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Maine Department of Health and Human Services Division of Population Health
Massachusetts Association of Community Health Workers
Massachusetts Association of Health Boards (MAHB)
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Public Health and Medical Response to the Boston Marathon Bombings from the Perspective of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Small-area estimation on current asthma prevalence among adults in Massachusetts using BRFSS survey data
Creating a state certification program for community health workers
Influenza vaccination of healthcare personnel in Massachusetts hospitals
Gaining traction: What Massachusetts has done to move the needle on childhood obesity
Massachusetts Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund: Implementation Strategy
Barriers to use of workers' compensation for patient care at Massachusetts community health centers
Collection and recording of patient occupation information in the EHR: A pilot project in a primary care setting
Enrolling the Uninsured under ACA: Maximizing the Role of Health Education Specialists
Organizing a chw training program: Lessons from Massachusetts health reform
Public/private partnership to address healthcare associated infections
Decomposing geographic disparities in health and health behaviors to inform community interventions
Supporting Health Data Needs for Community Driven Change
Lessons from experiences of improvement advisors in a statewide malpractice and safety project
On-the-job exposure to environmental tobacco smoke among Massachusetts workers
Employment of middle school students: Findings from the Massachusetts youth health survey, 2009
Using data to guide occupational injury prevention strategies for young adult hispanic workers in Massachusetts
Identifying geographic areas and area-based characteristics associated with high work-related injuries among teens in Massachusetts
Private, Public and Inter-Departmental Partnership Approaches to Health Impact Assessment
Using Health Impact Assessments to Enhance Transportation Policy: Grounding McGrath
Thinking outside of the box: Innovative approaches to CHW training
Decreasing health disparities in alcohol and other drug initiation
A systems approach to implementing and supporting culturally and linguistically appropriate health services at the Massachusetts department of public health
Massachusetts Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Programs
Translating chw asthma interventions from research to sustainability (please note, this presentation is envisioned as an entire oral session with four presenters)
Assessment of the capacity of local health departments to address the health impacts of climate change in Massachusetts
A View from the Health Policy Commission
Using electronic health record to drive quality improvement in blood pressure control and other million hearts measures for disparate populations
Risks of occupational safety and health hazards among home care aides
Addressing asthma health disparities: Results of a hybrid model linking clinics and coalitions
A collaborative approach to local and state regulatory change in tobacco laws with limited resources
Evaluation of linking actions for unmet needs in children's health (LAUNCH) in Massachusetts' pediatric primary care practices: A mixed methods study of integration of early childhood mental health services into a medical home model
Building healthier communities: An evidence-based training model to increase effective cross-sector collaboration
Assessing disparities in infant safe sleep practice by maternal WIC status in Massachusetts
Risk management and improvement science – lessons learned from Massachusetts' response to the New England compounding center multi-state fungal meningitis outbreak
SBIRT in Massachusetts
Leveraging serious reportable events to drive regulatory quality improvement initiatives at the Massachusetts department of public health
Aligning quality agendas to drive system-wide transformation
Rethinking local health department (LHD) roles in the safety net under health care reform: The central role of community health workers (CHWs)
Use of multiple data sources to enumerate work-related amputations and carpal tunnel syndrome in Massachusetts, California, and Washington
Critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) screening practices and plans to implement routine pulse oximetry screening among Massachusetts hospitals and birth centers
Pregnancy-associated mortality review in Massachusetts: Using the health impact pyramid to address social and health care disparities
Creation of medical orders for life sustaining treatment: Health care reform
Speed limits and health
Exploring strengths of an interdisciplinary team in case management of young families in Massachusetts
Local public health information: Who wants to know what?
Can quality improvement models work on a community level?
Measuring and maximizing walk to school potential: A data-driven approach to safe routes to school programming
Implementing SBIRT in batterer intervention settings using group motivational interviewing strategies
Maternal WIC participation improves breastfeeding rates: A statewide analysis of WIC participants
Meeting community health needs through environmental labs
Connecting communities and the state lab in MA
Model partnership approaches for community breastfeeding support: Making "the healthy choice the easier choice"
Federal and State Asset Coordination, Recovery, and Mental Health
New Approaches to Exposure Assessment
Safe patient handling activities in Massachusetts hospitals
Why are needlesticks and other sharps injuries occurring in home healthcare?
Implementation of the Massachusetts Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund: Strategy, Progress, and Challenges
Assessing availability of healthy options in food stores to guide community transformation grant activities in Massachusetts
Insurance type and racial and ethnic disparities in ED mortality among trauma patients in Massachusetts (2008-2010)
Massachusetts Institue of Technology (MIT)
Massachusetts Institute of technology
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
Maternal and Child Health Consortium of Chester County
Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry - Temple University
Mayors Against Illegal Guns
MCPHS University School of Optometry
Medela and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Medical College of Wisconsin
Genetics and genomics education at accredited schools and programs of public health
Shared service arrangements among local and tribal health departments in Wisconsin
Raw down: HIV risk among adolescent gang members
Innovative approaches to HIV treatment: Successes and challenges
Do demographics alone predict HIV testing behavior among rural malawians?
