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Wake Forest School of Medicine
Applying CBPR principles to disseminate and implement an efficacious HIV prevention intervention for Latino men to diverse community-based organizations
Development and preliminary findings of an intervention for stigma management targeted to Hispanic/Latino HIV+ MSM: The Contacto intervention
Addressing the impact of local immigration enforcement policies on health service access and utilization among Latinos in North Carolina: A community and public health approach
Politics, Policies, and HIV in Puerto Rico: Tales from the Colony
Intersection of Technology and HIV
Examining perceived discrimination on depression among Latino sexual minorities and transgender women in a new settlement state
Assessing and promoting cooking self-efficacy among low-income and minority mothers
Factors affecting healthcare access perceptions and care-seeking behaviors of Latino sexual minority men and transgender individuals: HOLA intervention baseline findings
More than just alcohol: Polysubstance use at parties attended by 15-20 year olds
Masculine roles of family provider and protector may interact with work, stress, and coping among immigrant Latino men
More than Grindr: A comparison of MSM who use Grindr, other apps, or no apps – Implications for health promotion and disease prevention
Using Policy Briefs to Disseminate Occupational and Environmental Research with Farmworkers to Policy Makers
Findings from a Pilot Study of Children's Agricultural Safety and Health among Local Agricultural Market Producers (LAMPs) in Illinois and North Carolina
Campus Tobacco-Free Policy Scale: Measurement of student perceptions of university tobacco-free policy
Young adult (YA) cancer survivors' employment and educational outcomes: The WAYS pilot study
Unique considerations for HIV prevention research with Latina transgender women and Latino men who have sex with men
A soccer team-based social network intervention for Latinos: Results from a community-based participatory research study
Outcome evaluation of a Spanish-language telenovela about gene-environment interactions
Healthcare Equity Education Training: Informing diversity and inclusion policy at cancer centers
Walden University
African American and Latino Youth Views on Reproductive Health and Contraception
Oral Health and Vision Care: A Collaborative Session
Consanguinity and G6Pd Deficiency in Omani Children- A Community Based Cross-Sectional Study
Mental health professionals' attitude and perception of their role in tackling substance abuse and related disorders in Nigeria
The impact of family violence on child, adolescent, and young adult health
Flu + You- A Multi-stakeholder Campaign to Improve Influenza Immunizations in Aging Adults
Healthcare professionals' perspectives on HIV disclosure of a parent's and a child's illness in Kenya
Association of Social Characteristics and Obesity in Military Dependent Children
Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviors (KABB) of Diabetes Among Afro-Caribbeans Near Brooklyn, New York
Predictors of Obesity among Nigerian Immigrants in the United States
Community pharmacists' attitude towards engaging in the physical healthcare of patients on methadone maintenance treatment (MMT)
Association of Lead with Cataracts and Vision-Related Problems in Perimenopausal Women
Voluntary Influenza Vaccination Uptake among Healthcare Workers at a Southeastern Medical Center
Predictors of Physician-Patient Discussions of Sexual Health with Older Adults
Students' drinking status and likelihood of carrying a weapon on campus
Students' perceptions of campus safety by drinking status
Burden of maternal exposure to Intimate Partner Violence on their under-five child health
Association Between Asthma Management and Routine Posture Exercise
Relationship Between Suicidal Behavior and Early Sexual Intercourse
Parents' phases and children's stages of HIV disclosure
Impact of Motivational Intervention to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle among College Students Participating in a Program to Prevent Binge Drinking
Self-Management Integration in Healthcare Indicators
Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, Division of Public Health Sciences
Washington University School of Medicine
Current Techniques in Public Health Data Analysis with Applications
Does suicidality continue to occur among individuals with HIV engaged in care in the era of antiretroviral therapy?
Exploring Women's Perspectives on Effective Interventions to Promote Healthy Eating and Exercise During Pregnancy
Playground safety disparities: Results from the Play Across St. Louis study
Ethnic heterogeneity in self-reported diabetes prevalence trends across Hispanic subgroups: National Health Interview Survey, 1997-2012
Sexually transmitted infection presentation in a large urban academic emergency department
Implementing the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program in a retail work setting
Do Minimum Wage Increases Improve Health Behaviors? The Example of Smoking
Perceived unfair treatment and daily cortisol decline among a diverse sample of Detroit residents
Job Exposure Matrices for estimating workplace physical exposures
HIV infection and development of diabetes in a cohort of men receiving care from a large urban community-based health center
What genome sequencing results do young breast cancer patients want returned and when?
