Monday, November 17, 2003

Monday, November 17, 2003

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Business Meetings

* = Presentation files available online

6:30 AM-8:00 AM Mon
300.0Caucus on Homelessness Business Meeting
301.0Chiropractic section Business meeting II
302.0Community Health Planning and Policy Development - Candidates II
303.0Environment Section Business Meeting III
304.0ICEHS New Members Breakfast and Business Meeting
305.0IH Business Meeting II
306.0Laboratory Section Breakfast Business Meeting
307.0MCH Section Leadership Meeting
308.0Business Meeting
309.0Abortion Task Force
310.0Task Force on Reproductive Health Communications
311.0Task Force: HIV/STDs/Teen Pregnancy Prevention
312.0PHEHP Business Meeting
313.0PHEHP Health Communication Workgroup Meeting
314.0Public Health Nursing Section Business Meeting
315.0Coalition of National Health Organizations
316.0Social Work Program Planning and Business Meeting

7:00 AM-8:00 AM Mon
317.0Business Meeting # 3
318.0Medical Care Section Council Business Meeting #3
319.0The New Freedom Commission Report Breakfast

7:30 AM-10:00 AM Mon
320.0Committee on Affiliates Business Meeting

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Mon
321.0Equal Health Opportunity Committee Business Meeting II
3000.0Excellence in Academic-Practice Linkages I: Strengthening the Infrastructure
3001.0Excellence in Academic-Practice Linkages II: Stregthening the Infrastructure
3002.0Delta Omega Honorary Society of Public Health: Excellence in Student Research
3003.0Rethinking the Unrecognized Herpesvirus Epidemic: HSV-2 Testing, Treatment, and Preventing Transmission
3004.0ATOD Special Session
3005.0Managed Care in Substance Abuse Treatment
3006.0Addicted to Profit: The Tobacco Industry Goes Global
3007.0Influence of Lifestyle on Native Communities
3008.0Late Breaking Developments in Public Health
3009.0Health & Spirituality
3009.1State Rankings for Health: Methods and Issues
3010.0Committee on Women's Rights Session
3011.0NACCHO (MAPP) Session
3012.0Steps to a HealthierUS: Prevention Implementation Strategies for National and Community Levels; Small Changes Can Yield Dramatic Health Benefits
3013.0Torture and Human Rights
3014.0Strengthening Public Health Through Information Partnerships
3015.0Emerging Health Issues among API Populations
3016.0Program/Project Sustainability in Underserved Neighborhoods
3017.0International responses to homelessness
3018.0Integrating CAM curricula into medical education: An intersectional session joint-sponsored by Chiropractic Health Care and Alternative and Complementary Health Practices sections
3019.0Obesity, Diabetes and Nutrition: Improving Services/Changing Lifestyle Behaviors
3020.0GIS and Mapping as a Tool for Planning and Policy Development I
3021.0Enlisting Collaboratives for Data Collection
3022.0HIV, TB and Hepatitis B Prevention and Services for the Incarcerated *
3023.0Improving Access for Underserved Populations: Success Stories from the W.K. Kellogg Community Voices Initiative
3024.0Transforming Communities through Popular Education
3025.0The Healthy Environments Partnership: A Community-Based Approach to Understanding and Reducing Heart Disease in Detroit
3026.0Technologies and Disabilities
3027.0Children's Environmental Health & Vulnerable Populations Poster Session - Childhood Lead Poisoning
3028.0Environmental Health Policy Strategies Poster Session
3029.0Innovative Topics - Developing Environmental Health Indicators and Outcome Measures: Poster Session
3029.1Environment Section Student Award Poster Session
