Socialist Caucus

NOTE: Sessions listed in italics have been organized by another section, SPIG, or caucus but are cosponsored by Socialist Caucus.

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Monday, October 22, 2001

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
3006.0Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Alternative Medicine, But Were Afraid to Ask (Poster Session)
3007.1Native Solutions to Public Health Challenges (Oral Session)
3013.0Diabetes and HIV/AIDS Among Asian American and Pacific Islanders (Oral Session)
3014.0Access and Quality Of Health Care: International Models and Lessons Learned (Oral Session)
3014.1Social Inequalities, Gender and the Quality Of Life (Oral Session)
3015.0Health As A Human Right: Responding To Displaced Communities (Oral Session)
3016.0Community Organizations Reducing Infant Mortality and Childhood Morbidity (Oral Session)
3017.0Identifying and Addressing Issues for Low-Income or Incarcerated Women Trying to Access and Utilize Drug Treatiment, Health and Social Services (Oral Session)
3021.0Disability Policy (Oral Session)
3023.0Epidemiology Contributed Papers-Cancer (Oral Session)
3025.0Structural Socioeconomic Inequality, Sexual and Drug Networks, Risk Behaviors, and Sexually- and Blood-Transmitted Infections: Discussion of Possible Mechanism of Causation (Oral Session)
3027.0Harnessing Creativity and Technology for Nutrition Education (Poster Session)
3028.0Getting Nutrition Messages Across to Unique Populations (Poster Session)
3029.0A Matter of Viewpoint: Perceptions on Body Image and Nutrition (Poster Session)
3030.0On Common Ground: Community-based Initiatives and Interventions (Poster Session)
3031.0Access for All: Food Security Initiatives and Assessment (Poster Session)
3032.0Ethics at the End of Life (Oral Session)
3033.0Exercise Programs and Physical Activity Among Older Adults (Poster Session)
3034.0Women's Health and Aging (Oral Session)
3037.0Winning Affordable Medications for All (Oral Session)
3042.0Recreational & Occupational Injuries (Poster Session)
3044.0Protecting the Young from Injury (Poster Session)
3045.0Firearms & Weapons (Poster Session)
3046.0Attacking Infectious Diseases (Oral Session)
3047.0Youth and Communication About HIV/AIDS (Oral Session)
3048.0Research in Humanitarian Emergencies: Recent Findings and Future Needs (Oral Session)
3051.0The Role of Different Health Policies on the Health of Latinos. What Works? (Oral Session)
3052.0HIV/AIDS Issues of Transgendered Women (Oral Session)
3054.0International Maternal and Child Health (Poster Session)
3055.0Selected Topics in Women's Health: Innovations in Maternity Care and Improved Pregnancy Outcomes (Poster Session)
3056.0Achieving Universal Health Care: The Key Is Reassuring Those Now Insured (Oral Session)
3057.0AIDS/HIV Contributed Papers (Oral Session)
3058.0Drug Policy and Pharmacy Services Contributed Papers (Oral Session)
3059.0Healthy Community Interventions for Incarcerated Populations (Oral Session)
3067.0War and Public Health (Oral Session)
3068.0Contraceptive Services and Behavior (Poster Session)
3069.0Availability, Access and Quality of Global Reproductive Health Services (Poster Session)
3070.0Prevention Programs for Adolescents (Poster Session)
3071.0Men and Reproductive Health: Findings from the U.S (Oral Session)
3072.0Post Abortion Care: Part I (Oral Session)
3072.1New Developments in Reproductive Health Programs (Poster Session)
3074.0Models of Diabetes Prevention (Oral Session)
3076.0International Health Education (Oral Session)
3078.0Strengthening Public Health Nursing Practice (Oral Session)
3080.0Working together, Working As One: Community Organizing & Coalition Building Among Social Work & Public Health Organizations (Oral Session)
3081.0Globalization is not the Issue (Oral Session)
3083.0Translation of Eye Condition Prevalence to Blindness Prevention Initiatives (Oral Session)
3084.0Prevention of Intimate Partner Femicide: Clinical, Research & Policy Implications (Oral Session)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3100.0The Black Young Professionals Public Health Network: Preparing Yourself for Meaningful Contributions in Public Health (Oral Session)
3102.1The Health Effects of Globalization: Snapshots From the US-Mexico Border (Oral Session)
3103.0Chiropractic in the Changing Health Care Environment (Oral Session)
3106.0Health Insurance and the Community's Health (Oral Session)
3108.0The Health Care Experience of People With Disabilities (Oral Session)
3109.0Integrating the Children's Environmental Health into the National and International Agendas for Public Health (Oral Session)
3110.0Global Environmental Change, Bioterrorism, and Public Health (Oral Session)
3110.1Asthma and the Environment (Oral Session)
3112.0Epidemiology of Symptoms of Cancer and Cancer-related Treatment (Oral Session)
