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American Public Health Association
133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 10-14, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
APHA 2005

Food and Nutrition

NOTE: Sessions listed in italics have been organized by another section, SPIG, or caucus but are endorsed by Food and Nutrition.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Mon
3026.0Evidence-Based Environmental Approaches to Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity: An Update on Projects in New Orleans (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3027.0The Gendered Experience of Food Choice (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3040.0Addressing Disparities in Pregnancy Outcomes: The Role of Evidence-based Policy and Practice (Oral)
3057.0School Wellness Policies (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
10:30 AM-11:30 AM Mon
3072.3Child Nutrition and Physical Activity At and Away from School (Poster)
3072.4Nutrition, Physical Activity and Chronic Disease (Poster)
10:30 AM-12:00 PM Mon
3104.0The Obesity Epidemic: Getting Beyond Individual Choice (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3119.0Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
12:30 PM-1:30 PM Mon
3140.0Chronic Disease Risk Factors Faced by Vulnerable Populations (Poster)
3141.0Community Assessment and Local Initiative to Promote Healthy Communities (Poster)
3142.0New Findings in Nutrition and Physical Activity for a Healthy Population (Poster)
3143.0The Role of Fruits & Vegetables in Chronic Disease (Poster)
2:30 PM-3:30 PM Mon
3252.0Innovations and Interventions in Health Education (Poster)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3273.0Healthier Meat & Milk, Fish and Families: Getting Beneficial Fats from Sustainable, Less Toxic Sources (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3279.0Partnering for Power: Community-based Approaches to Supporting Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3311.0Reaching the Hispanic Consumer (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3314.0Critical Elements in Planning School Prevention Programs (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4:30 PM-5:30 PM Mon
3345.0School Health Posters: Nutrition and Physical Activity (Poster)
3346.0School Health Posters: Obesity Prevention (Poster)
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
3356.0Diabetes and Obesity: The New Epidemic of the 21st Century (Roundtable)
3359.0The Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center: The Use of Innovative Partnership Approaches to Reduce Health Disparities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3366.0Communicating Healthy Food Messages to Kids through Media and School Food Environments (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3393.0Predictors of Dietary and Health Behaviors (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Tue
4006.0NET Worth: The impact of Nutrition Education using Technology (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4016.0Evidence of the Environment's Relationship to Health (Oral)
4027.0Battling Obesity: A Report from the States (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4060.0Healthy School Nutrition Environments (Oral)
12:30 PM-1:30 PM Tue
4092.0The Health of Latinos in the U.S (Poster)
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Tue
4119.0Built Environment Institute I: Improving Health by Fixing Our Everyday World - Built Environment Approaches to Preventing the Leading Causes of Death (Oral)
4121.0Nutrition and Food Safety Beyond Bacteria: Toxicants in the Food Chain (Oral)
4128.0State and Local Initiatives to Promote Healthy Lives (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4129.0The New WIC Food Package: What are the Next Steps? (Panel Discussion)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Tue
4204.0Keeping Older Americans Healthy and Independent: Responding to the Need, Acting on the Science (Oral)
4223.0Community Food Assessments: Tool for Public Health & Community Empowerment (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4224.0Emerging Strategies for Improving Child Nutrition (Oral)
4254.0Folic Acid Education and Promotion Programs Aimed at Various Targets (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4:30 PM-5:30 PM Tue
4267.0Beyond Survival: Promoting Infant and Child Well-Being (Poster)
4271.0Prevention and Intervention with Pregnant and Parenting Teens (Poster)
4272.0Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition Policy and Practice (Poster)
4273.0Improving Access to Maternity Health Services (Poster)
4274.0Infant and Child Health: Policy and Practice (Poster)
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Tue
4306.0Built Environment Institute II: Assessing The Urban Built Environment To Promote Physical Activity & Health (Oral)
4310.0What Can California Teach Us about Policy Interventions in Schools? (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Tue
4350.0Diabetes and Obesity: Prevention and Control of Nutrition-Related Diseases (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

8:30 AM-9:30 AM Wed
5019.0Evidence-based Approaches to Understanding and Improving Pregnancy Outcomes (Poster)
8:30 AM-10:00 AM Wed
5034.0Diabetes: Prevention and Management with Special Attention to Socioeconomic and Cultural Issues (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5042.0School Wellness Policy: Its Time Has Come! (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5057.0Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition Practices (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5071.0Challenges of Nutrition and Overweight for Today's Health Educator (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5075.0Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle in Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Wed
5091.0Community-Based Research Approaches to Diabetes and Domestic Violence (Oral)
5093.0Prevention Programs Addressing Childhood Obesity (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5105.0New Dietary Guidelines, My Pyramid & Implementation (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5106.0Race, Ethnicity and Social Status: Realities of Seeking Solution for the Underserved (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5120.0Preventing Youth Obesity through Nutrition and Physical Activity (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5122.0Evidence-based Policy and Practice: New Directions for Improving Pregnancy Outcomes (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5143.0Obesity and Physical Activity: Meeting the Challenge of the New Epidemic (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Wed
5160.0Innovations in Community Nutrition Assessment (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5187.0Reducing Children's TV Time to Reduce the Risk of Childhood Obesity (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]

The 133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition (December 10-14, 2005) of APHA