3029.2Late Breakers I - Exploring the Connections Between the Environment, Impacts on the Central Nervous System, and Associated Health Conditions including Developmental/Learning Disabilities and Multiple Sclerosis
3030.0Career Development in Epidemiology Roundtable
3031.0Asthma Surveillance in California: Linking Data and Programs
3032.0Epidemiologic Methods for Studies Related to Cancer
3033.0Behavior, Lifestyle and Social Determinants of Health: Session I
3034.0Epidemiologic Applications of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
3035.0Ethics Forum Poster Session
3036.0Addressing Type 2 Diabetes In The U.S. Population
3037.0Nutrition and Physical Activity Promotion in the Faith Community
3038.0Clinical Issues in Aging
3039.0Current Issues in Health and Health Care for Older Adults *
3040.0Hot Topics in Aging and Health
3041.0Innovations for Older Adults' Health and Well-being
3042.0Innovations in Long-term Care
3043.0Quality of Life in the Later Years
3044.0The Internet and Public Health Practice: Emerging Technology for Public Health
3045.0Public Health Preparedness at the Local Level: Planning and Organizational Issues
3046.0Emerging Issues in Public Health
3047.0Epidemiology and Surveillance Poster Session *
3048.0HIV Prevention Poster Session
3049.0International HIV Care & Prevention Poster Session
3050.0Research and Evaluation Poster Session
3051.0Treatment Poster Session
3053.0Latebreaker Presentations in Injury Control
3054.0Leadership and Training Initiatives in Violence Prevention and Injury Control
3055.0SARS: Response to a Global Epidemic
3057.0Policies and Practices of Development Agencies *
3058.0Access to care as a determinant of health
3059.0Adolescent Health: Behavior Change, Health Risk Attitudes and Risky Behavior
3060.0Hospital Support for Breastfeeding and Associated Outcomes
3061.0Health Services Research Findings in Maternal and Child Health
3062.0Infant & Child Health: Fetal alcohol syndrome diagnosis and epidemiology *
3063.0Health Care Management Issues (Health Services Research Contributed Papers #1)
3064.0Ethnic and Racial Disparities Contributed Papers: Patient-Provider Relationship and Communication
3065.0Mental Health Care in the Criminal/Juvenile Justice Systems
3066.0Culture-Specific Mental Health Intervention
3067.0Developing and Sustaining Participatory Research Partnerships between Clinicians, Worker Organizations and Academics
3068.0Youth Voices on Health and Safety at Work and in the Community: Part 1
3069.0Family Planning Reproductive Health Services for Men *
3070.0Availability, Access, and Quality of Global Reproductive Health Services
3071.0Maintaining Access to Abortion Care
3072.0Contraceptive Services and Behavior
3073.0New Developments in Reproductive Health Programs
3074.0Bridging the Cultural Divide
3075.0Risk Taking and Sexual Behavior
3076.0Bioterrorism: From Vaccines to Resistance
3077.0Women: Things that Make Us Worry
3078.0Health Communication at the Interdisciplinary Crossroads: A Venn Diagram vis-à-vis Public Health Education, Health Promotion and Social Marketing
3079.0Violence and Health Disparity Research
3080.0Physical Activity: A Plan for Life
3081.0Public Health Student Caucus: Poster Session I
3082.0Public Health Student Caucus: Poster Session II
3083.0The Ups and Downs of School Physical Activity
3084.0Financial, Racial and Ethnic Disparities of a Diverse Population
3085.0Public Health: Politics, Ethics and Activism
3086.0Current Public Health Issues: Statistical Analyses
3087.0Outreach Programs for Allied Health Care in the Community (Joint-sponsored by Vision Care & Oral Health)
3088.0Women's Healthcare Choices in the Second Half of Life
3089.0HPV and Women *

