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Tacit Films Ltd
Taiyuan City Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Temple University
Health Law Business Meeting
Health Law Section Business Meeting
APHA Health Law Social Hour
Advocacy Research & Policy: The science of persuasion and shaping richer stories for public health
From Regulating Removal to Regulating Play: Law, Politics, and the Direct Regulation of TBI-inducing Youth Sports
Assessing the Impact of Health Law and Policies in Practice
Ways to Evaluate and Identify the Evidence Base for Health in All Policies
Innovative Approaches to Evaluating Public Health Laws
Creating an evidenced based MPH fieldwork model: From research and implementation through evaluation and dissemination
Using Law and Policy to Meet Healthy People 2020 Goals and Objectives
Healthy Public Policy Recommendations: The Infrastructure for Identifying and Difffusing Laws that Improve Health
Alcohol use and HIV risk behaviors among vulnerable Latino men
Emerging Issues in Public Health Law
Increasing Access to Mental Health Services for Bisexual Latino Men
Moving Out of Silos: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Education for Team-Based Practice
Medicare Constrains Home Health Murses' and Social Workers' Care for Persons with Alzheimer's and their Caregivers
Legal Response to Infectious Disease and Public Safety
Health Law Poster Session #1
Health Law Poster Session #2
Advancing Healthy Eating Through Law and Policy
Supporting Healthy Food Choices for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Critical Time Intervention for Men with Mental Illnesses Leaving Prison
Social Media Use and Community Participation among Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities
Using Spatio-Temporal Data Mining to Study Community Mobility of Individuals with Disabilities
Untapped physical activity potential through community participation interventions
Interconnection between Paternal Mental Health Status and Spousal Interaction: Implications upon Family Health
Preliminary effectiveness of a promotora-led diabetes prevention program for high-risk Latinas: A pilot study
Rural-Urban Differences in Community Participation, Sense of Community and Perceptions of the Built Environment among Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities
Role of Childhood Violence Exposure, Self-esteem and Depressive Symptoms on Consistent Contraception Use among Young, Sexually Active Women
Medicare Devalues Evidence-based Home Health Social Work and Nursing Practice
A Systematic Review of Dietary Interventions for Low-Income Populations
Potential predictors of urban black men experiencing non-physical dating violence perpetrated by a girlfriend
Using Policy Surveillance to Advance Health and Facilitate Public Health Practice in Nebraska
Building Awareness and Knowledge of Public Health Laws Among the Public Health Workforce
Temple University Maurice H Kornberg School of Dentistry
Texas A&M Health Science Center, School of Rural Public Health - McAllen Campus, McAllen, TX.
Texas A&M University
Environmental predictors of walking among older adults
Associations of Deportations Under the Secure Communities Program with Mental Health of Latinos: Findings from a National Multi-Ethnic Sample
What are Parents' Emotional Responses to Chromosomal Microarray Genetic Testing? – A Qualitative Pilot Study among Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Effects of anti-immigrant policy on perceived discrimination among U.S. Latinos: A multilevel analysis
Using network analysis to measure changes in local collaboration resulting from implementation of the Texas Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program
Illness Representations of Lower Extremity Disease among African Americans living with Type 2 Diabetes
Alcohol Industry Advertising Practices on Social Media: A Case Study of Instagram
Assessment of patient satisfaction of telehealth based services to underserved communities in rural Texas
African American Pastor perspectives on the LADIES project: : A Qualitative Study
High risk drinking and driving among college students increases with combined use of alcohol and energy drinks
Predictors of late stage breast cancer diagnosis: A multilevel approach
An Access to Care Model Illustrating Individual and Community-Level Predictors between Urban and Rural Populations
Evaluating Community-Based Translational Interventions Using Historical Controls: Propensity Score vs. Disease Risk Score Approach
Are Young Adults Talking about Their Family Health History? - A Qualitative Pilot Study
Children with special health care needs: Prevalence of co-occurring intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health conditions in children enrolled in Medicaid fee-for-service Personal Care Services (PCS) program in Texas
Late stage cervical cancer diagnosis: Determinants and trends, 1990-2011
Are Parents Ready for Chromosomal Microarray Genetic Testing of Their Children? – A Qualitative Report from Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Rural Settings
Community Health Worker Reimbursements: Implementing Federal Policy at State Level
Taiwanese adults' attitudes toward the privacy and confidentiality of genetic testing: A national survey
Hospitals' readiness for Stage 2 meaningful use
Identification of factors affecting dietary behaviors of South Asian men
Sexual HIV risk behaviors among formerly incarcerated Black Americans
College students' support for HPV vaccination mandates: Do political or religious affiliations make a difference?
Assessing acceptability and needs of mobile-based health intervention for people living with HIV/AIDS in China: Perspectives from health care providers and patients
Comparison of Risk and Well-being Scores Among Minorities and Caucasians Utilizing Telepsychology Services
Social Support Promoted through Physical Activity Networks
Prenatal Genetic Testing and Abortion Decision-Making for Autism among Taiwanese Parents of Affected Children
Cancer communication: A mixed-method, exploratory study of the role of communication in patient satisfaction within an integrated managed care consortium
Disparities in surgical treatment of breast cancer: The influence of socio-demographic and tumor characteristics
Is the entire story being told? Examining confidence interval and effect size reporting in health education and behavior research
Challenges Faced by Different Types of Adults Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Soliciting and incorporating CHW/promotora feedback: Lessons learned from a cancer education program in South Texas
A public health education model for training Texas public health educators in genetic testing and assessment
Identifying and evaluating existing iPhone and iPad apps for genomics education
What we leave behind: Factors influencing community institutionalization of public health projects
Texas A&M University, Health Science Center
Texas Chiropractic College, Clinical Sciences Department
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
The George Washington University, School of Public Health and Health Services
The George Washington University/Milken Institute School of Public Health
The Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma, and Anaesthesia Care (The G4 Alliance)
The John Merck Fund
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
The Maxwell School , Syracuse University
The NCLR/CSULB Center for Latino Community Health, Evaluation, and Leadership Training
the Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office
The Ohio State University
Family Violence and Child Sexual Abuse Among South Asians in the U.S
Let's talk about it: Cervical cancer, messaging and intergenerational communication (a collaborative session between the Women's Caucus and Cancer Forum)
Protective factors for adolescent sexual health in the context of homelessness
Economic Impact and Return on Investment in Public Health
Maternal Interventions to Promote Health Behavior and Healthy Pregnancy (organized jointly with the Maternal and Child Health section and Women's Caucus)
The Role of Women in the Health of Families and Communities (organized jointly with the Women’s Caucus)
Preparing Medical Students to Care for Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Improving Emergency Preparedness for Ohioans with Disabilities: Implementing a Broad Impact Approach
Impact of Policy Change on Nutrient Quality of Vending Purchases
Identifying Health Behavior Status and Disparities among Youth with Disabilities in Ohio
Physical and Sedentary Activity Awareness and Habit Strength of Hispanic Adolescents in Puerto Rico
Community Readiness Model: Addressing Black Infant Mortality Disparity in Columbus, Ohio
A qualitative study on health problems and access to health care among female victims of sex-trafficking in Mumbai, India
Creating healthier school food environments: Format and placement of salad bars affect fruit and vegetable selection
A Summative Evaluation of Consent is Sexy: A Campus Intervention to Promote Interpersonal Dialogue about Sex
HPV vaccination and Pap testing on college campuses: How do Historically Black Colleges and Universities measure-up?
Fruit and Vegetable Intake Exceeds National Average Among Food Pantry Clients
Pediatric Exposures to Veterinary Pharmaceuticals (1999-2013)
Summer vacation and vaccination: Seasonal variation in uptake of adolescent vaccines
The Pennsylvania State University
Oral: Addressing local policies to improve Latino communities
GPS-derived fast food restaurant exposures and dietary choice in African American women
Increasing use of personal protective equipment among low acculturated farmworkers: A role for the EPA
Pathways between preventive cancer screening and citizenship
Development of a culturally-tailored intervention to address care-seeking disparities in acute stroke treatment: A community-engaged approach
A nationwide, longitudinal study of food store accessibility and adult BMI
Quantifying Spatial Polygamy Among Low-Income Housing Residents in NYC: A GPS Study
Infant & Child Health Oral Session 2
Adverse Childhood Exposures and Self-Rated Health among Immigrants
Statistical Methods in Health Equity
Infant & Child Health Oral Session 3
Age-normativity and risk-sensitivity in the utilization of mammography screening: Before and after the 2009 issuance of The US preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) breast cancer guidelines
°Protéjase! mHealth and PPE Intervention Promotes Pesticide Safety for Mexican Immigrant Farmworkers
Diabetes knowledge, management, and prevention in Haitians: A mixed methods examination
Emerging ethical considerations for the use of geospatial data in research on the social determinants of health
Examining racial and nativity disparities in mammography by breast cancer risk
Effect of Mammography on Non-Breast Cancer Mortality
Physical Activity and Diabetes Management among Community Members in M'bour, Senegal
Disparities in Influenza Vaccination of Chronically-ill US Adults: The Mediating Role of Perceived Discrimination in Healthcare
The University of Alabama
Long-term treatment effects of the EMPOWER randomized control trial
Identifying African American Church Participation in the Policy-Making Process
Social cognitive theory predictors of HPV vaccination intentions among college women at a southeastern university