3113.0Preparing for the Future: Forecasting the Unfolding Epidemic of Diabetes (Oral Session)
3115.0TEENS: Can We Effect Change in Adolescents' Fruit and Vegetable Intake? (Oral Session)
3120.0Access to Health Care:Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities (Oral Session)
3121.0HIV/AIDS and Incarcerated Populations: Risk Behaviors, Prevention and Care (Roundtable Session)
3122.0Occupational Injury (Oral Session)
3123.0Protecting Children from Injury (Oral Session)
3124.0Adolescent Reproductive Health (Oral Session)
3126.0New Diagnostic Methods and Treatment of MDR-TB (Oral Session)
3126.1Overview of CSAT's "A Provider's Introduction to Substance Abuse Treatment for LGBT Individuals" (Oral Session)
3127.0In Every Corner of the Globe: Violence Against Women (Oral Session)
3128.0Improving Access to Health Care for Adolescents: Medicaid, SCHIP, and Confidentiality (Panel Discussion Session)
3129.0Home Visiting for Women, Children and Families (Oral Session)
3130.0Global Breastfeeding Initiatives: Notes from the Field (Oral Session)
3131.0Prevention Behavior--in One World, Why Do People Behave Differently Across Nations? (Oral Session)
3132.0Challenges to, Resources for, and Threats facing the Health of Populations in Rural Areas (Oral Session)
3134.0Addressing Disparities in End-of-Life Care: Delivering Patient-Centered Care to Disenfranchised and Hard-to-Reach Persons with HIV/AIDS (Oral Session)
3135.0Bruno Lima Symposium on Mental Health Issues Affecting Minority Populations (Oral Session)
3136.0Involuntary Treatment (Oral Session)
3141.0Post Abortion Care: Part II (Oral Session)
3142.0He Said, She Said: Data from Couples on Safer Sex Behaviors (Oral Session)
3143.0Worksite Health Promotion Research and Practice (Oral Session)
3144.0Building the Science in Support of Culturally Competent Practice (Panel Discussion Session)
3146.0Teaching Environmental Health to Nurses (Oral Session)
3148.0Neocolonialism and International Health: Is the World One? (Oral Session)
3149.0Data to Action to Accountability: Combining Social Justice, Evidence, and Human Rights (Oral Session)
3150.0Statistical Issues in Environmental Health Research (Oral Session)
3151.0Health Effects of Agent Orange and Dioxins Part I (Oral Session)
3152.0Birth Control (Oral Session)
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
3159.0"Centering" the Workforce Around Public Health (Oral Session)
3167.0Prevalence and Pedagogy (Oral Session)
3170.0Breast and Cervical Cancer Among Asian American Women (Poster Session)
3171.0Asian and Pacific Islander Youth Health Issues (Oral Session)
3172.0An Interactive Dialogue on the Challenges in Performing Population-Based Research with Homeless Individuals (Panel Discussion Session)
3173.0Physical and Mental Health of Refugees (Oral Session)
3174.0Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Practice (Oral Session)
3175.0Successful Strategies for Community-Based Partnerships: Lessons from the Field (Roundtable Session)
3181.0Youth as Community Health Workers (Oral Session)
3182.0Disability Surveillance (Oral Session)
3183.0Antibiotic Resistance I: Global Threat and Local Response (Oral Session)
3185.0Current Topics in Surveillance for Childhood Lead Poisoning (Oral Session)
3187.0Challenges to Understanding and Addressing Ethnic Disparities in Heart Disease (Oral Session)
3192.0HIV/AIDS Health Services Research: Access, Cost, Outcomes and Quality (Oral Session)
3196.0Health Reform (Oral Session)
3197.0Averting Maternal Death and Disability: A New Global Program (Oral Session)
3198.0Protecting Worker Health: Union Organizing in the South (Oral Session)
3199.0Laboratory-based Surveillance for West Nile Virus and Other Mosquito-borne Viruses - When To Spray and When Not To Spray (Oral Session)
3201.0LGBT Caucus Poster Session (Poster Session)
3202.0Emerging Trends in Infant and Perinatal Mortality in the United States (Oral Session)
3203.0The Need for Perinatal Surveillance: Perinatal Issues of Access to Care and Risk Assessment (Oral Session)
3204.0Protecting Children Through Prevention and Early Disease Detection (Oral Session)
3205.0New Ways of Doing Business to Improve the Health of Mothers and Children (Oral Session)
3206.0Infants at Risk: New Research on the Determinants of Low Birth Weight and Poor Perinatal Outcomes (Oral Session)
3208.0Communicating with and engaging vulnerable populations of women (Oral Session)
3209.0Economic Studies of Causes and Effects (Oral Session)
3211.0"Power to the People"; A Tobacco Settlement Initiative Success in Arizona: A Tribute to Andrew W. Nichols, MD, MPH (Oral Session)
3219.0Violence: A Public Health Approach to Prevention (Oral Session)
3220.0Successful Environmental Health Education Programs (Oral Session)
3221.0Health Risks and Health Education (Poster Session)
3222.0Worksite Health Promotion (Poster Session)