10:00 AM-12:00 PM Mon
324.0Universal Health Care Business Meeting

10:00 AM-7:00 PM Mon
325.0Joint Policy Committee Executive Session Business Meeting

10:30 AM-12:00 PM Mon
3090.0The 2002 Seminal IOM Reports: Response Dialouges Between Academia & Practice
3091.0Think Globally -- Work Locally: Research Needed to Advance Tobacco Control Around the World
3092.0Tobacco Media and Marketing *
3093.0Puerto Rico: Advancing the Island's Alcohol Policies
3094.0Body, Mind and Spirit in Public Health - Part I
3095.0Impacting Diabetes
3096.0Advertising and Marketing to Kids: A Dialogue
3097.0Promoting Public Health Practice in the Journal (Joint-sponsored by the Editorial Board and Editorial Team)
3098.0Media Advocacy: How to Work with the Media
3099.0Unfinished Business: Child Health in the 21st Century
3100.0Health Literacy: Empowering Disadvantaged Populations
3101.0NNPHI Session - Model Programs of Members of the National Network of Public Health Institutes
3102.0PHF Session I - Covening Public Health Systems Research Leadership Forum
3103.0The International Human Rights Crisis in Prison
3104.0Health hazards in the environment – National Library of Medicine information resources for health professionals and the public
3105.0Health Issues of Asian American and Pacific Islander Women
3106.0The Role of Health Workers and Community Education Strategies
3108.0Health Disparities Among Immigrants: Risks and Outcomes
3109.0Prevention in Chiropractic
3110.0Community Partnerships that Work to Improve the Public's Health
3111.0Methodological Techniques and Tools Utilized in Health Care Planning, Policy Development and Evaluation - I
3112.0The Synergism of Violence and Substance Abuse
3113.0Role of the Built Environment and Socio-cultural Context on Diabetes Prevention, Management and Treatment in Six Racial/ethnic Minority, Low-income Communities Throughout California
3114.0Community Health Workers as Activists: Meeting the Needs of the Community
3115.0Disability Measurement and Classification
3116.0Terrorism - Planning for Potential Contamination Threats
3117.0Children’s Environmental Health & Vulnerable Populations - Disproportional Affected Communities
3118.0Environmental Health & Policy - Building the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network Through Effective Partnerships
3119.0Innovative Epidemiologic Methods for Community-based Investigations
3120.0Chronic Disease Epidemiology
3121.0Highlighting California Activities in Foods and Nutrition *
3122.0Innovative Partnerships In Health Promotion & Disease Prevention For Older Adults
3123.0One Year After Implementation of a Nursing Home Consumer Information System: What is the Impact?
3124.0Innovative Use of Technology in Public Health Practice *
3125.0Public Health Preparedness at the Local Level: Examples of Sucessful Efforts
3126.0Doing it all: Can We Enhance Preparedness and Maintain Core Activities?
3127.0National Legislative and Regulatory Update on Issues Affecting Safety Net Providers
3127.1Health Disparities in the Golden State: Findings from the 2001 California Health Interview Survey
3128.0Special Populations Roundtable
3129.0Accessing Life-Saving Therapies Through The AIDS Drug Assistance Program
3130.0ICEHS Special Session: Case Studies in Translating Research into Practice in Injury Control
3131.0Acute Care of Injuries
3132.0Financing and Sustainability
3133.0Post-War Reconstruction in Health in Iraq
3134.0Malaria and Tuberculosis
3136.0Financing Family Friendly Systems for CSHCN *
3137.0Home Visiting Programs: Evaluations and Innovative Interventions
3138.0Research on High Risk Birth Outcomes and SIDS/Infant Mortality
3139.0Outstanding Student Papers in Maternal and Child Health
3140.0Access to Essential Medicines: Why can't we find a way to provide AIDS drugs to countries in the developing world? (Drug Policy and Pharmacy Services Committee Solicited Session)
3141.0Aftermath: Response to Terrorism and Other Disasters
3142.0Rema Lapouse Award Lecture
3143.0Worker Struggles Outside the U.S
3144.0Addressing Class and Cancer: Forging Labor and Public Health Coalitons in Cancer Prevention Efforts *
3145.0Young Workers: Cross-Cultural Issues
3146.0STI/HIV Prevention: The view from Reproductive Health *
3147.0Global Exchange: Domestic and International Reproductive Health Programs
3148.0Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention and Control: Initiating Change
3149.0Understanding the Needs, Desires, and Information Seeking Behaviors of Patients, the Public and the Health Communication Profession *
3150.0New Directions in Worksite Health Promotion Research and Practice
3152.0Competency and Collaboration
3153.0Strengthening the Profession of Health Education
3154.0Universal Health Care as the Civil Rights Struggle of the 21st Century
3155.0Immigrant California: Inequality and Public Health in Historical Perspective
3156.0Tracking Healthy People 2010
3157.0Helping Women Harmed by Sexual Abuse as Children

10:30 AM-12:30 PM Mon
3157.1Medicine and Public Health Initiative Renewal Panel and Workshop (sponsored by The Royal Institute of Public Health and Elsevier Science)

