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American Public Health Association
133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 10-14, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
APHA 2005

Community Health Planning and Policy Development

NOTE: Sessions listed in italics have been organized by another section, SPIG, or caucus but are endorsed by Community Health Planning and Policy Development.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Mon
3000.0Genital Herpes Epidemic: Rethinking Testing, Treatment, and Prevention (Oral)
3004.0Evidence Based Alternative and Complementary Health Practice Research (Oral)
3013.0 Regional Public Health Collaborations (Oral)
3014.0Academic Partnerships Working with Communities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3015.0Applying Evidence-based Findings to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3016.0Methodological Techniques and Tools Utilized in Health Care Planning, Policy Development and Evaluation-I (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3028.0Emergency Preparedness and Public Health Capacity Building (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3029.0Workforce Issues in Public Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3031.0Intimate Partner Violence (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3038.0Latino Adolescent Sexual Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3040.0Addressing Disparities in Pregnancy Outcomes: The Role of Evidence-based Policy and Practice (Oral)
3053.0Acknowledging Culture in Health Education (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3059.0Statistical and Modeling Techniques for Health Outcomes Research (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
10:30 AM-11:30 AM Mon
3070.1Partnerships and Methodologies for Planning and Expanding Services (Poster)
3072.3Child Nutrition and Physical Activity At and Away from School (Poster)
3072.5HIV/AIDS: Contemporary Issues (Poster)
3072.6HIV/AIDS: Across Multiple Communities and Populations (Poster)
10:30 AM-12:00 PM Mon
3073.3Achievements in Strengthening Public Health Workforce Capacity and Infrastructure (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3093.0Methodological Techniques and Tools Utilized in Health Care Planning, Policy Development and Evaluation-II (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3094.0Partnerships in Policy Development, Planning, Regulation, Implementation of Health Care, and Evaluation-I (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3095.0Preventing, Tracking and Serving STDS, HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis C (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3096.0Applying Outcome-based Evaluations and Innovative Approaches to Improve Prenatal Care (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3104.0The Obesity Epidemic: Getting Beyond Individual Choice (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3105.0Balancing Long-term Care: Impacts of the New Freedom Initiative on Access to Home and Community-based Services (Oral)
3108.0Reflections on Hurricane Katrina with an Eye to the Future: How can Sections and SPIGS Prepare for Future Public Health Disaster Events? (Oral)
3112.0HIV Prevention Research: A Focus on Bisexual Men (Oral)
3122.0Abstinence, Abortion and Emergency Contraception: Responding to Unintended Pregnancy When Politics and Science Don't Mix (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3130.0Toward Effective Reproductive Health Programs: Challenges and Lessons (Roundtable)
12:30 PM-1:30 PM Mon
3138.1Best Practices: American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians (Poster)
3141.0Community Assessment and Local Initiative to Promote Healthy Communities (Poster)
3142.0New Findings in Nutrition and Physical Activity for a Healthy Population (Poster)
3163.0Critical Issues in Women's Health: A Multicultural Perspective (Poster)
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
3165.0What Do Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs, Physical Inactivity, and Mental Health Disorders Have in Common? (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3167.0Transdisciplinary Approach to Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3168.0Body, Mind, and Spirit in Public Health: Caring for the Whole Person (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3169.0Maternal and Child Health issues for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3179.0Methodological Techniques and Tools Utilized in Health Care Planning, Policy Development and Evaluation-III (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3180.0Increasing Long-term Sustainability by Building in-house Capacity in Evaluation: Community/Academic Partnerships (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3181.0Evidenced Based Planning: Theory vs. Practice (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3182.0Reaching Out with Prevention and Service to Individuals At-risk or Living With HIV/AIDS (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3189.0Unhealthy Populations: Obesity and Lack of Physical Activity are Key Factors (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3190.0Measuring Ethics, Values and Morals in Health Care (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3194.0HIV/AIDS Prevention: Infrastructural Support (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3200.0Sociocultural Determinants of Latino Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3201.0Transgender Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3207.0Assessing and Treating Mental Illness in Primary Care (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3211.0Occupational Respiratory Disease: Surveillance and Solutions (Oral)