3223.0Moving Targets: Global Health Literacy and Education Reform (Oral Session)
3225.0Public Health Nurses in Environmental Health (Poster Session)
3227.0Intro to Conferencing: Navigating, Networking and Presenting at a National Conference (Oral Session)
3228.0Tobacco Use Prevention and Smoking Cessation Programs for Children, and Adolescents (Poster Session)
3232.0Teamsters and Sea Turtles: Organizing for Global Health (Oral Session)
3233.02001 A Public Health Odyssey: Utopias and Dystopias, past and future (Oral Session)
3234.0Statistical Issues in Pharmacovigilance and Medical Risk Assessment (Oral Session)
3235.0Health Effects of Agent Orange and Dioxins Part II (Oral Session)
3236.0Prevention of Vision Loss from Diabetes (Oral Session)
3237.0Breast Cancer: Surviving the System (Oral Session)
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3245.0Engaging Communities of Color in Genetics Policy-Making (Oral Session)
3248.0Taking It to the Streets -- and the Highways! HIV Risk and Prevention among Sex Workers and Truck Drivers (Oral Session)
3250.0HIV/AIDS Issues in Africa (Oral Session)
3251.0Prevention of Disease: Strategies targeting behaviors (Oral Session)
3252.0Impacting Breastfeeding Duration: What Makes a Difference? (Oral Session)
3254.0Universities and the Health of the Disadvantaged (Oral Session)
3256.0Reproductive Health Services: International Perspectives (Oral Session)
3257.0Community Participation in Health Promotion (Oral Session)
3258.0Global Human Rights Issues (Oral Session)
3259.0Monitoring the Activities of the Purveyors of Addiction Among Youth (Oral Session)
3261.0Dating Violence (Oral Session)

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

8:00 AM-9:45 AM Tue
4000.0Helen Rodriguez-Trias Breakfast - Latino Caucus (Oral Session)
8:30 AM-10:00 AM Tue
4002.0Ceilings and Salaries: Addressing Barriers to Minority Faculty Recruitment and Development (Oral Session)
4016.0The Global Health Issues within Asian Pacific Islanders (Poster Session)
4017.0AIDS in Africa and African-American Communities: Learning From Each Other (Oral Session)
4018.0 The Nature of Housing for Persons with Serious Mental Illness: Cross-Site Findings from the CMHS Housing Initiative (Oral Session)
4020.0The Health Status of Refugee and Immigrant Communities (Oral Session)
4025.0Current Issues in Community Health Worker Programs (Poster Session)
4026.0Health Promotion and Wellness (Oral Session)
4027.0Water Quality and Health: New Directions (Oral Session)
4030.0Antibiotic Use in Agriculture: Enormous Volumes, Public Health Risks (Oral Session)
4031.0Ensuring Safe Food Supplies (Oral Session)
4032.0Ethics and Justice (Oral Session)
4034.0Medicare and Managed Care - Health Services and Financing (Oral Session)
4037.0Cutting Edge Approaches and the Newest Trends in HIV/AIDS Epidemiology and Surveillance (Oral Session)
4039.0Topics in Firearm Injury (Oral Session)
4041.0Global Wealth, Global Health: What Does a Healthy Economy Mean for the Health of the World's Poor? (Oral Session)
4042.0Impact of International Health on the United States (Oral Session)
4043.0Privatization: Impact of Multilateral Development Banks on Worker & Public Health (Oral Session)
4045.0Gay and Bisexual Men's Health (Oral Session)
4047.0Maternal Health Services in Developing Countries (Oral Session)
4049.0From Research to Action: Intervention to Reduce Family Violence (Oral Session)
4049.1Globalizing Inequality: International Trade Agreements and the Threat to National Health Systems (Oral Session)
4049.2Racial and Ethnic dispairties in Medical Care (Oral Session)
4049.3Public Health Consequences of Super-Maximum Security Prisons (Oral Session)
4054.0Stress and Mental Health: Cultural Diversity and Risk in the Transition to Adulthood (Oral Session)
4064.0Intimate Violence and Reproductive Health (Oral Session)
4065.0Preparing the Ground: Radio Serial Dramas and HIV-Related Behavior Change in Africa (Oral Session)
4068.0Health Inequalities and Public Health Strategies in the Nordic Countries-Is There Anything To Learn From a More Egalitarian Society? (Oral Session)
4069.0Adolescent and Child Health (Oral Session)
4070.0Health Communication Theory and Research: Foundation for Practice (Oral Session)
4071.0Community Partnerships (Oral Session)
4073.0Urban Health Care (Oral Session)
4076.0It's Just Not Fair!: Inequalities and Disparities in Health (Oral Session)
4077.0Critical Classrooms, Global Perspectives: Progressive Curricula for Teaching About Determinants of Global Health (Oral Session)
4079.0Using Regional and National Data to Improve Local Health Assessments (Oral Session)
4080.0Health Issues for Mid-life and Older Women (Oral Session)
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Tue
4104.0Health and Health Care of South Asians (Oral Session)
4105.0Domestic Violence among Asian Americans (Oral Session)