A meta-analysis of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) interventions in healthy individuals
Mental and spiritual health as correlates of sleep quality
Tube-feeding older adults with advanced dementia: Considerations from the Social Ecological Model
Enhancing adherence to health care providers' instructions: Utilization of self-efficacy theory
Aiming to Reduce Injury in College Students: Predictors of Sexual Violence Perpetration from an Ecological Perspective
Inadequate Sleep as a Risk Factor for Drowsy Driving and Drowsy Working Behaviors
Systematic review of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) in cancer patients
Online training program for mothers to prevent childhood obesity
Reducing sleep deprivation through behavior modification: Implications for health professionals
Increasing Breastfeeding Initiation, Duration and Exclusivity among African-American Women Enrolled in Women, Infants and Children Using The Social Cognitive Theory
Efficacy of primary condom use interventions in African American college students: A systematic review
Intermittent Interval Walking's Impact on During- and Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption
HIV Knowledge among Blacks/African Americans Living with HIV in the Rural South
University Faith-Based Community Partnership to Reduce Health Disparities and Impact Policy
A Systematic Analysis of Novel Public Health Policies to Combat Hepatitis C Virus in the United States: Implications for China
Eliciting college females' salient beliefs about HPV vaccination
Correlates of Sleep Quality and Dietary Intake among Young Adults
The University of Chicago
Feasibility of a Theory-based Waiting Room App for Contraceptive Counseling
Most States Do Little to Help Addiction Treatment Programs Implement Health Care Reform
HIS Stories
Integrating doula support into abortion care – program development, implementation, and women's views on doula support
Parent communication, contraceptive knowledge and preference, and condom use at last sex among young, sexually active Black men
Validating the Dasymetric Areal Interpolation Method to Inform Health Policy
Racial Disparities in Access to High Quality Dialysis Facilities in Chicago
Hospital practices to promote breastfeeding: Does maternal age matter?
Over-the-counter emergency contraception for all ages: How has recent policy change influenced adolescent providers' practice?
Rural-urban differences in clinic capacity for referrals and proximity to abortion services among Title X family planning clinics
Role of social support in developing healthy lifestyles among African American endometrial cancer survivors and their social networks
Community Fitness Passport Program: A culturally-tailored model for health promotion programming in population health management
Increasing anti-tobacco attitudes among youth through an educational interactive game
Living Alone and Fear of Crime: Examining the Perception of Isolation of Older Adults
Developing a Narrative-Oriented Game-Based Sexual Assault Intervention for High School Youth
Relationships between Religiosity and Delayed Healthcare Seeking among American Muslims
The University of Iowa School of Social Work
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, School of Public Health Austin Regional Campus
The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston
THINK Interactive
Thomas Jefferson University (Jefferson School of Nursing)
Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health
Tobacco Education & Materials Lab (TEAM Lab) University of Southern California
Tongan Community Service Center/ Special Service for Groups
TryLife Tv
TryLive Tv
Tulane University - School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Building a National Movement and Consensus: The Rationale and Methods of the Community Health Worker Common Core (C3) Project
Road Ahead: Maximizing the Utility of the C3 Project Findings in the US to Support and Strengthen CHW Practice and Policy
Impact of Access to Vaccinations in Pharmacy Settings on Disparities in Vaccination Rates
Hashtags for Health: Leveraging partnerships to expand community engagement through local, collaborative Twitter chats
Individual and School-level Factors Related to School-Based Salad Bar Use among Children and Adolescents
Community Health Worker Professional Advocacy: Voices of Action from the 2014 National Community Health Worker Advocacy Survey
Supporting policy change to improve health in Louisiana: The role of research and education in advocacy
Integration of complementary and alternative practices to support first-time, low-income pregnant women: Community health workers utilize interactive mobile health technology to promote health and access beyond the health care system
Role of culture in strategies to cope with community violence among WIC-eligible mothers in Southeast Louisiana
Motivators and barriers concerning Chagas disease indoor residual spraying campaigns in Arequipa, Peru
Using community-based participatory research to prevent family violence: Replicable processes from the Safe Spaces project
Real and Perceived Environmental Health Risks in Southeast Louisiana: Air/Seafood Quality and the CBPR Research Behind It
Embracing the community engagement process post-disaster: Building capacity, political action, and trust
LGBT Health: A Key Curricular Component In the Pursuit of Health Equity
Substance use typologies among late adolescent African American women: Testing differences in risk across collegiate settings
Impact of environmental policy gaps on food security in Suriname
Sarcopenic obesity in Louisiana: Prevalence rates and associated factors from the Louisiana Osteoporosis Study
Emerging adults and the health effects of changing educational plans due to the Great Recession