3216.0HIV/AIDS/STI: Prevention to Treatments (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3217.0How to Make Health Education Work (Roundtable)
3219.0Exploring Health Disparities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3221.0Health Access for Vulnerable Populations (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3225.0Healthy People 2010: 2005 Midcourse Review Data Results and Methodological Issues (Oral)
3226.0Public Health Strategies To Address Problems in Children and Other Community Based Groups (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
2:30 PM-3:30 PM Mon
3235.0Clinical Issues in Aging (Poster)
3239.0Cultural Diversity, Health and Aging (Poster)
3242.0Current Issues in HIV Counseling and Testing (Poster)
3244.0HIV/AIDS: Care and Prevention across Diverse Settings (Poster)
3245.0Injecting Drug Use and HIV: Findings from Research and Practice (Poster)
3247.0HIV/AIDS/STI: Prevention to Care (Poster)
3252.0Innovations and Interventions in Health Education (Poster)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3254.0Preventing Alcohol-Related Problems through Effective Policies (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3268.0Using Technology to Promote Evidence-based Needs Assessment, Priority Setting and Intervention Planning at the State and Local Levels (Oral)
3269.0The Guides to Clinical and Community Preventive Services: Evidence-based Policy and Practice Across the Prevention Spectrum. (Oral)
3270.0Bioterrorism: In Rural Communities and Family Preparedness (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3271.0Helping the Uninsured to Access Services and Medications (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3286.0HIV/AIDS: Innovative Approaches to Outreach and Partnership (Roundtable)
3295.0Systems of Care for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3296.0Violence Prevention in Families and Communities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3305.0Integration of Family Planning & HIV/AIDS Services (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3310.0Health Education Challenges in the Hispanic Community (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3311.0Reaching the Hispanic Consumer (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3314.0Critical Elements in Planning School Prevention Programs (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3315.0Fighting for National Health Care in a Right-Wing Environment (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3317.0Innovations in Biostatistical Methods and Applications (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4:30 PM-5:30 PM Mon
3332.0Expanding Our Concept of Health Promotion, Disease Prevention (Poster)
3333.0Methodological Techniques Expanding into Advanced Technologies and Utilizing the Web for Program Planning, Development and Evaluation (Poster)
3334.0Our Healthcare Workforce and Infrastructure: Is it Doing the Job? (Poster)
3342.0Novel and Creative Approaches in Health Education (Poster)
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
3350.0Role of Ethnicity, Gender, and Development in Drug Use, Violence, and HIV Risk (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3351.0Alternative and Complementary Health Practices among Women and Minority Populations (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3356.0Diabetes and Obesity: The New Epidemic of the 21st Century (Roundtable)
3357.0Improved Care Through Innovative Approaches: Medication Assistance, Dental Care, Transportation (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3358.0Screening and Prevention: From Cancer to Cardiovascular Disease (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3359.0The Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center: The Use of Innovative Partnership Approaches to Reduce Health Disparities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3360.0Certificate of Need Challenges: Improving Quality, Meeting Needs and Assuring Access (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3362.0Asthma: Environmental Triggers And Lessons Learned (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3371.0Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3379.0Terrorism and Public Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3383.1Addressing Public Health Problems Through Health Education and Health Promotion (Roundtable)
3386.0Survey Research and Quantitative Methods for Health Care Services and Research (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3395.0Empowering Girls and Women: Creating Opportunities for Decision Making (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
3397.0Unique Challenges for HIV/AIDS and Youth (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Tue
4003.0Problem Products & Problem Outlets: Issues and Strategies Regarding Alcohol Sales at the Community Level (Oral)
4005.0American Indian and Alaska Native Youth (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4016.0Evidence of the Environment's Relationship to Health (Oral)
4017.0Innovative Approaches to Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4018.0Outcomes and Evaluation of CHW Programs (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4020.0Reaching Out Of The Box: The Collaboration of Environmental Health Programs With Communities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4032.0HIV Prevention with Positives (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4033.0HIV Risk among Adolescents: Issues and Responses (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4050.0Community Based Program Health Services (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4055.0Communicating with Patients and the Public (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4057.0Building Evidenced-based Practice for HIV Prevention (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4060.0Healthy School Nutrition Environments (Oral)