4106.0Has the Promise of Research Reached the Community? Local and Global Perspectives (Oral Session)
4107.0Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues Among the Homeless (Oral Session)
4109.0Community Programs for Promoting Healthy Infants and Children (Poster Session)
4110.0The Violent Matrix: A New Way of Examining Violence in our Communities (Oral Session)
4113.0The Insured and Uninsured: Barriers to Health Care Access (Poster Session)
4114.0CHWs as Activists: Addressing the Needs of the Community (Oral Session)
4115.0Making Collaboration and Innovation “Business as Usual”: Sustainable Models of Community-Based Public Health from the Turning Point Initiative (Oral Session)
4116.0National Survey of SSI Children and Families (Oral Session)
4120.0Global Transport of Air Toxics (Oral Session)
4121.0Lead and Allergens in the Indoor Environment (Oral Session)
4122.0Contested Environmental Illnesses: Theoretical/Conceptual/Empirical Challenges to Traditional Approaches (Oral Session)
4125.0Epidemiologic Studies of Multiple Sclerosis: Prevalence and Risk Factors (Oral Session)
4126.0Topics in Immunizations and the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (Oral Session)
4127.0Nutrition Away from Home (Oral Session)
4128.0Reconciling Emerging International Research Ethics Guidelines (Oral Session)
4129.0Older Women and Minorities - Health and Health Services (Poster Session)
4130.0Rural Health and Aging (Oral Session)
4131.0End of Life Care (Oral Session)
4137.0Communities in the Wake of Public Hospitals Closures (Oral Session)
4138.0Patient Rights and Managed Care (Oral Session)
4140.0The Importance of Culture: HIV Prevention and Care Issues for Latina/os, African Americans, and Asian and Pacific Islanders (Oral Session)
4141.0Community Interventions & Evaluation (Poster Session)
4146.0Environmental Factors & Design for Safety (Oral Session)
4149.0The Laboratory Role in Outbreak Investigation and Biomonitoring (Poster Session)
4151.0Border Health - How is the Health of Our Neighbors Influencing Our Own Health? (Oral Session)
4152.0Substance Use and Substance Use Treatment Issues Among LGBT Individuals (Oral Session)
4154.0Economic Studies of Provider Behavior (Oral Session)
4155.0World Conference Against Racism: Connections and Directions (Oral Session)
4156.0Predicting Medical Care Utilization: Health Services Research (Oral Session)
4162.0Public Health and Nuclear Weapons (Oral Session)
4163.0The Expanding Contraceptive Choice Program (Oral Session)
4164.0Innovations in Reproductive Health Programs (Oral Session)
4165.0Power in Sexual Relationships: An International Focus (Oral Session)
4167.0For Talking Out Loud! Strategies for Successful Public Speaking (Oral Session)
4168.0Evaluation of Abstinence Only Curricula (Oral Session)
4170.0Going the Extra "Smile": Emotional Labor, Race, and the Emergence of the Emotional Proletariat (Oral Session)
4172.0Patient Education Strategies to Prevent Vision Loss (Oral Session)
4173.0Screening for Intimate Partner Violence: CDC Findings (Oral Session)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Tue
4178.0Alternative Therapies in Women's Health (Oral Session)
4179.0Programs for Native Elders and Youth (Oral Session)
4187.0The Impact Of Health Behavior On Global Health (Oral Session)
4188.0Issues and Application of the CMHS/CSAT Homeless Families Initiative (Oral Session)
4192.0Managed Care: Is It Serving Our Needs? (Oral Session)
4194.0Children With Disabilities (Oral Session)
4195.0Environmental Health Challenges Abroad (Oral Session)
4197.0The New Economy and Old Health Problems (Oral Session)
4199.0Epidemiology Contributed Papers-Asthma and Other Chronic Diseases (Oral Session)
4200.0New Directions in Nutrition and Activity Surveillance (Oral Session)
4201.0A Food and Nutrition Summer Institute: An Experience Shared by HBCU's in Africa (Oral Session)
4202.0Ethics of International Research (Oral Session)
4203.0Quality of Care in Nursing Homes (Oral Session)
4204.0Addressing Health Disparities of Native American Elders: National Program Models (Oral Session)
4205.0Tobacco Related Behavior Change: Infrastructure and Organizational Capacity Required to Develop and Implement Programming That Will Make a Difference (Panel Discussion Session)
4207.0Access to Care: Children and Adolescents (Oral Session)
4208.0Emerging Issues in Public Health Regulation (Oral Session)
4209.0Bridging the Gap: Needs Assessment for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention (Roundtable Session)
4209.1Stigma, Morality and Disclosure of HIV Status to Others (Oral Session)
4210.0Violence in the Community (Oral Session)
4211.0Socioeconomic Determinants and Health Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean (Oral Session)
4212.0Financing of Immunization Programs (Oral Session)
