Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus of Public Health Workers

NOTE: Sessions listed in italics have been organized by another section, SPIG, or caucus but are cosponsored by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus of Public Health Workers.

Monday, November 13, 2000

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
3004.0Improving Prevention and Treatment ()
3005.0ACHP in Substance Abuse Treatment ()
3010.0Participation and Partnerships in HIV/AIDS Prevention ()
3017.0Prevention Efforts for Hepatitis A and B ()
3025.0Eliminating Barriers to Health Care: Serving the Medically Under-served ()
3027.0HIV Poster Session I: Adherence and Treatment Issues ()
3028.0HIV Poster Session II: Counseling and Testing ()
3037.0Innovative and responsive health promotion and education programs at the community level ()
3039.0Substance Use among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations ()
3062.0Breast and cervical cancer screening and education ()
3063.0Community-based strategies to prevent violence ()
3069.0The Next Generation: Public Health Social Work Education & Guidelines for Prevention ()
3070.0The Political Construction of Public Health ()
3071.0Balancing Health Disparities, Social Inequalities and Structural Inequities ()
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3078.0David vs. Goliath: Public Health Efforts to Counter the Alcohol Industry ()
3080.0Hepatitis C and ACHP: Options for Treatment and Management ()
3093.0Chiropractic Issues in Changing Health Care Environment ()
3103.0Epidemiologic Methods: Focusing on Health Disparities ()
3112.0What Do You Think? A Discussion Forum on Emerging Public Health Policy Issues ()
3116.0HIV/AIDS Round Table Session I ()
3130.0Mental Health Issues in Vulnerable Populations ()
3147.0Race/ethnicity and the Year 2000 census: implications for public health data (part 1) ()
3151.0Domestic Violence: Successful Interventions ()
3152.0Women's Health Movement: Then & Now (A National Women's Health Network Panel) ()
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
3161.0School-Based Substance Use Prevention: The State of the Nation ()
3163.0Syringe Access, Use & Discard: Context in AIDS Risk ()
3164.0Patterns of Alcohol Consumption and Implications for Policy ()
3165.0New Methods for Alcohol Problem Assessment and Intervention ()
3166.0Emerging Patterns in Alcohol-Related Problems ()
3173.0Substance Use Issues among Homeless Adults and Youth ()
3175.0Chiropractic Health Care ()
3190.0HIV/AIDS Round Table Session II ()
3195.0Impact of and Responses to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic ()
3198.0A New Millennium for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health: The 25th Anniversary Commemoration of the LGBT Caucus of Public Health Workers ()
3199.0Poster Session: Health Status and Disparities Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities ()
3219.0Faith communities as models in eliminating health disparities in HIV/AIDS among racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities ()
3222.0Innovative health education/health promotion strategies for diverse populations ()
3230.0Race/ethnicity and the Year 2000 census: implications for public health data (part 2) ()
3233.0Women's Health Movement: Then and Now II (A National Women's Health Network Panel) ()
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3237.0Women, Alcohol, And Violence ()
3240.0Prevalence and Risk Behaviors for HIV among Youth and Adults ()
3247.0HIV and Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) ()
3248.0HIV Disease: Health Care Coverage Issues ()
3265.0Federal initiatives to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health ()

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Tue
4018.0D.C's Women Health Initiative:Strategies for Change/ Issues of Cancer Screening, Diabetes and HIV AIDS Among African American Populations/ Religiosity in Coping & Healing ()
4030.0Women's Health ()
4039.0Behavioral Epidemiology of HIV ()
4040.0HIV and Adherence Issues ()
4047.0Health Issues Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth ()
4058.0Intimate Partner Violence and Mental Health ()
4059.0Mental health Issues in Jails and Prisons ()
4081.0HIV in Special Populations of Women: Adolescents, Older women and "No Risk" Group ()
4082.0Teaching social justice in public health: progressive pedagogy in action ()
4085.0Social Causes of Social Diseases ()
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Tue
4090.0Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Community-Based Participatory Research: Lessons Learned from the Urban Research Centers ()
4091.0Integrating theory and practice in public health education ()
4092.0Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm: Establishing and Enforcing Alcohol Policies ()
4095.0Making Treatment Work ()
4101.1The Changing Patterns of Drug Use ()
4101.4Factors Affecting Drug Use Poster Session ()
4116.0Socioeconomic Status and Race: Investigating Health Disparities ()
4118.0Addressing Hepatitis C at the Local Level ()
4129.0The 2000 Elections and Their Effect on the Healthcare Safety Net ()
4131.0Ancillary Services' Role in Improving Access to and Retention in HIV Primary Care: Part I ()
4132.0HIV Poster Session III: HIV/AIDS in International Settings ()
4139.0The Health of the Hispanic Woman. How are we doing? ()
4140.0Increasing Awareness of Transgender Health Concerns ()
4155.0Racial Disparities and Prejudice in Health Care, Education, & Employment ()
4159.0Panel: Women’s reproductive health, gender and human rights ()
4160.0Medicalized Menopause ()
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Tue
4164.0The Collaborative Injection Drug User Study (CIDUS 2): Parenterally and Sexually Transmitted Infection among Young Injection Drug Users ()
4166.0Research on Drinking Patterns in Special Populations ()
4167.0ACHP in Prevention and Treatment of HIV and AIDS ()
4198.0Public Managed Care Plans: Can They Make The Health Care Safety Net Safe? ()
4200.0Ancillary Services' Role in Improving Access to and Retention in HIV Primary Care: Part II ()
4206.0Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations ()
4214.0Community Interest and Private Need in Public Mental Healthcare ()
4223.0Part I: Understanding and addressing bias and its impacts on health disparities: From everyday affronts to institutional racism and hate crimes ()
4226.0Urban Men's Health ()
4233.0Femicide in America ()
4234.0Politics of Breast and Cervical Cancer ()
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Tue
4239.0Women's Use of Herbs and Dietary Supplements ()
4251.0Involving the Community in Health Planning ()
4262.1Culture, Race and Health Services for the Elderly ()
4265.0Eliminating Health Disparities Among Racial and Ethnic Groups: A Cultural Competence Approach (Part II) ()
4269.0Applications of Equity Measurement in the Health Sector ()
4276.0A North/South Dialogue on Women's Health and Social Justice: Crossing Cultural Borders with Nuestros Cuerpos Nuestras Vidas(Our Bodies Ourselves) ()
4277.0HIV Risk Behaviors and Prevention Strategies for Men Who Have Sex with Men ()
4284.0Eliminating Mental Health and Community Living Disparities ()
4290.0Part II: Understanding and addressing bias and its impacts on health disparities: From everyday affronts to institutional racism and hate crimes ()
4291.0HIV/AIDS prevention ()
4292.0Poster session VI: Addressing the health needs of diverse groups of women ()
4303.0Various Topics in Public Health Social Work ()
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Tue
4305.0Patterns and Progress in Syringe Exchange ()
4313.0HIV and Needle Exchange Programs ()
4314.0Understanding African American Female Adolescents' HIV-Associated Risk and Protective Behaviors: Implications for Prevention ()
4324.0Promoting effective health education through community involvement ()