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
3158.0Department of Health Session
3159.0Partnerships in Preparedness – Academic and Practice Partners Working Together to Address Workforce Development
3160.0Quit Now! Tobacco Addiction Treatment Issues *
3161.0Risks and Protective Factors: Prevention of Substance Abuse *
3162.0Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity
3163.0Body, Mind and Spirit in Public Health - Part II
3164.0Changing Behavioral Patterns
3166.0MCH Institute Poster Session
3166.1“Is Childhood Obesity the Next Tobacco? The Growing Movement for State and Local Policy Reform
3167.0Committee on Affiliates Poster Session
3168.0Committee on Affiliates Student Poster Session
3169.0The NPHPSP and International Performance Standards Program: Performance assessment in practice (Part I)
3170.0Healthy Living Through Technology and Information (Joint-sponsored with SHES Section)
3171.0Health Issues of Under-Studied Asian American and Pacific Islander Subgroups *
3172.0The Black Young Professionals Public Health Network: Establishing Yourself as a Public Health Professional
3173.0Addressing Chronic Homelessness: The Implications of Federal Policy on Housing and Services
3174.0Impact of religion and spirituality on health
3175.0Disparities in Access to Care Among Refugee and Immigrant Populations *
3176.0Chiropractic Professional Issues: Populations, Conditions, Settings
3177.0Methodological Techniques and Tools Utilized in Health Care Planning, Policy Development and Evaluation - II
3178.0Uninsured: Reaching, Enrolling and Serving Them
3179.0Embracing Healthcare Access through Language Services
3180.0The Spectrum of Prevention: A Tool for Effective and Comprehensive Public Health Practice
3181.0Spotlight on Local Community Health Worker Programs
3182.0Design, Implementation and Evaluation: Community-Based Public Health
3183.0Health and Wellness Promotion--Innovative Programs
3184.0Homer N. Calver Lecture
3185.0What's New in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
3186.0The Emergent Majority: Will we have the data?
3187.0Smallpox Surveillance: Local, State and Federal Issues
3188.0Codes of Ethics and Professional Behavior
3189.0Food and Nutrition Posters I: Innovative Interventions
3190.0Food and Nutrition Posters II: Maternal and Child Health
3191.0Food and Nutrition Posters III: Health Disparities
3192.0Food and Nutrition Posters IV: Selected Topics *
3193.0Special Session: 2003 Award Winners for the Gerontological Health Section
3194.0Poster Session 1
3195.0Poster Session 2
3196.0Poster Session 3
3197.0Poster Session 4
3198.0Poster Session 5
3199.0Poster Session 6
3200.0Achieving universal healthcare: What are the states doing?
3201.0Latino Gay Men and HIV
3202.0Prevention Case Management for People Living With HIV/AIDS
3203.0Latebreaker Posters in Injury Control
3204.0Children, Youth, and Injury Prevention Posters
3205.0Injury Control Posters: Selected Topics
3206.0Monitoring the Injury Problem: Poster Session
3207.0Using Information for Public Health
3208.0Community Involvement
3209.0HIV and Behavior Change
3210.0Bioterrorism Laboratory Resources For Local Response And Health Care Management
3211.030 Years of Latino Caucus
3212.0Inclusive Curricula, School Safety, and LGBT Students
3213.0Mental Health Issues for the Maternal and Child Health Population
3214.0Suddent Infant Death and Infant Mortality *
3215.0Topics in Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology
3216.0Quality Improvement Comes of Age (Quality Improvement Contributed Papers #1) *
3217.0Population Density, Workforce, and Service Characteristics and Needs as Determinants of Rural Healthcare Delivery
3218.0P. Ellen Parsons Memorial Session: Globalization and Health
3219.0Health and Income: Determinants and Effects of Disparities (Health Economics Contributed Papers #1)
3220.0Violence: Etiology and Prevention Among Youth
3221.0Involving Consumers/Family in Treatment Decisions
3222.0Occupational Health Services Research: Evaluating the Outcomes, Cost and Quality of Care Among Employees
3223.0Workplace, Psychosocial Stress and Health: Current Research Approaches
3224.0Fire, Explosions and Toxic Releases in a Post 9/11 World
3225.0War and Public Health
3226.0Not the same old: Innovations in Teenage Pregnancy Prevention
3227.0Increasing Access to Care: The Role of Reproductive Health Policy
3228.0Strengthening the delivery of reproductive health: The issue of quality
3229.0Bridging the Gap: Integrating Maternal and Child Health and Reproductive Health
3230.0Lessons Learned from the CDC Teen Pregnancy Demonstration Project
3231.0Revisiting Family Planning Management and Sustainability: New Ideas for the 21st Century
3232.0What's New in Worksite Health Promotion Research and Practice?
3233.0Exemplary Student Work in Health Education and Promotion: Award Winners
3234.0Successful Online Teaching: Strategies and Tips
3235.0From Theory to Practice in Chronic Illness and Screening
3236.0Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives on the State and Local Level
3237.0Health Risk and Prevention Behaviors: Successful Examples of Communication Campaigns and Materials
3238.0Community Partnerships for Behavioral and Lifestyle Change
3238.1Community Assessment: The First Step
3239.0Promoting Competency Long Distance *
3240.0Health Communications: Understanding What I Mean *
3241.0Public Health Student Caucus: Welcome and Orientation
3242.0Improving the Nutritional Environment in California Schools
3243.0Impact of Welfare Reform on Families and Children *
3244.0Drug Pushers: How Big PhRMA is Hazardous to Women's Health
3245.0Multi-level Analysis of Racial Disparities in Preterm Birth Rates and Individual and Neighborhood Characteristics
3246.0Vision and Health Issues in Children (Joint-sponsored by Vision Care , School Health Education and Services and Maternal and Child Health)
3247.0Access to Care
3248.0Sexual Health in a Social Context
3249.0Panel on History of International Health