4213.0An International Public Health Laboratory Consortium for the Global AIDS Program (Oral Session)
4215.0Youth Focused Interventions Produce Strong Adolescents (Oral Session)
4217.0Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs: Health Care Access and Utilization (Oral Session)
4218.0Social Science Perspectives on Health Care: Access, Delivery and Outcome (Oral Session)
4220.0Social Inequality and Public Health: the Evidence Versus the Backlash - The P. Ellen Parsons Memorial Session (Oral Session)
4221.0Mental Health Policy at the Crossroads: Looking Forward and Back Over 40 Years (Oral Session)
4227.0Chronic Diseases (Oral Session)
4228.0Power in Sexual Relationships: Focus on the U.S (Oral Session)
4229.0Emergency Contraception (Oral Session)
4230.0Research on Dual Protection and the Female Condom (Oral Session)
4231.0Health Education Challenges and the Human Genome: Focus on the Future (Oral Session)
4234.0Global Public Health Nursing (Oral Session)
4235.0National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nursing Organizations and Public Health Nursing Strategic Plan (Oral Session)
4238.0Public Health Social Work Practice and Models (Oral Session)
4239.0Fighting for Our Lives: Using Research to Change the World Part 1 (Oral Session)
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Tue
4247.0Botanical Issues in Public Health (Oral Session)
4248.0Partnerships: Communities, Agencies and International Networks (Oral Session)
4251.0Achieving Healthy People 2010 Goals for Asian American and Pacific Islanders (Poster Session)
4252.0Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B among Asian Americans (Oral Session)
4253.0Innovative Programs for Homeless Persons (Oral Session)
4256.0Community-based Participatory Planning, Action and Evaluation: The East Side Village Health Worker Partnership (Oral Session)
4257.0Taking it to the Streets: Grassroots Activism for Achieving Universal Coverage (Oral Session)
4261.0Assessing How the Needs of Immigrant Populations are Being Served by Their Health Plans (Oral Session)
4263.0Barriers to Participation (Oral Session)
4264.0Community-Based Environmental Health (Poster Session)
4265.0Regional Spotlight on Environmental Health Issues in the Southeast US (Poster Session)
4268.0Community and Environment: Understanding Local Exposures and Populations At-Risk (Oral Session)
4272.0Cross-cultural Perspectives on Obesity Prevention in Low-income Children (Oral Session)
4273.0Ethical Issues in Translating Information into Public Health Policy (Oral Session)
4275.0Exercise and Health for Older Adults (Oral Session)
4280.0Access to Care and Disadvantaged Populations (Oral Session)
4281.0Saving Atlanta's Grady Hospital (Oral Session)
4282.0From Sea to Shining Sea: Models of Rural HIV Care Delivery Across the United States (Oral Session)
4285.0Breastfeeding and MCH (Oral Session)
4286.0Equity Gauges: Active Monitoring of Health Inequities at the Country Level (Oral Session)
4287.0Health and the Civil Society in an Emerging Global Community (Oral Session)
4288.0Healthy Municipalities, Communities, and Schools in the Americas (Oral Session)
4289.0Strengthening Laboratory Capacity in Developing Countries - Practical Experiences (Oral Session)
4290.0Community Empowerment and Coalition Building That Represent Success On Reducing Disparities Among Latino And/Or Other Communities In The United States And Other Countries In The World (Oral Session)
4291.0LGBT Issues within Healthy People 2010 (Oral Session)
4292.0Current Issues in Women's Health (Poster Session)
4293.0Adolescent Health Updates (Poster Session)
4297.0Human Rights and Women's Health Across the Globe (Oral Session)
4298.0Measuring Health Disparities in the Most Diverse State: The California Health Interview Survey (Oral Session)
4298.1Interfacing Mental Health and Primary Health Care Needs and Services - From Research to Organizational Change (Oral Session)
4298.3Consumer Involvement in Policy-making and Evaluation (Oral Session)
4299.0Interface of Mental Health and Criminal Justice (Oral Session)
4302.0Providing Access to Care Through Dental Hygienists in School-Based Programs (Oral Session)
4303.0Prevention (Oral Session)
4304.0The Politics, Legality and Impact of the New "Global Gag Rule" (Panel Discussion Session)
4305.0Abortion Issues Around the World (Oral Session)
4305.1MCH, Infertility, and Related Topics (Poster Session)
4305.2Reproductive Health: Global and Local (Poster Session)
4307.0The Human Rights Spectrum: Promoting Tolerance Locally, Nationally and Globally (Oral Session)
4308.0KNOW NOW: A Social Marketing Campaign for Increasing Awareness of HIV Status (Oral Session)
4310.0Evaluating the Impact of Home Visiting (Oral Session)
4311.0Preventive Health Issues Low Income and Minority Women (Poster Session)
4312.0Community Linkages for Education and Practice (Poster Session)
