NOTE: Sessions listed in italics have been organized by another section, SPIG, or caucus but are cosponsored by Environment.

Monday, November 13, 2000

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
3001.0Minority Health Professions Pipeline: Developing Faculty and Practitioners ()
3003.0Monitoring and Countering Tobacco Industry Influence ()
3009.0Farmworkers and Border Health ()
3013.0Measuring Disability, Participation, and Environmental Factors ()
3014.0Homer N.Calver Lecture ()
3016.0Evaluation of Surveillance Systems and Their Impact ()
3033.0Injury surveillance and outcomes ()
3040.0Adolescent Behavior: Healthy Choices or Risky Attitudes? ()
3045.0Reducing Health Disparities: Social and Behavioral Factors in Treatment and Health Promotion ()
3051.0Research Priorities for Eliminating Occupational Health Disparities-Perspectives from the NORA Special Populations at Risk Team ()
3052.0Topics in Ergonomics ()
3054.0Occupational Stress: Our Experiences, the Lessons Learned, and the Way Forward, Part I ()
3056.0War and Public Health: "Collateral Damage" To Vulnerable PopulationsHealth Disparities ()
3057.0Reproductive Health Around the World--Part I ()
3058.0Reproductive Health Around the World--Part II ()
3059.0Reproductive Health in the United States ()
3061.0Stop the (Gender-Based) Violence ()
3063.0Community-based strategies to prevent violence ()
3070.0The Political Construction of Public Health ()
3071.0Balancing Health Disparities, Social Inequalities and Structural Inequities ()
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3075.0Refining and Validating Public Health Competencies ()
3076.0Training the Public Health Workforce Using Distance Learning Methods ()
3078.0David vs. Goliath: Public Health Efforts to Counter the Alcohol Industry ()
3098.0Women with Disabilities: Data to Interventions ()
3099.0Reducing Pesticide Exposure in Rural and Urban Settings Using Community-Based Research Designs ()
3100.0Urban Environmental Health Challenges: Communities in Action ()
3101.0Courts, Communities, Countries and Biochemistry: Environmental Protection's Challenge to the Law ()
3103.0Epidemiologic Methods: Focusing on Health Disparities ()
3120.0Malaria Control and DDT ()
3124.0Factors Influencing Perinatal and Childhood Mortality in the U.S ()
3125.0Current Issues in Rural Care ()
3127.0Health Effects of Welfare Reform: Towards a Research and Policy Agenda ()
3130.0Mental Health Issues in Vulnerable Populations ()
3131.0Ergonomics - Lessons Learned in Promulgating and Implementing Standards ()
3132.0Environmental Justice and Occupational Safety and Health ()
3133.0Training Issues in Occupational Health ()
3133.1Occupational Stress: Our Experiences, the Lessons Learned and the Way Forward, Part II ()
3135.0Widening Disparities in Health and Wealth: The Impact of Structural Violence on Some of Us More Than Others Part 1 ()
3136.0Who Is Speaking For The Trees? How Reproductive Health Fits Into Environmental Conservation Around The World ()
3139.0Issues and strategies for promoting health in worksite settings ()
3142.0Health Care Financing Administration-Sponsored Research: Promoting Women's Health Through Preventive Services ()
3145.0Issues & Consequences of Living in Fragile & Impoverished Families in America ()
3146.0Bioterrorism: Public Paranoia or Public Health Threat? ()
3147.0Race/ethnicity and the Year 2000 census: implications for public health data (part 1) ()
3149.0Vietnam Caucus: Scientific Session I ()
3151.0Domestic Violence: Successful Interventions ()
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
3159.0Innovations in Public Health Academic-Practice Linkages ()
3181.0Alcohol, Drugs, and Disability: Breaking the Silence ()
3182.0Beyond Equipment and Meds: The Imperative of Collaboration Across Housing, Schools, Public Health and Environment to Address Asthma ()
3183.0Recent Trends in Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Poster Session ()
3194.0The Epidemiology of Human Rights Abuses ()
3196.0Unions' Role in Eliminating Health Disparities ()
3199.0Poster Session: Health Status and Disparities Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities ()
3201.0Strategies for Violence Reduction in the Family and Community ()
3202.0Women's Health Watch: A Critique of Current Policies ()
3212.0The Impacts of Racism on the Health and Well-being of the Nation ()
3213.0Mental Health Poster Session I ()
3214.0Mental Health Poster Session II ()
3215.0Mental Health Poster Session III ()
3216.0Talking Heads: Occupational and Environmental Health Agency Leadership Panel ()
3218.0Widening Disparities in Health and Wealth: The Impact of Structural Violence on Some of Us More Than Others, Part 2 ()
3230.0Race/ethnicity and the Year 2000 census: implications for public health data (part 2) ()
3231.0Advances in Methodology (Special Student Paper Session) ()
7:00 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3235.0Social Capital and its Effects on Health ()
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3259.0Economic Studies of Patients' Preferences and Behaviors ()
3262.0Tradeswomen Speak Out: New Directions for Health and Safety in Construction ()
3262.1Internet Resources and the Digital Divide in Occupational Health: Health Disparities in Training and Protecting Workers ()
3263.0Sexuality Education Policy: By Ideology or Research? ()

