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Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office
Teachers College, Columbia University and Icelandic Center for Social Research and Analysis. Reykjavik University, Iceland
Temple University
Better decisions together
Differences in health conditions afflicting Asian indians, Chinese, and non-hispanic whites in the United States, national health interview survey 2012
Interorganizational strategies to improve the delivery of HIV services to inmates: Lessons from a national multisite implementation study
Promoting cancer screening for Asian American populations
Public health law initiatives for injury control
Opening the black box: Role of theory on legal mechanisms of effect
Advancing the state of research designs used in injury control policy evaluation
Contextual factors related to HIV/STIs among heterosexually-active black adolescents with mental illnesses
Social impacts of concurrent sexual partnerships for formerly incarcerated Latino men
Advancing Public Health through Law: The George Project
Advancing Public Health through Law: The George Project
Novel Findings in Public Health Law Research and Evaluation
Reducing opioid overdose by changing law and policy
Ignoring patient needs by limiting Medicare home health social work coverage: The case of alzheimer's disease
Changing checkout: Implementing point of sales (POS) systems in Philadelphia corner stores
Factors that are correlated with girlfriends perpetrating non-physical dating violence against urban black men
Informal economy and the rise of sexual health risks for Latino bisexual men
Translating dementia research into home-based practice:
Professionalization of midwifery and its ramifications for midwife malpractice
Prescription opioid injection and HCV among young injection drug users
Caries management pathways (CaMPs): International caries classification and management system
District demographic characteristics not related to above average wellness policy scores in Minnesota
Symptoms and functional capacity as determinants of physical activity and body composition in adults with schizophrenia
Translating from research to public health policy: Strategies to make an impact
Finding a “common ground” to build the field of public health law research
Web-based data collection with adults who are homeless and sleep on the streets
Imperative inclusion of disaster mental health in preparedness exercises: Lessons learned
Growth and nutrition of rural children in dhrangadhra, India
Psychometric investigation of a newly developed survey to measure black men's risk of non-physical dating violence victimization perpetrated by a girlfriend
Nurse-led patient centered medical home effectiveness project
Variation in Health Care Topics Student Projects
Ten Times Ten--NYC
Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Rural Public Health
Texas A&M HSC School of Rural Public Health
Factors associated with weight loss pilot program among middle-aged and older minority adults with obesity or diabetes
Speaker characteristics influencing mammography screening commitment at friend-to-friend educational events
Learning Directly from the Experts: A Career Development Session
National growth and sustainability of the chronic disease self-management program (CDSMP): An incremental examination of delivery characteristics
National study of chronic disease self-management program (CDSMP): One year changes in health outcomes for older adults
Factors associated with successful completion of chronic disease self-management program (CDSMP) among Asian participants
Racial/ethnic variations in sexual behaviors, healthcare interaction characteristics, and HIV-related perceptions among adults age 60 years and older
Impact of a master gardener program on health outcomes among middle-aged and older adults: A pilot study
Use of patient reported outcome data for improving patient care in primary care practices: The mohr trial
Protective and risk factors for physical activity and falls among oldest-old adults enrolled in an evidence-based fall risk reduction program
Health indicators associated with falls among older women enrolled in an evidence-based program
Geocaching for exercise and activity research (GEAR): Exploring the physical activity aspects of a modern recreational activity
Effects of diabetes self-management programs on time-to-hospitalization among patients with type 2 diabetes: A survival analysis model
A fall prevention curriculum for community health workers: Bridging the information gap
Texas A&M University
Genomics web-based training for Texas health educators: Improved knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy, intention, and practice
Factors associated with self-reported barriers to colonoscopy among low-income/under-served patients in a family medicine setting
Community health workers educate at-risk hispanic residents on cancer prevention globally and locally
Children's gardening experience is associated with higher vegetable preference and intake
A sustainable community health worker model for training at-risk, disadvantaged populations in cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship
A cross-border model for cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship through the use of community health workers/promotores in the lower Rio Grande valley
Violence against Chinese female sex workers from their stable partners: A hierarchical multiple regression analysis
Envisioning a healthy future for children: Role of integrated child development services and anganwadi workers in health education and malnutrition in Mumbai, India