4313.0Rural and Latino Health Issues (Poster Session)
4317.0School and Community Liaisons for Preventing Pregnancy and STDs/HIV (Poster Session)
4319.0Reaching the Hard to Reach Youth with Alternative Programs (Poster Session)
4322.0Fighting for Our Lives: Using Research to Change the World Part 2 (Oral Session)
4324.0Health of Incarcerated Women (Oral Session)
4325.0Poster Session: Women's Lives, Women's Health (Poster Session)
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Tue
4332.0The Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center: Research Findings and Lessons Learned in the Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Community-Based Participatory Research Partnerships (Oral Session)
4333.1Health and Health Care of Older Hispanics and African Americans (Oral Session)
4334.0Identifying HIV Risk and Targeting Prevention: Applications of Social Network Research (Oral Session)
4335.0Integrating HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse Prevention in Minority Communities: A U.S. National Initiative (Oral Session)
4336.0Safe Water Saves Lives (Oral Session)
4337.0Infectious Diseases: New Issues, New Approaches (Oral Session)
4339.0Public and Private Roles in Delivering Health Services (Oral Session)
4343.0Medical Abortion: Emerging Issues (Oral Session)
4344.0Health Education and Special Populations (Oral Session)

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Wed
5009.0Cancer Control for Asian Americans (Oral Session)
5010.0The Contribution of Stress To Excess Death in Communities of Color: Global Perspectives (Oral Session)
5011.0Health Issues Among the Homeless (Poster Session)
5014.0Primary Care Access, Quality and Outcomes in Underserved Populations (Oral Session)
5015.0Serving Cultural and Linguistic Minorities in the Community (Oral Session)
5016.0The W.K. Kellogg Community Health Scholars Program: Developing a Network of Community-Based Public Health Scholars (Oral Session)
5017.0Disability Potpourri: Assistive Technology, Employment (Oral Session)
5017.1Emerging Links: Exploring Environmental Determinants of Parkinson's, Diabetes, and Cancer (Oral Session)
5019.0Children's Environmental Health (Poster Session)
5021.0The Cape Cod Story: A Scientific Journey to Understand Environmental Determinants of Breast Cancer (Oral Session)
5022.0Healthy Schools (Oral Session)
5024.0Contemporary Issues in Environmental Health (Poster Session)
5027.0Epidemiology Reproductive and Women's Health (Oral Session)
5028.0Epidemiology Contributed Papers - Pot Pouri (Oral Session)
5031.0Sizing Up Women's Weight Issues (Oral Session)
5031.1Can You Keep A Secret? Privacy and Confidentiality (Oral Session)
5032.0Should Public Health Have a Code of Ethics? (Oral Session)
5033.0Current Issues in Health & Health Care for the Elderly (Poster Session)
5035.0Minority Health and Aging (Oral Session)
5036.0Clinical and Racial Issues in Caring for Older Adults (Poster Session)
5039.0Policy Issues in Public Health (Oral Session)
5040.0Increasing Access by Enhancing Cultural Competence (Oral Session)
5043.0Women at Risk for HIV: A Collection of Posters on Sex and Drug Use Risk Among Adult and Adolescent Women (Poster Session)
5044.0Chasing (and Taming?) the Dragon: Posters on HIV Risk and Risk-reduction for Drug Users (Poster Session)
5045.0Domestic Violence (Oral Session)
5049.0Conflict and Health Issues in Economic Sanctions (Oral Session)
5051.0Malaria and Other Infectious Diseases (Oral Session)
5052.0Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Services (Oral Session)
5053.0From Theory to Serology: A Collection of Papers on HIV Testing (Oral Session)
5055.0LGBT Programs and Methods (Oral Session)
5056.0Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology in Action (Poster Session)
5057.0Breastfeeding (Poster Session)
5058.0Supporting Families and Communities to Promote Child Health (Poster Session)
5059.0Children at Risk and Children With Special Health Care Needs (Poster Session)
5066.0Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Sexuality Around the World (Oral Session)
5067.0Qualitative Approaches to Understanding Reproductive Health (Oral Session)
5072.0HIV/AIDS Care and Caregivers (Oral Session)
5076.1Race, Ethnicity, and Reducing Disparities: Are We Headed in the Right Direction? (Oral Session)
5078.0Meeting the Challenge of the Double Burden of Disease in Less Developed Countries: New Methods for Health Examination Surveys (Oral Session)
5079.0Rape and Sexual Assault: It Still Happens (Oral Session)
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Wed
5088.0Alternative Therapies for Selected Indications and Populations - Part I (Oral Session)
5089.0Critical and Emerging Issues in Native Health Care (Oral Session)
5092.0Access to Care: Policies and Programs for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (Oral Session)
5093.0Global Health: Fostering Healthy Communities Through Innovative Initiatives (Oral Session)
5094.0The Healthy Start Partnership at its Best (Oral Session)
5095.0Access to Services of Homeless Persons (Oral Session)
5096.0What is Cultural Competence? (Oral Session)
5098.0Community Action Research in Cuba:The Cayo Hueso Project (Oral Session)
5099.0Service And Prevention For Community Members With HIV/AIDS, TB And Other Infectious Diseases (Oral Session)
5100.0Sustainability and Policy Development, Including Advocacy Strategies and Integrating CHWs Into the Health Care System (Oral Session)
5101.0Successful Strategies for Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Among American Indian and Alaska Native Women (Oral Session)
5102.0Disability Potpourri: Various Topics (Oral Session)
5103.0Community-Based Participatory Research I: Housing and Health (Oral Session)
5109.0Developing a Code of Ethics for Public Health (Oral Session)
5110.0Healthy and Successful Aging (Oral Session)
5111.0Issues in Nursing Home Care (Oral Session)
5111.1Consumer Directed Care (Oral Session)
5112.0Quality Improvement for Diabetes: Lessons from the CDC (Oral Session)
5115.0Public Health Law at the Federal Level (Oral Session)
5116.0Popping Pills for Life: Adherence to HIV Medications (Roundtable Session)
5117.0Can We Talk? Parental Influence on Adolescents' Norms and Behaviors about Sex and HIV (Oral Session)
5119.0Health Care Workers: Why You Should Join a Union (Oral Session)
5120.0LGBT Youth Research (Oral Session)
5121.0Folic Acid Update: Innovations in Perinatal Research and Programs - Are We Doing Enough to Prevent Neural Tube Defects? (Oral Session)
5122.0Fatal Child Abuse and Fatal Domestic Violence (Oral Session)
5123.0Access to Health Care: Health Services Research Contributed Papers (Oral Session)
5124.0International Comparisons of Health Care Equity and Effectiveness (Oral Session)
5125.0Social and Behavioral Factors in Access to and Provision of Health Care (Oral Session)
5126.0Psychiatric Epidemiology: International Perspectives (Oral Session)
5128.0Interface of Mental Health and Health: Focus on Cultural Differences (Oral Session)
5132.0Public Health Impact of Conflict in Palestine (Oral Session)
5133.0Preventing HIV/STDs and Unintended Pregnancy: Focus on Teens (Oral Session)
5134.0HIV Prevention in Adolescents (Oral Session)
5135.0Formation of an Intimate Partner Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (Oral Session)
5136.0Youth Health Risks (Oral Session)
5137.0Community and Work Force Assessment (Oral Session)
5138.0Opportunities for Service and Career in International Health (Oral Session)
5139.0Perspectives on Sexuality Education around the World (Oral Session)
5140.0Influencing Public Policy on School Nutrition Programs (Oral Session)
5142.0Vision Care Outreach (Oral Session)
5143.0STD's: Cultural Issues in Prevention (Oral Session)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Wed
5149.0Alternative Therapies for Selected Indications and Populations - Part II (Oral Session)
5150.0Issues in Chronic Disease Management in Native Populations (Oral Session)
5154.0Designing Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Programs for Adolescent Health (Oral Session)
5156.0HIV and STD Prevention Program Integration: How Are We Doing? (Panel Discussion Session)
5158.0Responding to Community Health Issues via Participatory Community-Based Health Partnerships (Roundtable Session)
5160.0Just for Kids:Communicating Pediatric Environmental Health Risks (Oral Session)
5161.0Community-Based Participatory Research II: Communities in Action (Oral Session)
5162.0Global Environmental Policy: Contemplating the Impact of International Treaties on Environmental Stewardship (Oral Session)
5163.0Integrating Preventive Health Information Systems (Oral Session)
5165.0Making a Difference: Trends in Policy (Oral Session)
5166.0Ethics and Practice: How is it Taught and Learned? (Oral Session)
5167.0International and Cross Cultural Issues in Health Care for the Elderly (Oral Session)
5168.0Drug Use and Abuse Among the Elderly (Oral Session)
5170.0Managed Care, Hospitals and Quality of Care (Oral Session)
5172.0Public Health Law at the State and Local Levels (Oral Session)
5174.0Risk Factors & Interventions for Motor Vehicle Injuries (Oral Session)
5177.0New Directions for Immunization in Developing Countries: the Global Alliance (Oral Session)
5179.0Post Natural Disaster and Refugee Health Issues (Oral Session)
5180.0US/Mexico HIV/AIDS Border Health Initiative: A Multi-site Research Effort (Panel Discussion Session)
5181.0Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Health (Oral Session)
5182.0Caring For Our Children: Using National Health and Safety Performance Standards To Improve quality in Out -of -Home Child Care Programs (Panel Discussion Session)