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Tue
4002.0Industrial Animal Production and Academic Public Health: The Need for Collaboration ()
4008.0Environmental Tobacco Smoke Poster Session ()
4011.0Special Populations and Tobacco Poster Session ()
4012.0Tobacco Access and Media Poster Session ()
4014.0Public Health Programs for Special Populations in Native Communities ()
4019.0Federal Health-Care-for-the-Homeless Program: National client profiles and Boston's innovative outreach programs ()
4025.0Disability Surveillance ()
4026.0International Movement for Children's Environmental Health ()
4027.0The Climate Change Impacts on the United States National Assessment Project: What the Report Means to Our Health ()
4028.0Information By the People, for the People: An Accessible Environmental Health Education Tool for Brownfields ()
4031.0Policy and Interventions to Build a Healthy School Environment ()
4032.0Communicating Nutrition and Food Safety Information: The Challenge Before Us ()
4045.0Political Economy of Work Environment ()
4051.0Psychosocial and cultural factors in medical care and decision-making ()
4058.0Intimate Partner Violence and Mental Health ()
4059.0Mental health Issues in Jails and Prisons ()
4060.0Women's Experience, Work and Health ()
4061.0Addressing Health Disparities: Integrated Health Programs for Manufacturing Workers ()
4062.0Poster Session I ()
4063.0Poster Session II ()
4064.0Poster Session III ()
4065.0Poster Session IV ()
4068.0Reproductive Health and the Media ()
4069.06 Billion and Counting - What Does It Mean? ()
4070.0Management and Sustainability: Essential Components of Contemporary Public Policy ()
4072.0Environmental health risk communication and research ()
4077.0Environmental Health and Occupational Health Nursing ()
4082.0Teaching social justice in public health: progressive pedagogy in action ()
4085.0Social Causes of Social Diseases ()
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Tue
4090.0Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Community-Based Participatory Research: Lessons Learned from the Urban Research Centers ()
4091.0Integrating theory and practice in public health education ()
4101.1The Changing Patterns of Drug Use ()
4101.4Factors Affecting Drug Use Poster Session ()
4101.5National Tobacco Usage Poster Session ()
4109.0Reducing Health Disparities: Stories from a Region Without Borders ()
4111.0Urban Asthma and Community Health Worker Programs, Part I ()
4113.0Biotechnology and Public Health ()
4114.0Cost of Prevention: Finding & Using Cost Data in Policy Development ()
4115.0Health Care Provider Initiatives in Children's Environmental Health ()
4119.0Making a Difference in Child and Adolescent Nutrition - Environmental Influences ()
4135.0Global Health Equity- Developing Country Findings ()
4143.0The Uninsured: One Cure Does Not Fit All ()
4149.0Violence: A National Epidemic ()
4155.0Racial Disparities and Prejudice in Health Care, Education, & Employment ()
4159.0Panel: Women’s reproductive health, gender and human rights ()
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Tue
4163.0International Issues in Tobacco Control ()
4168.0Methods of Measuring Health Disparities ()
4177.0Multi-Site Contributions to Homelessness Prevention ()
4183.1Urban Asthma and Community Health Worker Programs, Part II ()
4185.0Endocrine disruptors: New science and new insights ()
4186.0Environmental Health: Core Competencies to Practice at the Local Level ()
4187.0Particulate Air Pollution: Re-Emerging Concerns and Public Health Protection ()
4196.0Managing a Changing Workforce: New Workers, Ethnic Diversity, and Staffing Reductions ()
4197.0Eliminating Health Disparities Among Racial and Ethnic Groups: A Cultural Competence Approach (Part I) ()
4205.0Nutrition and Food Safety among Latinos: Issues for the New Millenium ()
4206.0Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations ()
4211.0Public Health, APHA, and Corporate Influence: Is It a Slippery Slope? ()
4213.0From Global Economics to Global Budgets: Keeping the Public in Public Health; P. Ellen Parsons Memorial Session ()
4217.0Occupational Health Clinics: 2 Panels Discuss Ethics, Advocacy, and Workplace Change ()
4221.0The Changing Teen-Scene ()
4223.0Part I: Understanding and addressing bias and its impacts on health disparities: From everyday affronts to institutional racism and hate crimes ()
4226.0Urban Men's Health ()
4230.1Selected Public Health Social Work Issues Involving Infants, Toddlers, and Child Care Evaluation ()
4233.0Femicide in America ()
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Tue
4240.0Programs/Activities in Native Populations ()
4250.0Eliminating Health Disparities Through Employment: Key Findings From a $20 Million Statewide Work and Health Initiative ()
4251.0Involving the Community in Health Planning ()
4252.0Development of Networks for Supporting Evaluation of Community-based Efforts to Eliminate Health Disparities ()
4256.0Drinking Water ()
4257.0New Science on Children's Environmental Health ()
4258.0Environmental Health and Health Disparities ()
4258.1Asthma Poster Session ()
4260.0Reaching the Summit: Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy for 2000 and Beyond ()
4266.0Partnerships and Collaboration: What We Know and What We Can Learn ()
4276.0A North/South Dialogue on Women's Health and Social Justice: Crossing Cultural Borders with Nuestros Cuerpos Nuestras Vidas(Our Bodies Ourselves) ()
4278.0Child Health Promotion Poster Session ()
4281.0Globalization of Pharmaceutical Patent Protections and Access to Essential Drugs ()
4284.0Eliminating Mental Health and Community Living Disparities ()
4286.0Topics in Occupational Health ()
4290.0Part II: Understanding and addressing bias and its impacts on health disparities: From everyday affronts to institutional racism and hate crimes ()
4292.0Poster session VI: Addressing the health needs of diverse groups of women ()
4300.0Poster III: School Health Initiatives, Critical Issues, and Programs ()
4303.0Various Topics in Public Health Social Work ()
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Tue
4308.0Housing and services for homeless people with special needs (HIV+, elderly, multiply diagnosed) ()
4320.0Exposure Assessment for Occupational Hazards ()