Effect of health literacy on intentions to donate to a biobank among diverse women
Urban farming as an intervention to improve psychological distress among individuals with HIV
Relative concern for work safety and personal health risks among union carpenters
Informing HIV prevention for adults over 50: A mixed-methods study
Quantitative evaluation of the quantity of community engagement in research
Community capacity building for community based participatory research through training: Implementation and evaluation of the community research fellows training program
Wayne County Community College District/Detroit Medical Reserve Corps
Wayne State University
Exploring Intersectionality with Gender Identity and Race on Depression and Attempted Suicide Among LGBTQ College Students
Teachers' modifications of an evidenced-based HIV prevention program and student outcomes: Findings from a nationwide dissemination
Exploratory factor analysis of the strength of cultural affiliation scale for public health applications
Effects of the Affordable Care Act on racial and ethnic disparities in the use of preventive services among seniors
Exploring Predictors of Health Behavior
“Treat everybody right:” Food Purchasing and Perceptions in Detroit
Using text mining to quantify qualitative data in literature review: A feasibility study
A preliminary investigation of health literacy and health behavior in patients with hypertension discharged from an urban emergency department
Lending a Helping Hand: Relationship between Cumulative Neighborhood Promotive Factors and Adolescents' Contribution to their Community and Pro-Social Related Hoped-for Possible Selves
A Longitudinal Examination of Timely Well Child Visits Among Michigan Older Foster Care Youth in Medicaid: Fee-For-Service Versus Health Maintenance Organizations
Provision of comprehensive and coordinated health education in a large urban school district
A Systematic Review of Psychosocial Health Consequences of Homophobic Bullying Victimization among Adolescents Ages 12-18
Does an intervention to reduce workplace violence impact hospital worker perceptions of safety culture and work satisfaction?
Barbie's to birth control: Using focus groups with adolescent females to identify the barriers to understanding reproductive and sexual health
Characteristics Associated with Severe Psychological Distress (SPD) in a Cohort of African American (AA) Pregnant Women
Evaluation of an intervention to reduce hospital worker injury from patient violence
Severe Depressive Symptoms during Pregnancy and Small-for-Gestational Age Infants: Does Confrontive Coping Style Moderate the Relationship
Wayne State University Law School
Welcome Change Productions
West Virginia University
Governing Councilor Meeting - 2
MCH Section Leadership Orientation
MCH Fellows Orientation
ATMCH Student Faculty Breakfast
Joint meeting of IH and MCH Section members: Global Maternal and Child Health
ATMCH Annual Assembly
MCH Journal Editorial Board Meeting
MCH Section Membership Meeting
MCH Section Social Hour
MCH Section Program Planning Committee
Step one: Building local and regional level capacity for health analytics, quality of care improvement, and practice-based research
Becoming more focused in public health education and interventions: Aligning core priorities, strategic thinking, and program information systems
Children with Special Health Care Needs Oral Session
Association between family history of high cholesterol and childhood obesity using a longitudinal study of fifth grade Appalachian children
Association between immigrant generational status, child-maltreatment history and intimate-partner violence (IPV): Evidence from a nationally representative survey
Current Topics in Infant & Child Health
Move to Achieve: Establishing a Statewide Baseline of Physical Education and Physical Activity Practices and Examining Impact on Elementary Students' Academics and Health
Translating Diabetes Prevention and Management into Appalachian Communities
Association between states' texting regulations and the prevalence of texting while driving among United States' high school students
Use of National and State Compensation and Surveillance Compliance Data Sets to Better Understand Miners' Health
Academic-Community Partnerships in MCH Poster Session
Infant & Child Health Oral Session 2
Impact of ACA on MCH
CHW integrated care and services
State Consideration of Community Health Worker Roles in State Health Care Model Design
Multi-level determinants of MCH
SIDS & Infant Mortality
Young worker fatalities Involving violations of the US child labor laws, 2001 - 2012: National study using data from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injury
Does a teen initiated peer education intervention and community forum increase knowledge of consequences of teen pregnancy and initiate dialog for comprehensive sexual education?
Nurse and Midwife Delivered Prenatal Smoking Cessation Intervention in Rural Appalachia
Factors associated with mothers who intended to breastfeed but did not exclusively breastfeed using data from the West Virginia Birth Score Project
Identification of factors affecting dietary behaviors of South Asian men
Choose to Change: Communities Collaborate for Healthier Weights
Choose to Change: A school and family based obesity prevention intervention amongst Pre-Kindergarteners and their families
West Virginia Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Project: EPAO Methodology
Epidemiology of Muay Thai Fight-Related Injuries
Trends in modification of smoking behaviors among pregnant women in West Virginia
Social Media Intervention for Adolescents to Improve Healthy Lifestyles
A statewide initiative sponsored by the West Virginia Legislature to pilot a WVU Extension cyber bullying prevention program with HSTA WV students
Motor Skills and Physical Fitness: A systematic review of 50 years of intervention research
Mid-Program Evaluation of a Diabetes Prevention and Management Program in West Virginia
Aggregate data meta-analyses may be preferable to individual participant data meta-analyses for community deliverable interventions
Relationship between sleep patterns and the nonmedical use of prescription drugs (NMUPD) among a large sample of college students
West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities
West Virginia University School of Public Health
Western Michigan Unviersity Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine
WI Department of Health Services, Division of Public Health
Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute, University of the Witswatersrand and Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Women's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS)
Woodland Heights Medical Center, Lufkin, TX; Graduate Student, West Texas A&M University
World Cancer Research Fund International
World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Pharmacovigilance Centre Anti Poison et de Pharmacovigilance du Maroc
World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention and Deakin Population Health Strategic Research Centre