5184.0Deadly Interiors: The Histories of Housing, Lead Paint, and the Public Health - Part 1 (Oral Session)
5190.0Community-based Models for Access and Prevention (Oral Session)
5191.0Reinvigorating Family Planning/Reproductive and Sexual Health by Training Leaders (Panel Discussion Session)
5192.0Pregnancy Prevention and Sexual Health: U.S. Programs for Teens (Oral Session)
5193.0Health Promotion on the US-Mexico Border (Oral Session)
5194.0Using Communication Strategies to Impact Diverse Audiences (Oral Session)
5196.0Strategies for Strengthening Home Visiting (Oral Session)
5197.0Health Disparities and Access to Care (Oral Session)
5199.0Developing a Career as a Public Health Professional (Oral Session)
5201.0Stopping the Bleeding: Getting a Handle on Juvenile Violence (Oral Session)
5202.0Sustaining Social Work in Healthcare (Oral Session)
5204.0Political and Social Influences on Women's Health (Oral Session)
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Wed
5209.0Ke Ala Ola Pono... Restoring the Health of Lahui Hawai'i (Native Hawaiian Community)...A Self-determination Health-Care Model Incorporating Culturally Appropriate Practices Including Integrated Traditional Medicine and Traditional Native Hawaiian Healing Practices in a Developing Universal Health Care Infrastructure Delivery System (Oral Session)
5213.0Peer Worker Programs for HIV and TB Adherence in Harlem (Oral Session)
5219.0Deafness and Communication Disability (Oral Session)
5221.0Hot Topics in Food Safety (Oral Session)
5224.0Grading our Schools: Promoting Nutrition and Health (Oral Session)
5225.0Home Care for the Elderly (Oral Session)
5227.0Medicaid and Public Health (Oral Session)
5228.0Incorporation of Genetics in Public Health Practice (Oral Session)
5229.0Quality Improvement in Public Health: Four Examples of Programs that Work (Oral Session)
5231.0Linking HIV Prevention and Care in the United States (Oral Session)
5232.0One World-Global Health: The HIV/AIDS Section's Best International Abstracts--A Focus on Africa (Oral Session)
5236.0Post-conflict Health Issues (Oral Session)
5237.0International Reproductive Health Issues (Oral Session)
5238.0Development of the Redes En Acción Network: (Panel Discussion Session)
5239.0Epidemiology of Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Developing Countries (Oral Session)
5240.0Safe Motherhood - United States (Oral Session)
5241.0Deadly Interiors: The Histories of Housing, Lead Paint, and the Public Health - Part 2 (Oral Session)
5242.0Novel Applications of Economic Analysis to Important Public Health Issues (Oral Session)
5242.1Epidemilogy of Psychiatric Disorder among Youth in Juvenile Justice Setting: Research and Implications (Oral Session)
5242.2Mental Health Managed Care (Oral Session)
5248.0Dying for Growth (Oral Session)
5249.0Policy and Politics: The Impact on Reproductive Health (Oral Session)
5250.0The Role of Men in Reproductive Health: International Perspectives (Oral Session)
5251.0Health Education and Youth (Oral Session)
5252.0From Advocacy to Implementation and Evaluation: South Carolina Statewide Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (Oral Session)
5255.0Infectious Diseases (Oral Session)
5256.0Challenges in Community-based Care (Oral Session)
5257.0School Health (Oral Session)
5258.0Investigating Racial Disparities Among Hispanic and African American Medicaid Populations (Oral Session)
5261.0Domestic Violence (Oral Session)
6:30 PM-8:00 PM Wed
5262.0Evening in Celebration of the Work of Milton Roemer: Presentation of the Viseltear Award; The Role of Medical Care in Public Health (Oral Session)

Thursday, October 25, 2001

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Thu
6004.0Planning In The Public Interest (Oral Session)
6008.0Epidemiology Contributed Papers-HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse (Oral Session)
6009.0Nutrition Trends in International and Immigrant Populations (Oral Session)
6010.0Diet, Disease, Behavior--What's the Link? (Oral Session)
6013.0Positive Prevention: HIV Risk and Prevention Among HIV+ Populations (Oral Session)
6014.0Capacity-Building for HIV Prevention and Care: Resources, Strategies and Outcomes (Oral Session)
6016.0Issues in Suicide (Oral Session)
6017.0Empowerment in International Health (Oral Session)
6018.0Applying the Process of Care Model to Quality Improvement Research (Oral Session)
6020.0Community Models for Reaching Special Populations (Oral Session)
6021.0Improving Client Provider Interactions in Reproductive Health Programs (Oral Session)
6021.1California's Male Involvement Program (Oral Session)
6021.2Performance Improvement - a Common Model Focusing on Health Results (Oral Session)
6024.0Cultural Impact on Health (Oral Session)
6026.0Interdisciplinary Responses to Domestic Violence (Oral Session)

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