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Wed
5004.0Emerging Tobacco Advertising and Marketing Issues ()
5007.0Critical and Emerging Issues in Native Populations ()
5008.1Preparation and delivery of anti-tobacco health education messages in schools ()
5011.0Homelessness: Special Issues in a Special Populatioin ()
5013.0Epidemiological information on refugee and immigrants' health status: Health Disparities ()
5018.0Health Disparities: Susceptibility to Environmental Exposures ()
5019.0Building Global Campaigns for Environmental Health Policy: Global Toxics Case Studies ()
5020.0Is There a Trade Off Between Access to Housing and Public Health? ()
5020.1Local Environmental Health Programs ()
5020.2Children's Environmental Health ()
5020.3Educating a Diverse Audience About Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention ()
5023.0Investigating Foodborne Outbreaks ()
5027.0Assessing Nutrition Across the Country - Populations to Programs ()
5043.0Health and Democracy ()
5053.0Women's Health Poster Session ()
5058.0Economic Perspectives Toward Eliminating Health Disparities ()
5062.0Stigma and Mental Health ()
5064.0Primary Prevention: The Integration Concept of Occupational and Environmental Health ()
5069.0Health communication to address disparities ()
5077.0Violence: Prevention, Treatment, & Reducing Recidivism ()
5079.0The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS): Methodologic Issues ()
5082.0Midlife Issues Across Class and Race ()
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Wed
5099.0Effect of Social and Civil Unrest, War, Torture, and Displacement on Refugees and Displaced Persons' Physical and Mental Health ()
5103.0Community Health Workers: Highlight on Boston, MA ()
5108.0Healthy Schools: Emerging Issues for Child Health ()
5110.0Instituting Precaution in Environmental Health Policy: the Roles of Science, Public Policy, and Public Health Partnerships ()
5118.0Public health ethics: Case studies ()
5133.0Workers, work, and health disparities ()
5135.0MCH Epidemiology and Genetics Poster Session ()
5137.0Innovations in Maternity Care and Violence Prevention in the Family and Community Combined Poster Session ()
5139.0Mental Health Poster Session IV ()
5143.0Work Organization and Occupational Stress ()
5144.0Occupational and Environmental Health Post-Election, November 2000 ()
5146.0The Health Consequences of the Military Industrial Complex: From Hiroshima to Bioterrorism ()
5152.0Issues and strategies in tobacco control ()
5155.0Re-examining the Links Between Social Justice And Public Health Nursing ()
5158.0Scientific Session X: School Violence Prevention: Programs and Strategies ()
5161.0More Highways, Bigger Stadiums, Gigantic Airports: Are We Building Private Wealth at the Cost of Public Health? ()
5162.0Trend data from the National Health Interview Survey: Health changes or survey changes? ()
5163.0Statistics in Public Health(Poster Session) ()
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Wed
5172.0Culturally Competent Programs/Activities in Native Communities ()
5178.0Community Health Workers Addressing the Community's Agenda ()
5180.0Health Care Without Harm: Putting the precautionary principle into practice ()
5181.0Evaluating Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Policies and Strategies ()
5182.0Understanding Environmental Hazards, Exposures, and Health Outcomes: An Examination of Tracking Activities, Implementation and Data Needs ()
