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Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
Partnership for a Healthier America and Let's Move! Active Schools
PASOs, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina
Pawtucket (R.I.) School Department Jenks/JMW School for the Arts
Pediatric Associates of Alexandria
Pfeiffer University, Masters of Health Administration Program
Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility
Physicians for a National Health Program - NY Metro
Pierre Louis Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health
PMHCC & La Salle University (MPH January 2015)
Point Loma Nazarene University
Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Population Media Center/ East Los High
Portland State University
Applying CBPR principles to disseminate and implement an efficacious HIV prevention intervention for Latino men to diverse community-based organizations
You are being watched - how the erosion of privacy in America affects public health and social justice
Addressing the impact of local immigration enforcement policies on health service access and utilization among Latinos in North Carolina: A community and public health approach
Examining perceived discrimination on depression among Latino sexual minorities and transgender women in a new settlement state
Nursing navigation as a linkage to care intervention
Public housing is public health: Intergenerational photovoice perspectives of place, health, and opportunity in the “Structure(d) Struggle” among public housing residents
Urban race-based residential segregation and health equity: Variations by geographic scale selection and implication for policy making
Social Media Use and Community Participation among Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities
Health in All Policies: Teaching Evidence-Based Policy in an Inter-professional Undergraduate Elective
Risk of Occupational and Non-occupational Injury among Employed Post-9/11 Veterans
How do minority fathers perceive their roles in feeding their children?
Masculine roles of family provider and protector may interact with work, stress, and coping among immigrant Latino men
More than Grindr: A comparison of MSM who use Grindr, other apps, or no apps – Implications for health promotion and disease prevention
Rural-Urban Differences in Community Participation, Sense of Community and Perceptions of the Built Environment among Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities
Unique considerations for HIV prevention research with Latina transgender women and Latino men who have sex with men
Collaborating with philanthropy to achieve and sustain authentic partnerships
A soccer team-based social network intervention for Latinos: Results from a community-based participatory research study
POW'R Agaisnt Tobacco / American Lung Association of the Northeast
Prince George's County Department of Health
Prince George's County Health Department
Project Concern International
Public Health Association of South Africa & School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Public Health Department of Eastern Townships
Public Health Institute
Climate Change & Public Health -- Policy in Action: Social Hour & Panel Discussion
Envisioning the Future for the Global Health Professional
What it takes to be a Successful Global Health Professional
Supporting collaboration to create healthier communities
Creating structure and process change: Embedding health into government decision-making
Stakeholder engagement: Ensuring accountability and creating success
Identifying co-benefits and building relationships to benefit multiple partners
Health in All Policies: An innovative approach to promote health, equity, and sustainability
Strong partners building healthy communities
Data Fusion: Assessing the Feasibility of Combining Alcohol Data Collected via Probability and Non-probability Samples
Becoming the Healthiest Nation: Profiles in State Leadership and Action
Introductory Remarks
Building a bike share program: Active transportation for government employees
From Clinic to Food Production to City Planning: Building primary prevention of NCDs into Universal Health Systems in the Americas
Washington State spirits privatization: How satisfied were liquor purchasers before and after, and by type of retail store in 2014?
Racial/ethnic disparities in the risk of alcohol-related injury from volume of consumption and heavy drinking in the U.S. general population: Data from four National Alcohol Surveys
Disparities in alcohol use patterns and associated problems among racial/ethnic minority groups in the US: Three National Alcohol Surveys 2000-2010
Racial/Ethnic disparities in the risk of injury related to the frequency of heavy drinking occasions
Finding your hook: Health in All Policies stories from around the country
Investing in the Infrastructure of Neighborhoods: Cross Disciplinary Partnerships for Revitalization and Community Health Improvement
Moderator, Investing in the Infrastructure of Neighborhoods: Cross Disciplinary Partnerships for Revitalization and Community Health Improvement
Advancing Work at the Intersection of Community Development and Health: Evidence, Metrics, Tools and Success Stories
Case Studies of Community Health Hubs: Examining Community Development Projects that Co-Locate Social Determinants of Health
Binge Drinking During the Economic Downturn: Did the Rate of Increase in Alcohol-related Suicides Mirror Consumption Patterns in the General Population?
Health in All Policies around the Globe : International perspective on improving health through policies and programs across sectors
Sustainability in Community Revitalization: Working at the Intersection of Climate Change, Community Development and Health
Substance Abuse among High-Risk Transwomen in San Francisco and Alameda County
Lead Blood Levels among Children Living in Rural Area of Mongolia
Mediators of the relationship between terminating versus continuing an unwanted pregnancy and subsequent alcohol use
Fostering Youth Empowerment through Community Based Participatory Research
Relationships Between Substance Use and Unprotected Sex among Transwomen
Intersectoral partnerships that advance population health: Lessons learned
Public Health Research Services
Purdue University
Policing as a Health Determinant: Immigration Policies and Police Practices Shaping Undocumented Latinos' Health in Atlanta
Development of an innovative physical activity-based positive youth development program for low-income youth
APHA Public Health Nursing Section: Vison, Activities, and Future Directions
U.S. Chinese International Students (CIS)' Awareness, Knowledge and Intentions for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine
Knowledge of and protection practices against zoonotic diseases among goat owners in Indiana
Perceptions of the neighborhood environment as mediators and depression as a moderator of the association between observed neighborhood environment and walking among urban-dwelling adults
Self-Rated Health and Depression among Green Collar Workers: Job Demand-Control Pathways to Health
Exploring Cultural Influence of Knowledge and Beliefs of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection and HPV Vaccination among U.S. Chinese International Students (CIS)
Role of Nurses in Community-based Physical Activity Promotion: A Systematic Review
Prevalence of alcohol sipping and its association with alcohol drinking among underserved children and young adolescents in an out-of-school-time program
Twelve-Month Follow-Up of the Dogs, Physical Activity, and Walking (Dogs PAW) Intervention
Green Collar Workers: Epidemiology of An Emerging Workforce
Exploring the Feasibility of a Community-Driven Peer Education Program Targeting Sexual and Reproductive Health among College Students
Barriers and Enablers to HPV Vaccination among Hispanic Farmworker Families in Florida
Blood lead, blood manganese, and grip strength in older U.S. adults: NHANES 2011-2012
Adherence to federal plain language guidelines: A content analysis of physical activity informational websites
Chemical and Physical Exposures Among Green and Non-Green Collar Workers in the United States
Acute joint pain among adults employed in U.S. green collar jobs: Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey