walden University
Psychosomatic factors in ischemic heart disease in women: Perceptions of health-related quality of life, psychosocial stress, and functional capacity
Abuse of college students with disabilities
Association between food insecurity and diabetes complications
Acculturation and childhood obesity among immigrant nigerian children in northern California
A management model for a chronic disease called addiction
Effect of late reporting and diagnosis on disproportionate HIV/AIDS mortality in African American women
Targeting difficult to engage populations through a community health worker model
Association between malaria prevalence and housing structures in the bondo district of Kenya
Role of literacy and education in global health: A study of India
Knowledge, attitude, and lifestyle practices on primary prevention of dementia
HIV/AIDS knowledge among senior secondary school students in Nigeria: A rural-urban difference
Single mothers' efforts to reduce their under-five child mortality: Influence of poverty &hunger, education and women empowerment
HIV-positive parents disclosure-related preparation activities in Kenya
Radon contaminated drinking water from private wells: An environmental health assessment Examining a rural Colorado mountain community's exposure
Relationship between knowledge, perceived risk, and influenza vaccine uptake in health science students
Making effective use of employee vaccination data to improve health care workers seasonal influenza vaccination rates in a large healthcare system in San Diego
Walnut Way Conservation Corps.
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center/Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
Washington University in St. Louis
Defining evidence
Finding evidence
Wrap-up Q&A Discussion
Using concept mapping to design an integrated framework for mobility for older adults
Transportation and urban planning: Involvement in state planning for active living
Exploring the effects of goal congruence and resource dependence on active living collaborative members' perceptions of success
Physical Activity Policy Research Network: Where we've been and where we're going
Moving towards the future: Complete streets policy in the u.s
Identifying factors influencing implementation of evidence-based practices for cancer prevention and control in community health centers (CHCs): Development of a multi-state CHC survey
Economic abuse in the lives of survivors of intimate partner violence: Provider and survivor perspectives
Does outdoor physical activity in st. louis, Missouri, differ by neighborhood socio-economic status?
Resources for best practices in decision making in US local health departments: Variation across program area
Effectiveness of built environment interventions by season using web cameras
Lessons learned from a community-university-school district partnership implementing environmental and policy physical activity interventions in rural Missouri
Whose responsibility is it anyway? an examination of municipal officials' perceptions of their roles in addressing climate change
Perceptions of the built environment influence support for local physical activity policies
Addressing childhood obesity through state legislation: A review of bills across the u.s., 2010-2012
Effects of neighborhood social and structural characteristics on intra-ethnic disparities in youth violence among latinos
Seeking Best Practices: A Conceptual Framework for Planning and Improving Evidence-Based Practices
Framework use in assessing chronic disease prevention interventions
Institute of medicine report: Physical activity and physical education in the school environment
All policy is local: Public health professionals' experience with shaping the built environment
Washington University School of Medicine, Division of Public Health Sciences
Wayne State University Law School
Wayne State University School of Medicine
City of Detroit health department transition to a private non-profit instutitue for population health
Examining the impact of timing and frequency of HIV prevention program implementation during early and middle adolescence on protection knowledge and behavior
Cultural orientation, acculturation, social capital, and condom use among Chinese internal migrants
Reducing health disparities through public health training of medical students: The "bridges to equity" program
Violence against Chinese female sex workers from their stable partners: A hierarchical multiple regression analysis
Unprotected sex with their clients among low-paying female sex workers in Southwest China
Are information sources associated with the HIV-related knowledge among low-paying female sex workers in China?