5185.0Evaluation and Dissemination of the CDC's Health-Related Quality of Life Modules ()
5192.0Using The Internet In Public Health: Opportunities and Cautions - Part I ()
5194.0Risk factors for injury and its outcomes ()
5195.0Injury in children and adolescents ()
5203.0Modern history of racial measurement and categorization: implications of the past for the future - Part 1 ()
5206.0Occupational Health Suveillance ()
5210.0Performance Improvement: Looking Holistically at Change ()
5212.0National policy efforts to promote the health of diverse populations through culturally and linguistically appropriate services ()
5216.0Scientific Session XII: Prevention of Adolescent Use of Tobacco ()
5221.0Women's Health: Issues and Ideas ()
5222.0Domestic Violence: An International Perspective ()
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Wed
5227.0Integrated Approaches: Increasing the Participation of Latino, American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Elders and Providers in the Development of State and Local Action Plans ()
5230.0Serving Vulnerable Populations in the Community ()
5231.0Using Data to Develop Policy and Design Programs ()
5233.0Translating Assessment into Community Action ()
5234.0Addressing the Needs of Linguistic Minorities, Immigrants & Refugees ()
5238.0Disability Potpourri ()
5239.0Asthma Prevention at the Centers for Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research ()
5240.0Mercury and Brain Development ()
5241.0GIS In Public Health - Not Just Another Mapping Tool ()
5242.0Environmental Health Poster Session ()
5243.0Children's Environmental Health Poster Session ()
5244.0NHANES in the new millenium ()
5268.0Modern history of racial measurement and categorization: Implications of the past for the future - Part 2 ()
5272.1Mental Health Poster Session V ()
5273.0Strategies for Contolling Hazards: Emphasis in Health Care Settings ()
5278.0Conflict and Consensus: Balancing USAID Priorities in Population and Reproductive Health, 1984 - 2000 ()
5281.0Reproductive Health Success Stories ()
5282.0Promoting a Balanced Research Agenda to Inform Health Disparities: Moving Beyond Individually-Based Determinants of Health ()
5288.0Environmental health ()
5294.0Research, Evaluation and Data Collection: Issues & Methods ()
5295.0Sensory Impairments: Issues of Measurement and Analysis in Population-based Studies ()
5296.0Rape, Sexual Violence, and Survivorship ()
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Wed
5304.0Local Health Departments Assessments and Utilizing Resources for Their Communities ()
5307.0Participation of People with Mobility Limitations ()
5308.0Roll-Back Malaria, Roll Back DDT: Implementing Modern Malaria Control Strategies ()
5309.0Targeted Screening to Identify Lead Poisoned Children ()
5312.0Financing Public Health Activities in Developing Countries ()
5316.0Disability Outcomes in the Workplace: Improving Public Health ()
5320.0Youth at Risk ()

Thursday, November 16, 2000

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Thu
6007.0A Day in the Community: Tour of Community Health Worker Programs in Boston ()
6009.0Disability and Employment ()
6011.0Issues in Women's Health and Nutrition ()
6020.0Injury surveillance: methods and approaches ()
6028.0Violence prevention strategies ()
6032.0Issues Effecting Selected Adolescent Populations ()
6033.0Revisioning A Response to Domestic Violence: Dialogue in Community: The Dorchester Community Roundtable ()

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