Global quality assurance of health education specialists: Considerations in certification
How to advocate for health education, while marketing the ches and mches credentials
Exploring the association of behavioral, physiological and inflammatory markers with glycemic control in Mexican americans with type 2 diabetes
Genetics/genomics education for health professionals: A systematic literature review
Genomic medicine: Taiwanese physicians' attitudes, intention, and self-efficacy
Correlates of elementary students in rural, low-income school districts meeting physical activity recommendations: A social ecological approach
Geocaching for exercise and activity research (GEAR): Exploring the physical activity aspects of a modern recreational activity
An evaluation of the effectiveness of the federal safe routes to school program using before-and-after data from four states
Community wayfinding: Pathways for public health policy and practice
A fall prevention curriculum for community health workers: Bridging the information gap
The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center
The Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health at The University of Chicago
The City University of New York - City College and Graduate Center
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
The George Washington University
Bridging the health it workforce gap: Development and outcomes of gw's interdisciplinary health It graduate certificate program
A senior exercise intervention using behavior change and preventive orthopedics
Lessons learned from organizations implementing income generation plus health education among indigenous guatemalan women artisans: Findings from a qualitative study
Surveillance of non-fatal injuries among workers in a pork processing facility in the midwest
Internet and ivr survey: Choice, engagement, data equivalency
Women's autonomy and the influence on female genital cutting in Eritrea
Immunological risk factors for HIV acquisition and transmission in post-menopausal women
Spectrum of Surveillance: from Electronic Health Records to Workers Compensation
Standardization and decomposition analysis: A useful analytical method for disparity studies
Hospital community benefit obligations: Implications for health centers, public health, and communities
Intersecting lives, intersecting health: Black/African American women's intersectionality and health through the prism of black/African American men's health
Translating Aging Research into Practice
Modeling interactions in latent transition analysis (LTA)
Assessing regional disparity in prevalence of poor psychosocial adjustment to illness among cancer patients in China
Lessons learned: A framework for HIV services for a transgender population in Thailand
Decriminalization of drugs in Portugal: Lessons for public health
Implementation and outcomes of a park prescription program in Washington, DC
Perception of slipperiness and prospective risk of slipping
Individual factors linked to experiences of health care discrimination among transgender people
Community benefits and Schedule H: Making the information useable
The Hershey Company
The Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area/Comal County Crisis Center
The Institute for Public Health Innovation
The Miriam Hospital, Division of Infectious Disease
The Monday Campaigns, Inc.
The Ohio State University
Mouthguard bites (Behavior, Impulsivity, Theory Evaluation Study): What drives mouthguard use among high school basketball and baseball/softball athletes
Prominent issues in women's health from girls to women
Innovative research on cancer prevention and control among women: Confronting and eliminating disparities (a joint session of the Cancer Forum and Women’s Caucus)
Learning from the voices of those in the trenches: Examining similarities and differences across public health issues and populations among women
Bearing the burden of disease: Health outcomes disproportionately impacting women
HPV vaccination among adolescent females from Appalachia: Who is getting vaccinated?
Effects of stress and self-efficacy on health-related quality of life among women with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome
Health Services Research in Obstetrical and Well-Child Care
Do long work hours impede the ability of workers to obtain preventive health care services?
HPV vaccination among a nationally representative sample of adolescent males
A health department-school partnership to boost HPV vaccination among middle school girls
Greg Alexander Outstanding Student Papers Session: Effects of Health Behaviors & Unmet Needs for Care on Women's & Children's Health
Epidemiology of family meals in Ohio: Comparing families with children to adult-only families
A path analysis of combat-acquired traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder and their relative associations with post-deployment binge drinking
Women and cancer: Persuasive health communication addressing cancer disparities (a joint session of the Cancer Forum and Women's Caucus)
Partner approval and intention to use contraception among women presenting for post-abortion care at mnazi mmoja hospital, zanzibar
Health impact assessment of affordable housing inspections in Ohio
Theoretical/methodological issues in population-focused nursing research
Translational research/evidence-based practice
Community characteristics associated with smoke-free park policies in the u.s
Clean Air, Clean Water, and Ecosystem Health Poster Session
Are comprehensive clean indoor air policies a tool for improving preconception health?