2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3250.0The Emerging Public Health Practice-Research Agenda: How it Will Shape, Improve and Transform Practice & Professional Education
3251.0David and Goliath and Alcohol Policy: Promising New Strategies for Advocacy
3252.0Politics and Policy of Tobacco Control
3253.0ATOD Special Session on Medicare Drug Benefit-I
3254.0Public Health Considerations for Acupuncture in the US
3256.0State of Art Policy Advocacy: Lessons from the Growing Grassroots Movement to Address Childhood Obesity
3256.1President's Session: Challenges and Opportunities Confronting the Public Health System in the 21st Century
3257.0Social Capital and Public Health: What's Happening at the State and Local Level
3258.0The NPHPSP and International Performance Standards Program: Findings and future directions of research (Part II)
3259.0Opportunities and Challenges to Use the Internet for Prevention
3260.0Information Technology in Smoking and Smoking Cessation (Joint-sponsored with SHES Section)
3261.0Project Brotherhood - The Woodlawn Health Center Experience
3262.0Housing and Services for People Who are Homeless
3263.0Healthy Aging: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives (An intersectional session joint-sponsored with Chiropractic Health Care, Public Health Nursing & Gerontological Health sections)
3264.0GIS and Concept Mapping as a Tool for Planning and Policy Development-II
3265.0Service and Promotion of Healthy Behaviors and Lifestyles for Community Members with HIV/AIDS, TB and Substance Abusers
3266.0Evaluating the Integrated Health Outreach System Project: a 4-year Effort to Improve Access to Care and Health Status Among Colonia Residents Along the Texas/Mexico Border
3267.0Youth as Community Health Workers
3268.0Answering the Community Call: Successful Team Collaboration in Health Care Issues
3269.0Community Accessibility--Developing and Using New Measures
3270.0Children’s Environmental Health & Vulnerable Populations - Improve the Quality of Asthma Care – Stressing Environmental Management of Asthma
3271.0Environmental Public Health Infrastructure - Challenges and Opportunities
3272.0Built Environment Institute V. Interactive roundtable discussions on the impact of urban sprawl, neighborhood design, and land use on the public's health
3273.0Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology: Data for Programs and Policy Making
3274.0Late Breakers Contributed Session
3275.0Programmatic and Epidemiologic Issues Integrating Child Health Information Systems
3276.0Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity Interventions Through Community-based Participatory Research
3277.0Susan B. Anthony Aetna Award Session for Research on Older Women and Public Health
3278.0Medicare reform and prescription drugs
3279.0Access to care: What are the Barriers and how do we remove them? *
3280.0Strategic Planning Methods and Tools *
3281.0Underserved and Disadvantaged Populations: Telling the Stories
3282.0Creative Advocacy Strategies For Increasing Public Support For Safety Net Providers
3283.0HIV Prevention Roundtable
3284.0Epidemiology and Surveillance
3285.0Injury Data's Annual Inspection
3286.0Education and Water: Where Behavior Meets Technology
3287.0Managing Health Workforce Issues: Globally and Locally
3288.0Behavior and Health
3289.0Healthy behaviors of Latinos *
3290.0Promoting a Healthy Future: LGBT Youth Research and Programming *
3291.0Nutrition and Environmental Factors in Maternal and Child Health *
3292.0Violence Prevention in Families and Communities: identification and treatment of victims of violence *
3293.0Infant and Child Health: Birth Defects and newborn screening
3294.0Challenging Determinants of Preterm Birth
3295.0The History of Immigration Policy: At Home and Abroad
3296.0Strategies for Addressing the Urban Asthma Crisis (Urban Health Contributed Papers)
3297.0Social Science Perspectives on Managing Chronic Disease
3298.0Screening and Satisfaction Assessment in Womens' Health (Womens' Health Contributed Papers)
3299.0Carl Taube Award Lecture
3300.0Psychological Dimensions of HIV Infection
3301.0Occupational Health & Safety: Posters Plus!! *
3302.0Research by the Rank-and-File
3303.0Access to Oral Care
3304.0Promising Approaches for Integrating HIV,STI, and Family Planning Services
3305.0Emerging Role of Pharmacies in Improving Access to Family Planning and Promoting Community Health
3306.0Violence as a Public Health Issue
3307.0"Singh-ing" in the rain: The role of humor in health education practice
3308.0Sexual Health
3309.0Population Practice: The Common Thread
3310.0Creative Collaboration
3310.1Current Issues in PHN
3311.0Addressing the Youth Obesity Epidemic
3312.0Medical Malpractice, Quality, and National Health Care Reform
3313.0Social Justice & Public Health: Data Needs and Data Privacy
3314.0Counterterrorism and Biomedical Surveillance I: Methods and Data *
3315.0Agent Orange, Dioxins, and Health I
3316.0Breast Cancer

2:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
331.0Education Board Meeting

3:00 PM-5:00 PM Mon
333.0Committee on Constitution and Bylaws Meeting

4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
336.0Epidemiology Section Awards Session: Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer, An Evolving Story, Janet Daling, Awardee
3317.0Alcohol: A Global Problem Poster Session
3318.0Alcohol Problems and Solutions in Special Populations Poster Session
3319.0From Cradle to the Grave: Alcohol Problems across Generations Poster Session
3320.0Evidence and Action: Alcohol Policy Poster Session *
3321.0International Tobacco Poster Session
3322.0Advancing Tobacco Control Policy Advocacy in Communities of Color: Lessons from the Frontlines
3323.0ATOD Cross Cutting Session on Prevention
3324.0Addiction Assesment and the Treatment of Drug Users Poster Session
3325.0Patterns in Young Adult Drug Use and Risky Behaviors Poster Session
3326.0Effects of Gender, Race; and Mental Health on Substance Abuse and Treatment Poster Session
3327.0Aftercare and Recovery: Models and Choices
3328.0Alternative Therapies in Women's Health
3328.1American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Caucus Latebreaker
3328.2The Issue of the Uninsured: Engaging the American Public
3328.3Website (living document) - "Adherence to HIV Treatment Regimens: Recommendations for Best Practices
3329.0Innovations to Eliminate Racial & Ethnic Disparities in Health Care
3329.1The Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic: The State of the Science and the Challenge to Public Health *
3330.0Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS): NIAAA Introduces a New Tool for Policy Research
3331.0Cancer Prevention and Treatment among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
3332.0Grassroots and Community Based Efforts to Promote Health among Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders
3333.0Sociocultural Determinants of the Health of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
3334.0Databases as Assessment, Planning and Management Tools
3335.0Partnerships for Health
3336.0Poverty, Literacy and Health
3337.0Developing a Plan for Bioterrorism
3338.0Providing Services for Children and Adolescents
3339.0Understanding Social Capital as a Means to Improve Healthy Lifestyle Choices *
3340.0American Health Planning Association President’s Session
3341.0Building and Sustaining Creative Partnerships for Health: Examples from the Field
3342.0Adolescents with Disabilities--Surveillance and Mentoring
3343.0Environmental Toxics - Getting to the source: Reducing environmental health risks through pollution prevention- local, state, national and international initiatives
3344.0Innovative Topics: Biomonitoring and Toxicogenomics, finding the link between genes, the environment, and disease
3345.0Environmental Health Nursing Practice - Tools for Assessment, Intervention and Advocacy
3345.1Built Environment Institute IV. Characterizing the impact of the indoor built environment on human health
3346.0Preventing Overweight and Obesity: Policy and Environmental Approaches *
3347.0GHS Leadership Award Presentations
3348.0Public Health Competencies and Credentialing
3349.0Impact of State and Federal Budget Deficits on State Medicaid and SCHIP Programs
3350.0HIV Care and Prevention: Latin American and the Caribbean
3351.0Benchmarks of Fairness for Health Care Reform
3352.0Health Sector Reform
3353.0HIV and Social Attitudes *
3354.0The Nursing Shortage: Prescriptions for Safety
3355.0Access as a Determinant of Health: Experiences Among Latinos
3356.0Health Disparities as a Determinant of Latino Health
3357.0Health and Healthy Behaviors Among Latinos
3358.0Topics in LGBT Health
3359.0Topics in LGBT Health - II
3360.0Topics in LGBT Health - III
3361.0Walk in My Shoes: A Health Access Simulation
3362.0Why Does the US Healthcare System Cost So Much? - Update on Health Services Research
3363.0Management of Personal Funds as a Component of SMI Care
3364.0Suicide and Victimization in the Public Health Context
3365.0Origins and Prevalence of Behavioral Health Problems
3366.0Mental Health Posters: Diverse Topics
3367.0Summary of Projects Promoting the Integration of Occupational and Environmental Health
3368.0Aging & Oral Health *
3369.0Terrorism and Public Health
3370.0Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health - Business Meeting
3371.0College Age Students: Thinking About Their Health
3372.0Timely Topics in Health Education
3373.0Impact of Racism, Homophobia and Stigma on Health
3374.0Educating Communities about Cancer Prevention Programs
3375.0Multicultural audiences and health messages in TV storylines: Developing outreach and measuring impact
3376.0Developing Quality Public Health Materials: Examples and Advice from the PHEHP Section Award Winners
3377.0Advocacy in Health Education
3378.0New Investigators Session *
3379.0School Health Posters
3380.0School Health Program Innovations
3381.0Poster Session
3382.0The Politics of War & Health: Linking Social Justice & Public Health--History, Data, and Pedagogy
3383.0Classification Issues in Public Health Policy
3384.0Agent Orange, Dioxins and Health II
3385.0Intimate Partner Violence: Effective Interventions