4064.0Strategies for Addressing Cancer in Diverse Populations of Women (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
12:30 PM-1:30 PM Tue
4080.0Communities Working Together for Prevention and Improved Health Awareness (Poster)
4081.0 Promoting Child Health: From the Womb Through Childhood (Poster)
4082.0Community Partnerships: Working Together to Improve Health (Poster)
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Tue
4098.0Emerging Trends in Drinking Patterns and Policy Implications (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4100.0Managing Chronic Diseases Among American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4114.0Issues Relating to the Cultural Competency of the Public Health Workforce and Partnership Organizations (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4115.0Innovative Approaches to Improve Healthy Outcomes for Children (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4116.0Community Based Chronic Care Services: A Planning and Implementation Model for Evidence Based Improvements at Community and Practice Settings (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4131.0Environmental Influences on Aging Well: Enhancing Healthy Living through Better Design and Access (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4133.0Public Health Informatics (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4148.0Child and Adolescent Mental Health: The Role of Violence, Poverty, and Juvenile Justice Involvement (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4164.0Race, racism, and race-based medicine: Current issues (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
2:30 PM-3:30 PM Tue
4177.0Serving Cultural and Linguistic Minorities with Evidence-based Programs (Poster)
4178.0The Synergism of Environment and Health (Poster)
4179.0Programmatic Impacts of Evidence-based Policy (Poster)
4192.0Using Health Education to Improve the Public's Health (Poster)
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Tue
4196.0Growing Prevalence of Alternative and Complementary Health Practices: Challenges and Opportunities for Professionals and Consumers (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4211.0Communities Addressing Asthma: Working to Improve the Environment and Patient Care (Oral)
4212.0The Development, Impact, and Future Needs of Interactive Web-based Data Dissemination Systems for Public Health Data: Tools for Community Health Assessment and Policy Development (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4215.0Built Environment Institute Roundtable: Physical and Social Environment's Impact on Health (Roundtable)
4219.0Vaccine Preventable Disease Epidemiology (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4222.0Civil Rights, Ethics and Public Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4223.0Community Food Assessments: Tool for Public Health & Community Empowerment (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4233.0Injury Prevention Program and Policy Evaluation (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4238.0Latina Reproductive Health in the United States (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4243.0Maternal Mental Health Issues in Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Early Childhood (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4246.1Hispanic Workforce Studies (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4248.0Prevention of Aging Complications (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4250.0Community Change Models: Preventing Adolescent Pregnancies, STDs, HIV/AIDS (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4:30 PM-5:30 PM Tue
4271.0Prevention and Intervention with Pregnant and Parenting Teens (Poster)
4273.0Improving Access to Maternity Health Services (Poster)
4280.0Worksite Health Promotion (Poster)
4285.0Strategies to Improve the Outcomes of Public Health Nursing Interventions (Poster)
4:30 PM-6:00 PM Tue
4288.0Successful Leadership Development of Practitioners, Faculty and Students (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4289.0HIV and HCV Prevention for Young Adult IDUs: Findings from the CIDUS III/ Drug Users Intervention Trial (DUIT) (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4292.0Tobacco Use in Young Adults (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4293.0Alternative and Complementary Health Practices and Chronic Diseases (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4300.0Overcoming Barriers to Improve Health Care for Minorities, the Uninsured and Underserved (Roundtable)
4301.0Advanced Technology as a Planning and Evaluation Tool (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4302.0Serving Cultural and Linguistic Minorities in the Community with Evidence-based Programs (Oral)
4303.0Latino Health: The Pennsylvania Model for Building Capacity (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4304.0DHHS' Rapid Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (RARE) Methodology for HIV/AIDS Prevention Efforts Among Baltimore City Youth (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4306.0Built Environment Institute II: Assessing The Urban Built Environment To Promote Physical Activity & Health (Oral)