Impacting dietary behaviors of children from low income communities: An evaluation of a theory-based nutrition education program
Spatial, social and racial exploration of building code enforcement in toledo, Ohio
Clinical presentation patterns and settings for pediatric traumatic brain injury at one, large midwest children's hospital
Effect of substance abuse treatment on employment and crime outcomes
Evaluating true cost of pediatric traumatic brain injury by analyzing total charges across multiple clinical settings
Social Determinants in Maternal and Child Health
A standardized process for using 0*NET to estimate the association between work exposures and chronic disease occurrence
Integrative health risks associated with recreational water exposure to viral and bacterial contaminants at an Ohio freshwater beach
State legislation to address concussions in youth sports: Current status and future directions
Policy & finance of obstetric and newborn care programs
MCH Program evaluation for pregnant women
The Refuge Media Project
The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital, The Ohio State University College of Medicine
The University of Arizona College of Nursing
The University of North Carolina at Chapel HIll
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
The University of Texas at Austin
The University of Wisconsin-Madison
Thomas Jefferson University
Factors affecting decision to screen for colorectal cancer: A qualitative assessment
Determining the effectiveness of a decision aid for use in recruiting patients to a colon cancer vaccine trial
Best practices for analyzing real-world data: Comparing methodologies for imputing ethnicity in a high volume urban clinic
Community-based approaches to refugee mental health in Philadelphia
Multi-campus and multi-disciplinary student coalition: A unique opportunity for learning and service
Recruiting Latinas for a cancer screening intervention in an emerging community: Lessons learned
Strategies for implementing and evaluating SEPA-reads (Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Education Addressing Disconnects in Cardiovascular Communication)
Global health in medical education
Effectiveness of a clinic-based intervention to improve follow-up adherence to vision care in patients with diabetes
Predictors of eye care utilization in patients with diabetes: A retrospective analysis from a tertiary care center
Ensuring Ethical Community Engagement
College within the college (CwiC) – population health in medical education
Impact of diabetes on vision-related quality of life: Findings from a clinical trial of African-americans
Scleral buckling versus primary vitrectomy in patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment at high risk for failure to reattach
Training Health Educators to Serve as Catalysts to Enhance Health Literacy: Changing our Healthcare System and Educating Consumers
Community activation to enhance patient provider communication
Evaluating a comprehensive health literacy training program and a peer activation model
Implementing health literacy training in regional hospital systems
Teaching cultural humility and competency: The integration of self into the process
A randomized controlled trial of tailored navigation and standard intervention in colorectal cancer screening
Public Health Law and Medical Care Facilities: Community Benefits, ACOs, and Medical-Legal Partnerships
Medical-legal partnership: Innovative collaboration in a new healthcare environment
Tiroir A Films Productions
Tobacco Free Mass
Transportation, Planning, and Public Health Consultant
Tufts University
Tufts University School of Medicine
Honoring Victor W. Sidel, MD, and His Contributions To Public Health (organized by APHA, Medical Care Section, Peace Caucus, Socialist Caucus)
Physical activity correlates among adolescents with and without intellectual disabilities
Late Breaking Developments in Public Health
Nonverbal behaviors during expressions of resistance in provider-patient interactions about diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes: An integration with assessment of individual risk for heart attack
War, terrorism and public health
Challenges and barriers to preventive behaviors in Alaskan older adults: Evidence from a national survey
Medical Decision Making and Risk Communication in the Era of Web 2.0
Doctor as the second opinion, and the internet as the first
Impact of armed conflict on non-combatant civilians
Relationship between physical fitness, weight status and academic performance: Longitudinal evidence from one school district
Impact of a smarter lunchroom intervention on food selection and consumption among adolescents and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a residential school setting
Prescription drug (PD) misuse associated with increased risk of heroin-use
Role of fitness in racial disparities of weight status transition among elementary and middle school youth
Integration of evidence-based guidelines and transtheoretical model of change into mobile health app design
Great taste, less waste: A communication campaign to improve the quality of foods brought from home to school
SMS to increase adherence in diabetes patients in India
Topics in injury and violence
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Evaluation of a communication program on hepatitis B screening and vaccination among Vietnamese Americans
Is participation contagious? evidence from a household vector control campaign in urban Peru
Exploring the effects of goal congruence and resource dependence on active living collaborative members' perceptions of success
A holistic training approach to addressing environmental stressors on reproductive health: Lessons learned from the community health worker corps of the transdisciplinary research consortium for gulf resilience on women's health
Coding system: A source of variability in reported prevalence rates of atrial septal defect
Best practices for life course approach implementation at the state level: A culture shift
Using multiple methods to examine the association between food access, food purchasing and consumption patterns of new orleans residents
Perceptions of the built environment influence support for local physical activity policies
A comparison of the sex networks of drug using and non-drug using Latino migrant workers
Long-term impact of a disaster on a rural, underserved, community's health
Capacity building and access to essential medicines in the resource-limited settings: Policy tool of risk scoring of the WHO essential medicines
Long-term impacts of a disaster on overall community health: The healthcare provider perspective
Mental health concerns in a rural community post-disaster
Women's attitudes towards male circumcision for HIV prevention in turkana, Kenya
Stigma, mental health, and CD4 count among young HIV-positive women
Perspectives on emergency response from healthcare providers and community residents: Local disaster with global implications
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Louisiana Office of Public Health
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine; Universiteit Gent, Belgium