6:00 PM-8:00 PM Mon
338.2Epidemiology Section Social

6:30 PM-8:00 PM Mon
338.4ICEHS Social Hour
338.6ATOD Funder's Reception
338.8AI/AN/NH Caucus Social
339.0Black Caucus of Health Workers Annual Business Meeting
340.0Community Health Planning and Policy Development - Social Hour
340.2Community Health Worker SPIG Reception and Social Hour
340.4Environment Section Social Hour
340.6Gerontological Health Section Silent Auction and Reception - OPEN TO ALL
341.0Networking for Safety Net and Public Hospital Advocacy
342.0IH Awards and Social Hour
343.0MCH Section: Innovations in Maternity Health Services Committee Business Meeting
344.0MCH Section: Perinatal & Women's Health Committee Business Meeting
345.0John W. Knutson Award Ceremony
346.0Business Meeting
347.0Public Health Social Worker of the Year
348.0Membership meeting
353.0Social Hour
356.0Social Hour - Population, Family Planning and Reproductive Health
357.0PHEHP and SHES Joint Social Hour

6:30 PM-8:30 PM Mon
349.0The Agnes Higgins Award Lecture and Reception
350.0Vision Care Section Business Meeting

6:30 PM-9:00 PM Mon
351.0ACHP SPIG Business Meeting/Social Event

6:30 PM-10:30 PM Mon
352.0NPHLDN Business Meeting

8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3386.0Media and Policy Advocacy in College Communities *
3387.0Next Generation of Tobacco Products
3388.0State and Community Drug Policies and Their Relationship to Youth Drug Attitudes and Use Patterns
3390.0Children with Disabilities--Environments and Interventions
3391.0Women's Issues in Nutrition and Physical Activity: A Cross-cultural Point of View
3392.0HIV and Special Populations: Adolescents
3393.0Safe Motherhood, Reproductive Health, and Newborns
3394.0Measurement Methods and Issues
3395.0Mental Health and Issues Within Households *
3396.0Vitamin A and Eye Health
3397.0Infant & Child Health: Fetal alcohol syndrome surveillance
3398.0Viseltear Award (Honoring Howard Markel) and Evening With... Dorothy P. Rice (Health Care Crises: Past, Present, and Future)
3399.0Researchers in Action: Health Services Research in Occupational Health & Safety
3400.0Creating Health Educators From Our Partners: Teaching the Nuances of Health Education
3401.0Community Based PHN Education
3402.0Social and Political Aspects of Health

* = Presentation files available online

The 131st Annual Meeting (November 15-19, 2003) of APHA