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Wed
5005.0The Substance Abuse Treatment Study (SATS): A Developmental Analysis of Content, Process and Context ()
5021.0Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Poster Session II ()
5023.0Investigating Foodborne Outbreaks ()
5038.0HIV Poster Session IV: Behavioral Epidemiology ()
5039.0HIV Poster Session V: Youth Issues ()
5040.0HIV Poster Session VI: A Collection of Topics ()
5051.0Challenges in Organizing and Delivering Health Services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities ()
5062.0Stigma and Mental Health ()
5077.0Violence: Prevention, Treatment, & Reducing Recidivism ()
5081.0What Do Women Want? - Universal Health Care! Comprehensive Services! ()
5082.0Midlife Issues Across Class and Race ()
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Wed
5091.0Youth and Alcohol: Risks and Protective Factors ()
5098.0IDU and Sexual Risk Among Homeless Youth and Adults ()
5127.0Barriers to HIV/AIDS Services: Experiences of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People ()
5128.0Ryan White CARE Act Programs ()
5134.0From the Margins to the Mainstream: Increasing Visibility of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health ()
5155.0Re-examining the Links Between Social Justice And Public Health Nursing ()
5158.0Scientific Session X: School Violence Prevention: Programs and Strategies ()
5160.0Privatization in Public Health: Politics and Business as Usual? ()
5161.0More Highways, Bigger Stadiums, Gigantic Airports: Are We Building Private Wealth at the Cost of Public Health? ()
5165.0Women and HIV/AIDS ()
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Wed
5166.0Excellence in Public Health Practice-Based Curricula and Training ()
5167.0Commitment to Wellness: Recovering from Addictive Diseases and Mental Disorders ()
5170.0Impact of Managed Care on Treatment Outcomes ()
5200.0Priority Concerns in Lesbian Health ()
5217.0Scientific Session XIII: Promoting Family Life and HIV Education in Schools: Barriers to Overcome ()
5218.0Over 50 and Living with HIV ()
5221.0Women's Health: Issues and Ideas ()
5222.0Domestic Violence: An International Perspective ()
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Wed
5225.0Strategies for Treatment and Prevention of Alcohol Problems among Women ()
5226.0Substance Abuse Treatment Duration and Completion: What Matters? ()
5245.0Epidemiology Poster Session ()
5253.0Living with HIV Disease: Issues and Answers ()
5254.0HIV and Youth ()
5257.0Impact of AIDS on African Populations, Health Systems and Families ()
5282.0Promoting a Balanced Research Agenda to Inform Health Disparities: Moving Beyond Individually-Based Determinants of Health ()
5290.0Innovations in Diverse Populations: International & US ()
5293.0Poster VI: Sex, Violence Prevention, and HIV: Issues and Programs ()
5296.0Rape, Sexual Violence, and Survivorship ()
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Wed
5298.0Increasing Service to Indigent Substance Abusers ()
5300.0New Treatments for Alcoholism: Research Implications ()
5318.0Training and educating health education, health promotion, and health communication professionals of the future ()
5320.0Youth at Risk ()

Thursday, November 16, 2000

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Thu
6015.0Issues in Community Based Care (B) ()
6017.0HIV Disease in International Settings ()
6018.0Assessment and Capacity Building of HIV Prevention Program Evaluation ()
6028.0Violence prevention strategies ()
6030.0Health education/health promotion strategies and approaches for specific populations ()
6032.0Issues Effecting Selected Adolescent Populations ()

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