Intangible costs and benefits of short-term medical experiences in the Dominican Republic
Violence prevention initiative: A public health approach to reducing violence in milwaukee
Around the corner to better health: Cultivating healthy corner stores in milwaukee
Early childhood trauma among adolescent gang members
Policy lessons from interventions to improve school meal nutrition: A literature review
Lessons learned in building a website to deliver online interventions for public health
Moving beyond data collection: Community coaching to move health improvement plans into action
Catching patients falling through the cracks of a hurried health care system: Opportunities and challenges for community-based pharmacists in HIV patient care
Increasing workforce diversity : Using social marketing to engage minority youth
Nuestros niños, nuestro futuro: Cognitive behavioral intervention for trauma in schools
Role of community irbs and research review committees in ensuring the ethics and integrity of CBPR
Housing access as HIV care and prevention -s/a
Do perceptions of neighborhood safety modify the effectiveness of an intervention to promote physical activity, a major correlate of obesity?
Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC)
Michigan State University
Modeling the diffusion of homicide by type through a mid-sized American city to inform public health prevention efforts
Effect of insurance status on all-cause and cancer-related survival in colorectal cancer
Alzheimer's disease mortality and lost productivity among adults aged 40-64 years, 1999-2008
Healthy eating and wellbeing among Somali, Cambodian, Mexican, and Sudanese immigrants and refugees in the u.s.: A focus group study
Using lean process improvement to develop a perinatal system of care for Medicaid insured pregnant women
Utilization of health and community services among pregnant women enrolled in Medicaid
Designing and completing an evaluation of the impact of a local 501c3 providing healthy evening meals to 4500 disadvantaged children in kent county, Michigan
Community partnerships to develop national standards and local capacity for training a high-quality personal home care workforce
Prenatal care to primary care: Understanding medical and psychosocial risk in Medicaid- insured pregnant women for transition to primary care
Developing and implementing a process, context, and outcome evaluation of a statewide community health worker alliance
Effectiveness of an academic asthma health education program on cognitive, psychosocial, and behavioral outcomes in older school-age students with asthma
Effects of a Medicaid home visiting perinatal program on maternal and child health: Who benefits the most?
Effects of a Medicaid home visiting perinatal program on infant injury
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Liberia
Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Ministry of Health of Turkey
Minnesota State University Mankato
Montana Public Health Association
Morehouse School of Medicine
Global health partnerships: Working towards the attainment of the millennium development goals-a global strategy with local implementation
Violence in America: Causes and solutions
Community-based participatory research: A framework for a quality parenting curriculum
Examining factors associated with the utilization of dental services and the awareness of increased oral cancer risks among newly, incarcerated adults in Georgia
HIV as a direct threat to others: Bringing policy in LINE with the objective medical evidence
Demonstration of health-systems change in medical education: Development of an interdisciplinary clinical experience and preliminary outcomes
APHA President Session: Universal Health Coverage: Achieving Global Health Equity
A National Perspective: The Health Reform Law Does Not Apply Equally to All Immigrants
Disability and “Race”/Ethnicity: Parallels, Intersections, Braiding the Strands
Implications of ready-to-use therapeutic foods for breastfeeding practices in Haiti: A qualitative study on lactating women at the canaan clinic in montrouis and rousseau, Haiti
A systematic comparison of breast cancer legislation & screening rates in the black belt
Mitigating mental health disparities in low socioeconomic children through effective parenting
In their own words: CHWs share what supports they need to engage communities in heart health practices
Break the cycle of children's environmental health disparities
Examining the role of non-governmental organizations: A case study of humanitarian assistance in Haiti
Assessment of rotavirus vaccine type and dosage on severity of disease
Mental health, risky sexual behaviors, and substance abuse amongst incarcerated African American men: A qualitative study
Mucosal antibody response in influenza infected children
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Chronic kidney disease and differential health outcomes among men and women in northwest Nicaragua
Oral health status, behaviors and knowledge among HIV-positive children in addis ababa, Ethiopia
Novel community-based hepatitis b screening program among African immigrants
This is my life, inspiring thoughts for stroke survivors: Patient narratives in the deserve intervention
Cognitive difficulty and race/ethnicity in the US. does nativity matter?
Nimict: Addressing poor recruitment and retention of minority and underserved populations in neurological clinical research
Communities IMPACT diabetes center's vision health toolkit: Utilizing lay health social service providers as messengers of vision health information
An immigrant diabetes disadvantage? diabetes among US versus foreign born immigrants in east harlem, New York
Diabetes among minority populations in New York City
An immigrant diabetes disadvantage in New York ethnic enclaves?
Health in hard times: Economic insecurity and cardiovascular incidence since the great recession in 3 countries
This is my life: Inspiring thoughts from stroke survivors
Healthy plate for a healthy weight: Engaging east harlem restaurants in the campaign against obesity and diabetes
Quantitative and qualitative assessments of malnutrition in children under 5 and barriers to effective nutrition from mother's perspectives in Madagascar
Active design in NYC: Multi-sector partnerships and community engagement strategies
Vision voice: An exploration of diabetes and vision loss in New York City's most affected neighborhoods
Under 21: Why we drink
Marital sexual behavior and HIV risk across 16 African countries
MultiCare Center For Healthy Living