4307.0Environmental Justice: Recognizing The Problem To Forge A Solution (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4320.0Community-based Models for Promoting Latino Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4330.0Strategies to Address Health Problems in Community Based Groups (Oral)
4333.0Assessing Barriers to Healthful Behaviors (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4336.0Young Adults' Challenge to Health Education (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4337.0Health Education for the Aging Consumer (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
4341.0Multicultural and other important considerations for breast and cervical cancer screening (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

8:30 AM-9:30 AM Wed
5003.0Assessments and Practices in Refugee and Immigrant Health (Poster)
5006.0How Environment Can Affect Health: A Selection of Health Outcomes (Poster)
5013.0Race and Gender: HIV/AIDS within Vulnerable Communities (Poster)
5016.0Innovations in Community Health (Poster)
5019.0Evidence-based Approaches to Understanding and Improving Pregnancy Outcomes (Poster)
8:30 AM-10:00 AM Wed
5025.0Emerging Issues in Tobacco Control (Oral)
5026.0Drinking Patterns in Special Populations: Innovative Approaches (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5028.0Risk and Protective Factors for Adolescent Substance Use (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5034.0Diabetes: Prevention and Management with Special Attention to Socioeconomic and Cultural Issues (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5035.0Infrastructure Development as Preparedness for Bioterrorism (Oral)
5038.0CHWs as Integral Members of the Healthcare Team (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5043.0Health Services Use and Adherence Behaviors among Older Adults (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5053.0TB DOTS Programs Around the World (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5055.0Improving Access to Health Services for Immigrants and Migrants (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5071.0Challenges of Nutrition and Overweight for Today's Health Educator (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
12:30 PM-2:00 PM Wed
5085.0Roundtable Discussions on Ethnicity, Gender and Drug Use (Roundtable)
5088.0Disparities in the Consequences of Drug Use among Minority Populations: Need for Culture-Specific Interventions (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5092.0First 5 California: Providing Evidence to Support Funding and Policy Decisions, Program Improvement, and Future Planning. (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5093.0Prevention Programs Addressing Childhood Obesity (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5094.0Neighborhood Health Messengers: Improving Health Outcomes and Building Community Leadership (Oral)
5095.0Creative Approaches to Preventing Infectious Diseases through Vaccinations (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5100.0Environmental and Health Concerns In Risk Communication (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5101.0Academic and Public Health Partnerships (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5102.0STD Prevention and Public Health Policy: Diverse Challenges, Diverse Opportunities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5106.0Race, Ethnicity and Social Status: Realities of Seeking Solution for the Underserved (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5112.0Innovative Approaches to HIV/AIDS Intervention (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5114.0School Safety and Youth Violence (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5118.0Cancer Prevention and Control to Promote Latino Health (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5119.0Health Disparities Among LGBT Populations (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5121.0Evidence-based Models of Child Care Health Consultant Programs for the Prevention of Asthma, Child Maltreatment and Obesity (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5123.0Studies in Insurance, Health Care Utilization and Their Impacts (Health Economics Contributed Papers #2) (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5132.0Sex in the Cities: Sexual Relationships, Communication and Decision Making among African American and Puerto Rican Young Adults (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5135.0Cultural Awareness in Health Education (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5137.0Social Justice (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
2:30 PM-4:00 PM Wed
5147.0Smoking Cessation Interventions in Special Populations (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5149.0Building Evidence for a Systems Approach to Improve Environments for Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5150.0Promoting Quality in Federal, State and Local Public Health Systems (Oral)
5151.0Evidence-based Programs to Promote Health and Prevent Disease (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5152.0March of Dimes NICU Family Support: Incorporating and Building Communities (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5156.0It is about the Sex: STD Epidemiology (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5160.0Innovations in Community Nutrition Assessment (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5178.0Mental Health Access and Treatment among Hispanics (Oral)
5192.0Asthma: An Important School Health Issue (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]
5194.0Health of women in the community justice system and prison (Oral)[ Recorded presentation ]

The 133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition (December 10-14, 2005) of APHA