Fear of low-paying female sex workers and its implications in HIV prevention
Identifying adverse drug events after discharge from a community hospital
Developmental patterns of alcohol use among Chinese adolescents: A longitudinal study
Influence of sensation-seeking and parental and peer influences in early adolescence on risk involvement through middle adolescence: A structural equation modeling analysis
A qualitative analysis on health service seeking behaviors among newly diagnosed HIV positive men who have sex with men in China
Gift of Life MOTTEP and the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion: Presumed Consent the Global Initiative
Gift of :Life : Presumed Consent
Vicious circle of perceived stigma, enacted stigma and depressive symptoms among children affected by HIV/AIDS: A cross-lagged model
Weill Cornell/ The Rockefeller University/ Sloan-Kettering Institute Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program
Weill Medical College of Cornell Univeristy
Wellness Management and Recovery Coordinating Center of Excellence
West Baton Rouge Mosquito Abatement Program
West Virginia University
Governing Councilor Meeting 1
Governing Councilor Meeting 2
MCH Section Leadership Orientation
MCH Section Leadership Meeting
MCH Fellows Orientation
ATMCH Student Faculty Breakfast
Keeping Children & Families Safe Through Gun Violence Prevention: MCH Advocacy, Policy, & Practice
ATMCH Business Meeting
Adolescent and Young Adult Health Committee Meeting
Child Care Committee Meeting
Improving Pregnancy Outcomes Committee Meeting
SIDS/Infant Mortality Committee Meeting
MCH International Health Committee Meeting
MCH Section Membership Meeting
MCH Journal Editorial Board Meeting
MCH Section Social Hour
Breastfeeding Committee Meeting
MCH Section Program Planning Committee
Evaluation of a nurse and midwife delivered 5As prenatal smoking cessation program in rural communities
A view from the field: Implementation, evaluation and sustainability of comprehensive school physical activity programs
Using concept mapping to design an integrated framework for mobility for older adults
Health Services Research in Obstetrical and Well-Child Care
MCH program evaluation for infants and children
Exploring the effects of goal congruence and resource dependence on active living collaborative members' perceptions of success
Prevalence of botanicals used as medicine in the United States: A systematic review
Maternal and Child Health Policy and Finance
Health Services Research: Poster Session
Parental support for physical activity in rural and non rural boys and girls
Community-based physical activity programs in rural settings: Implementation and evaluation findings
Martha May Eliot Luncheon
Social Determinants of Maternal & Child Health Poster Session
Martha May Eliot Forum: Advocating for Our Children: Keeping Them Healthy, Safe, & Happy
Adolescent caffeine use and violence: A gender-specific exploration
Are vegetarian Asian Indians at lower risk for diabetes and metabolic syndrome than non-vegetarians?
Improving health access and health education for individuals and families in supportive housing
Fostering Healthy Kids: Discussions on Health, Safety, and Nutrition in Child Care
Shanghai, China: Use of a research-based physical education curriculum
Integrating prior knowledge into statistical models using directed acyclic graphs with application to the longitudinal association between life satisfaction and violent and aggressive behavior
Evaluation of a West Virginia health benefit exchange
Intimate partner violence in Appalachia: Associations with physical and mental health outcomes
Breastfeeding and childhood obesity: Analysis of a linked longitudinal study of Appalachian children
Linking parent perceptions of children's weight to early coronary risk factors: Results from the cardiac study
Maternal and Child Health Town Hall Meeting: ACA Implementation and MCH: Brainstorming Strategies to Ensure a Smooth Transition
Current Issues in Adolescent & Young Adult Health
Effective media-public health collaboration in a public health emergency: Soaring obesity and chronic disease rates
New Innovations and Initiatives in Maternal and Child Health Program Evaluation
Social Determinants in Maternal and Child Health
Health Services Research: Care of Infants & Children
Reducing the rural tobacco burden through state and academic partnerships
All policy is local: Public health professionals' experience with shaping the built environment
Lost in translation: The role of community research associates in community based participatory research in rural WV
Policy & finance of obstetric and newborn care programs
MCH Program evaluation for pregnant women
WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention, Deakin University and the Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji National University
Winooski Coalition for a Safe and Peaceful Community
Wisconsin Clearinghouse, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection
Women's Equity in Access to Care and Treatment (WE-ACTx)